Friday, February 29, 2008

Motivational Deficiency Disorder

When hunting stink in Psychiatry the problem isn't Finding stink, but Cataloging it. No matter where you look Psychiatry is a Mt. Everest of sadistic, self serving stupidity and Acey-Ducey Under My Shoe-cy, that Pharma money sure tastes Juicy, so swallow these, whether or not you please, 'cause you've a disease only I, not You see. [nor does any blood test, brain pic or au-Topsy]

Considering what a blood drenched dung heap all 'Mental Health' is, and psychroaches vitriolic despite of these bribed, sanctimonious pit vipers is, it's time to poke a wee bit of fun at them, bit only a wee bit, before we run them all back into the darkest recesses of unfunded 'go get a real job, you brain butchering troglodytes' we can arrange for them.

Here's a vid, of next week's all too probable APA concocted 'Mental Illness' the poison manure-facturers can fund the APA into including in the 2011 edition, if not sooner, of their $90 infomercial: the DSM-V.

Thanks and a hat tip to Dr B of for hipping us to this one.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Psychology's Fascist Legacy

Psychology and Psychiatry brought us the NAZI holocaust and WWII's 69 Million dead. And Pyschology's NAZISM is Not through with Anyone by Any stretch of the imagination.

Psychology's wretched Fascism still stalks all of us as one of the most teeth gritting, sand in our shorts at the beach, nuisances imaginable, even for those Not condemned by it's Psychic, Fakir Fiat as Mentally Ill.

Meet Edward Bernays; the father of modern Public Relations, Mass Marketing, and Crowd Psychology.

This annoying jackass is responsible for Every annoying interruption, Every 3-7 minutes on TV, to sell you Every Nothing you Never wanted to buy. Schnook.

You can also thank 'Fast Eddie' for Every one of those free pop-up offers of free spyware that grit your web surfing teeth.

Ed had a book to peddle. Propaganda

"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? The recent practice of propaganda has proved that it is possible, at least up to a certain point and within certain limits."

Ed called this scientific technique of opinion-molding the "engineering of consent."

"If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway," Ed said. Ed set to propping up the bacon industry by surveying Physicians who recommended a hearty breakfast. He then mailed out his survey results to 5000 Physicians recommending a 'Hearty Breakfast' of bacon and eggs, along with its artery cloggings and coronary occlusions. Thanks Ed.

Hitler's own Minister of Propaganda. Dr. Little Joe Goebbels, himself would have been proud of Little Eddie.

In Propaganda (1928), his [Eddie's] most important book, Bernays argued that the manipulation of public opinion was a necessary part of democracy:

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind."

Here, the Social Masses of Warsaw are having Their wires pulled [right out of the wall socket] by folks who thought just like Eddie.

For this Slug, his fascination with everyone Else's liberties being run over by behind the scene manipulators of the unseen mechanisms, [for those little people's own well being of course] dovetailed just fine with his Own libertine fattening of his Own libertine purse by whoring out to "the Dodge Brothers, Procter & Gamble, the American Tobacco Company, Cartier, Inc., Best Foods, CBS, the United Fruit Company, General Electric, Dodge Motors, the fluoridationists of the Public Health Service, Knox-Gelatin, and many others."

Does anyone remember Abraham Brill, from a previous post here? Abe and Eddie worked together to popularize public cigarette smoking [and its associated cancers] for women under their slogan of "Torches of Freedom."

This poster advertises the Nazi charity, the NSV. The text translates: "Health, child protection, fighting poverty, aiding travellers, community, helping mothers: These are the tasks of the National Socialist People's Charity. Become a member!" Courtesy of Dr. Robert D. Brooks.

This one's self evident; just like today's message from today's National Socialist, child protection, fighting poverty, yada yada yada Mental Health Intellectual and Spiritual Maroons. 'Working together we can once and for all Slay the Dragon of 'Mental Illness'. [So long as you and your kids don't mind being slain along With that dragon by the Mental Health industry's kick-backed, medi-quack, poison dealers]

Fast Eddie grifted most of his opportunistic, Socialist ideology from his uncle, that coked out old millipede himself, Sigmund Freud: that coke addled herpes blister who croaked out: "America is a mistake, a giant mistake."

So here's looking at you Eddie, you Fascist Freak.

This poster celebrates freedom following the collapse of communism in Hungary in 1989. It reads: Comrades it's Over!

It's time to give Psychiatry the same rousing 'It's Over!' too, along with the oxymoronic Govt. compassion of Drugging every child in America.

Cut the GD Funding Off, All of It, Now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clinical Trials, Hiding Negative Results

Drug Companies hiding test results that reflected poorly on their own products? Say it ain't so, Joe.

This abstract dated Jan. 17 2008 from the New England Journal of Medicine seems to imply that it Is so.

FDA reviews for studies of 12 antidepressants involving 12,564 patients revealed that:

"Among 74 FDA registered studies, 31%, accounting for 3449 study participants, were NOT PUBLISHED." 37 studies the FDA viewed as positive, were published, with 1 positive study left unpublished.

Negative or questionable studies, with 3 exceptions, tallied 22 left unpublished, or were published (11 studies) so as to convey a positive outcome. What hit the news was a 94% positive outcome, whereas the FDA analysis showed only a 51% positive outcome."

Wouldn't you like to be able to buy $94 worth of groceries on $51 worth of credit?

The British Medical Journal, however, brings us a penetrating Million candle power ray of hope. It seems, that new legislation [The FDA Amendments Act] is going to be whacking such non-reporters for $10,000 per non-report. That's not even a yawn to drug companies, but it Might be one heck of an expensive wake up call to their sales force: Physician/Psychiatrist/Researchers.

We've already seen Pharma picking up the tab for these rascals Continuing Medical Education [CME] bills. I wonder what manner of alphabet soup BS they'll concoct to cover those Researcher fines; supposing those fines are ever actually imposed, in the 6 figure range they Could be imposed in. Ho Hum. Yawn.

Wake me when it happens.

Hold on, here it is, as we knew it would be: the end run.

"Although the act allows for delayed disclosure of results in exceptional circumstances, for instance in the interests of national security,... ."

BMJ gets the final word here.

"At BMJ we support this great leap forward for public disclosure."

Hats off to BMJ and its Deputy Editor Trish Groves, and we hope that this new legislation really works out that way, and Doesn't become the province of National Security, or any other damn Tom Fool Chicanery.

Doctors discovered Mentally Ill in California, in Alarming Numbers

California's Physician Diversion Program is fleeing the field after 27 years of its half-assed butt covering of California's 'Mentally Ill' Physicians.

The American Journal of Psychiatry informs us that 8%-15% of Cal's Physicians are either active or recovering drunks, another 1%-2% are dopers or in recovery, and that 16% more Doctors than non-Doctors suffer from Major Depressive Disorders. Male Physicians commit suicide at a rate 40% higher than non-Physicians, and female Physicians at a 2 fold rate compared to female non-Physicians. Up to 18% abuse drugs or alcohol at some point in their career. Each and Every one of these behaviors is a 'Crime', to Psychiatry: the Crime of 'Mental Illness'.

The AJP articles with numbers are in a previous posting, here at

Psychiatry's Witch Hunter's manual - the DSM-IV-TR - qualifies Each and Every one of these behaviors as a permanent, you can never be cured, mental illness. And the Cal State Diversion Program offers Diversion to Treatment to every Physician in California so afflicted with their fellow Physician/Psychiatrist's legally enforceable 'Mental Illness' screwings of everyone else, so that these 'Mentally Ill' Physician/Psychiatrists themselves won't have to stop practicing medicine.

It is Illegal to practice medicine if you are mentally ill. (Or is it?) And All of these Physicians in California are Psychiatrically, legally condemnable as Mentally Ill. And just over Half of these pampered, protected drunks, bums and brats even Bother to seek rehab. The remaining drunks, dopers and DSM-able whackos just go into hiding, out in the open at work, screwing up their patients, and sometimes killing them.

Let's look at a line from the 2004 Cal State Diversion Program Audit itself.

"Where [physician] rehabilitation and protection are inconsistent, protection shall be paramount.”

OK, You caught that, Right? "Protection shall be paramount." Protection of Who? The public, or the mentally ill Docs? This Diversion seance has been scamming the Citizens of California for 27 years, and the other 49 States in America have used it as a Model to scam their own Citizens, with Their Own 'let's take care of Our own and to Hell with the public', Diversion scams.

In years previous to the Diversion Program:
"physician negligence or incompetence was handled through the civil tort system." As it Damn well Should be.

"In 1975, medical malpractice insurers announced massive premium increases, allegedly needed to pay jury verdicts and remain profitable."

Wasn't That a crying shame. Thousand upon thousands of whining, self indulgent drunken or hung over Doctors were crippling and killing people, and they were getting sued. They Should have been getting Jailed.

"Outraged physicians turned to the Legislature for a solution. The result was AB 1 (Keene), the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act of 1975 (MICRA), a measure carefully designed to comprehensively address three issues — tort reform, medical quality control, and insurance regulation — that were of interest to the four sets of stakeholders “at the table” (physicians, lawyers, insurance companies, and patients). According to Assemblymember Keene, “[a] general policy . . . decision was made that all interested parties must sacrifice in order to reach a fair and rational solution to the insurance crisis."

"in order to reach a fair and rational solution to the insurance crisis."

How about a 'fair and rational solution' like revoking all those licenses?

"AB 1 was drafted to include all reforms in order to prevent any one interest group from sabotaging any single-objective bill.”

Right. Sure it was. And Now, with any luck at all, without a Diversion Program, we'll go back to that peculiarly American system of, You Moron, You killed my wife. I'm going to sue You out of everything your Great Grandfather ever owned, You incompetent, drunken, murdering Idiot!

And on That model of Treatment, the free market will flush the 'DSM-IV-TR Mentally Ill' Doctors right out of the system, and our lives, by raising their malpractice premiums on a per screw up basis So astronomically out of reach that they'll have to quit. Problem solved, and Fair Warning delivered, to the rest.

If any if Us kill someone you can bet the rent that it Won't result in an Increase in our insurance rates, let alone having a Diversion Program to Rehabilitate Us; a Diversion Program that these Physicians have to pay for, as a slice of Their taxes.

Cal's Diversion Program is on the way out, on June 30 2008. Get rid of the other 49, and start suing and locking up these 'DSM-IV-TR Mentally Ill' Physicians.

In any rational world, as in One Nation Under Law, the only rational course is to admit that everyone is subject to the petty human failings that Psychiatry uses to destroy people with, and exorcise this Idiot Witch Hunt called Psychiatry - which has YET to produce a Single Shred of evidence that it even Belongs in medicine - right Out of medicine.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Drugs, Psychiatry, Money

$155 Billion a year; that's Big Pharma's take. $34.4 Billion of that pie is the global slice from Pharma's atypical antipsychotic drugs. That kind of money would KO even the Champ himself.

What chance would You, or your kid stand against a Heavyweight like that, if you climb into that ring?

This, is what that money thinks of You.

$34.4 Billion worth of atypical antipsychotic drugs don't sell themselves door to door.

This, is how those Billions got to Be those Billions.

Does this look like anything You'd try, out of the blue? With even a soft spoken tiger? Even a tiger with a college degree, and a State issued license?

All antipsychotic drugs induce EPS [Extra Pyramidal Symptoms] that wreck all Hell on damn near every part of You that make you, You. And for each of those Extra Pyramidal Symptoms Pharma has another drug, to sell you, and your insurance carrier. Millions of folks all over America, and the World, are taking a dozen, or more, drugs to manage their antipsychotic Extra Pyramidal Symptoms,

at least those who haven't thrown themselves in front of a truck, yet, due to their ever pyramiding Extra Pyramidal Symptoms, and ever pyramiding confusion.

The EPS Industry has its chair, ready and waiting, for you, and your money.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Teen Screen. Either It Goes, Or We All Go.

For 20 days now Psychroaches blogspot has been up and coming for the NAZI Pseudo-Science of Psychiatry like Katrina came for New Orleans, and in celebration of that anniversary, it's time we look [while holding our noses] at the Orwellian Elephant squatting, squirting and dumping in Liberty's living room.

This Rogue Tusker's name is Teen Screen.

This pile of Fascist Filth stinks worse than a 20 day D-Con dead rat rotting between the walls. Let's define Fascism, once more. Fascism is Government and Industry, After, Weddings R Us, sending Us the bill. And if billing Us for hundreds of Millions more, [just to start] to screw Our kids for life for the benefit of Government's Brain Death, and just Plain Death, Big Pharma Bride isn't Fascism, well then Toto, we're just plain Not, in Kansas anymore.

Teen Screen masquerades as a suicide prevention program. Teen Screen uses jackass entrapping questions to trap kids into unwittingly sticking their own unsuspecting necks into Teen Screen's guillotine DSM-IV-TR idiotic definitions of Idiotic Ideations, Depressions, and any other ideating pegs National Socialist Psychiatry's ideate peg hangers can hang their money grubbing mental illness labels on, and break your kid's neck with.

The Liberty Coalition brings us 2 PDF files With those jackass entrapping questions used to entrap your child into becoming a brain damaged, or dead, Pharmaceutical victim. They're at the page bottom: DPS-8.pdf, and cds.pdf.

It wasn't all that long ago that questions like these got a "Mind your own GD business. It's a free country." How sad it seems how long it seems since we've all seen that spirit, in the land of the free. It's time we ALL started telling each other that America IS a free country, and make it so again.

Teen Screen has a 'Keep Your Hands Off My Child' form You can place in Your [Not the State's] Child's School folder to tell these Psych Creatures that You are the ONE and ONLY determiner of Your child's needs: Not them. It's in MS Word. Print it and file it with the school. Because if you don't, they'll do an end run right around your back, and poison your child without your consent.

But my Child has ADHD. ADHD is the "prototypical, most successful by far, invented disease."

Look; Every Industry needs a product or service to sell. Psychiatry, with its current, returned from The Night Of The Living Dead, militantly bio-causative model to explain any and every deviation from Psychiatry's arbitrarily, shouting match opinion based, not a shred of scientific evidence to back it up, diagnostic Witch Hunter's manual, the DSM-IV-TR, .... NEEDS, ... A, .... PRODUCT, .... TO, .... SELL. And Psychiatry is adamant, that YOU, the Mentally Ill, can NEVER, be Cured. All Psychiatry can do is TREAT your symptoms, for life.
Psychiatry Has No Cures. No Product to sell there.

Psychiatry's product IS Mental Illness.

With its Huge slice of Your money through Government funding sold as Government compassion, just like this scam to not only poison and abuse Your children, but to make You pay for it too, This NAZI counterintuitive, counterproductive ass backwards thinking results in:

Now; did you find any offer from either site offering to list your list of satisfied clients to help you sell mental illness?

Mental Health is a GD roach motel. Once inside, you can NEVER leave.

Go drop by your local Community Mental Health Center, Regularly, at the same hour on the same day every week, and just see how crowded the lobby is. Most, not all but Most, of them are ghost towns.

There's far too many Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers, phone bank manning 'Advocates' for the mentally ill - who are furiously lobbying every Govt. agency and Charitable leftist Foundation who Own a phone of their own - and other assorted Pharma whores, to Ever support themselves in the free market, because most folks -99.98% of them - Don't Want anything to Do with their goofball 'mental illness' horse s--t.

Folks have mortgages, rents, car payments, utility bills, phone bills, garbage bills, insurance bills, and the ever present TAXES, to pay for Community Mental Health Centers, Psychiatric Genetics Research, Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research, Tax funded Universities with TAX funded Psychiatry Professors to train more TAX funded Psychiatrists [selling non existent illnesses and all too existent miseries] to have any money left to go to a Community Mental Health Center, to Get, [mentally] Ill, for life.

But the Moloch of Pharma must be bowed to. Pharma funds elections. Elected politicians write laws. Those laws fund those who buy elections.

Pick up the phone, and write those letters to your US Senators and US Representatives, and tell them in Loud and Unequivocal terms to Cut the GD Funding OFF, All of it. Again, E-mails are a waste of time. E-mails to politicians get flushed, wholesale.

Here's facts, lies, and money surrounding the Mount Rushmore sized Lie of Teen Screen from the folks at the Alliance for Human Resource Protection.

Pharma Spin & Child Suicide Rate.
Almost 50% of Children Screened were diagnosed as mentally ill.
Kids & Psychiatric Drugs: Big Pharma Comes To The Classroom.

Is your child's very life, worth the time to write those letters and make those calls, or not?

Corruption? Again? Psychiatry?

We're Shocked I tell you, Shocked and Amazed! Simply Shocked.

What did you expect, when Psychiatry itself is the brain fart of elitist, gene pool cleansing Eugenicists, Perverts and Mass Murderers? And from There it's How far, to holding an occasional financial conflict of interest, or 34?

These "I forgot it was on the stove" grilled cheese sandwiches actually believe that they can actually see what's going on in someone else's mind.

Now how far a stretch is it from that 1-900-GET-REAL to Psychiatrists also believing that their own financial shennanigans are just a chapter out of H. G. Wells 'The Invisible Man'?

Dr. Charles Nemeroff at UC Stanford is well known as one of the top offenders in Psychiatry's Blood and Death Drenched Flea Circus of Financial COIs. This teaser is from a report AHRP did in 2006, and Law Enforcement still hasn't busted the Chuckster, ... yet.

"The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News report about a case involving Neuropsychopharmacology, the official journal of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) that will likely go down in history as psychiatry’s Watergate.

The principle (first named) author, Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff, is chairman of psychiatry at Emory University. He is also the editor-in-chief of Neuropsychopharmacology, and a past president of ACNP, whom the WSJ identified as "one of the nation's most prominent psychiatrists." Dr. Nemeroff is also chairman of Cyberonics' Mechanism of Action Advisory Board. See, Cyberonics Press Release, August 2003: "

"ABOUT VNS THERAPY AND CYBERONICS Cyberonics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CYBX) was founded in 1987 to design, develop and market medical devices for the long-term treatment of epilepsy and other chronic neurological disorders using a unique therapy, vagus nerve stimulation (VNS). Stimulation is delivered by the VNS Therapy System, an implantable generator similar to a cardiac pacemaker."

Depakote is a poison indicated and FDA approved for epilepsy. Depakote is a psych med. Depakote does not have any completed homicides listed with the FDA, at least that I know of, yet. I only personally know 1 guy who got hosed with this rat s--t. And That Depakote poisoned epileptic barely had enough life left in him to get up, from prone, off the kitchen floor, let alone go whack anyone else.

And speaking of Watergate, even this guy's so PO'd at this farce that even He's back, from the dead, to drop his own dime on this confederacy of pill-pushing brain butchering quacks.

Oh well, tomorrow's another day, right? Not until You pick up the phone it won't be.

A young woman once told her Doctor that she couldn't stop farting, but that her farts made no sound and had no vile aroma. The Doc gave her some pills. She took them, and a week later returned to his office, extremely upset.

"This is terrible," She squawked, "Those pills ruined my life. They did nothing for my wind breaking, and now every time it happens you can hear it across the street and they smell like a garbage dump."

Dear Chucky; FYI: If you're going to go running this bio-causative Psych-Ed. crap designed for One purpose only - $$$$$ - at tax-payer expense, while holding onto Financial COIs like these, you've got to expect such thunderclappers to be heard, and smelled, clean across America.

"Fine Miss," the Real Doctor [not the Psychiatrist] replied, "Now that we've fixed your ears and nose we'll get to work on your intestinal problem."

Chucky; the Oracle at Delphi you ain't. You're just another cheap GD tax-crook.

And on the subject of tax fraud and waste:

That's right. Get this fellow on the phone, and let Him know what a stinker you know His plan to poison every kid Pharma can catch, with his Teen Screen scam is. And sign the petition, too.

8 minutes of your time are under This You Tube Video of a PO'd mom, whose daughter got Teen Screened and pronounced 'mentally ill, under this piece of Government/Industry collusion. Mom's offbase in calling Ritalin Cocaine, it's worse, but the difference as far as poisoning children with either isn't worth arguing.

Teen Screen is crap, period. It's also just One Glaring example of the National Socialist corruption called mental health that such tax-payer funded National Socialist Engineering breeds. Pick up the phone, and unplug the funding, for All of it, now, because these Psych Creatures from Planet X simply can't unplug themselves. They're already pissing away Millions and Millions into researching the psychiatric genetics of 'strange' thinking. Wouldn't a study into how many broken rungs in the genetic ladders of Psychiatric researchers themselves, vs. the other thinkers of strange and even outright bizarre thoughts own, make for a fascinating read?

We're already sucking on a King Hell Hosing for their BS research anyway. So in the mean time, while we're drying them out from their own mentally ill addiction to our money, let the foolish bastards go investigate some truly flawed thinking: their own.

How much longer are we, as a society, going to allow this naked, shameless klatch of Karnaks to continue defrauding, drugging, and murdering us and our kids? With their murderous nuclear insecticides to shut off strange thoughts that They - read hide bound provincialist mentally constipated jerks - would like to have shut off, just so that They don't have to be confronted with their Own delusions of Godhead?

P.S.; That's the spirit Amy. Thanks for the vid link. I had NOT seen that one yet. And the more of these vids, and whatever else it takes, GET VIEWED, the sooner we'll get this rabid skunk called Teen Screen put down.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whining BS From CSAM: A Sample Letter

Let's look at what California's DSM-IV-TR 'Mentally Ill' Physicians are being encouraged to go hat in hand to media with by the California Society of Addictive Medicine. As ever, quotation marks indicate the original, and brackets indicate the opinions which this shameless and anything but humble blog espouse, in critique of the original.

"Talking Points and Model Letter for responding to the Medical Board's termination of the Diversion Program"

"From: Tim Cermak, Communications Committee"
Date: 7-27-07

"I encourage every member of CSAM to write your local newspaper to present CSAM's perspective on the Medical Board of California's recent decision to terminate the Diversion Program. The issue is complex; but without our voices being heard, it will be oversimplified to the public's detriment."

[No Tim; The Diversion Program's very existence has been to the public detriment, from its inception. Doctors on the job, drunk or doped up, in the operating room hacking away with scalpels and then qualifying for rehabilitation rather than prison, is very much to the public detriment.]

"Below are some suggested talking points and a model letter, which can be personalized with little effort. Please, make your voices heard."

1. "For 27 years the Physician Diversion Program has contributed to public safety by closely monitoring physicians in recovery from addiction, fully half of whom have entered Diversion voluntarily, before coming to the attention of enforcement authorities."

[Half? Voluntarily? And the other half are Still just waiting around, hiding out? Hoping no one will notice? Until they finally kill one too many patients and get nabbed?]

2. "Budgetary constrictions have badly strained the administration of this program, contributing to deficiencies identified in a recent audit."

[With all the 'partnering' of Big Pharma to hospitals and Physicians under 'research funding and CME grants' which have all but drowned objectivity in treatment regimens under a tsunami of Pharmaceutical corruption; You're saying it's the CMB Diversion Program's Budgetary issues which are choking it out? None of that Pharma money can be diverted into the Diversion Program? To get 'DSM mentally ill' drunk and doped up Physician/drug pushers un-drunk and un-doped?]

3. "By voting to terminate the program altogether, the Medical Board has chosen the most regressive, ineffective and irresponsible course available, resulting in the following:"

"California will be the only state without a Diversion Program monitoring physicians with addiction "

[What California Should be is the 1st State in America to be revoking wholesale the privilege to practice medicine - which the tax-paying citizens of California have in their unknowing beneficence mistakenly - bestowed on the 15-18 percent of their State licensed Physicians who are State licensed alcohol impaired bums in order to send the rest of America a message that this crap is utterly unacceptable, and will no longer be tolerated.]

[If Any non-Physician actually kills one of their customers by being an on the job, bribe taking drunk/doper, in the performance of their job related responsibilities, They, will be Arrested and Criminally charged with, at the very least, negligent homicide. How about a Cop who comes in half soused and blows an arrest by drunkenly blowing away an unarmed, non dangerous jaywalker, or slams his cruiser into a pedestrian while he's DUI? Does that Cop get off with just counseling? Provided that Cop feels like even attending said counseling?]

b. When the only response to an addicted physician is enforcement, problems will become more hidden and it will take longer to restrict impaired physicians from practicing.

[Tim, we're not talking about screwing up an oil change on Your BMW here. Your Owners and Masters - Big Pharma - gross $155 Billion a year, and their 'kick-back' funded sales force, Your Physicians, can damn well get down on their knees and beg forgiveness for being the corrupt, bribed slugs they are, while they're thanking God that they haven't been apprehended and prosecuted, .... yet.]

c. "By relying on enforcement alone, without diversion to facilitate recovery and monitoring, the Medical Board looks like it is taking a "tough on crime" stance while actually taking a more irresponsible stance."

[It's funny how the Federal DEA can spend $2.4 Billion a year to fight the war on street drugs but it can't find 10 cents to go into our hospitals and arrest the bribed Physician dope dealers of FDA approved atypical antipsychotics, which the FDA itself admits are turning people into dead meat and/or Freddy Kreugers.]

4. "Addiction is a medical condition, not a crime. [Not according to Psychiatrists with their psychic Star Chamber, BS-DSM-IV-TR pronouncements and drug inflicted punishments] Enforcement alone is an inadequate response to a public health issue (as reflected in the passage of Proposition 36). The Medical Board's total reliance on enforcement is discriminatory, regressive and ultimately less effective than a more humane and comprehensive response."

[Tim; with the money Physicians make, and the money hospitals charge, you can afford to clean up your own damn messes without passing the cost through to everybody else as taxes, for your Diversion Program that only 'fully half' of your useless, self indulgent drunks, dopers, and mentally disordered Physicians avail themselves of, on everyone else's hard earned taxes: those same useless 'mentally disordered' scumbags who murder 195,000 Americans every year in your hospitals through their sloth, stupidity, greed, and addicted, impaired, mentally ill 'Medical Misadventures'. By Law, in Cal, Each and Every one of Your Flippin' potentially chargeable murders, is Required to be reported to the coroner's office.]

[And out of 195,000 lethal medical screw ups in America every year, on average the coroner in California only hears about Your whining, sniveling, Physician buddies potential culpability in less than 40 of those murders, in California, every year.]

[The AIA [American Iatrogenic Assc.] tell us;

"If the Center for Disease Control’s annual list of leading causes of death included medical errors, it would show up as number six, ahead of diabetes, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s disease and renal disease,” continued Dr. Collier. “Hospitals need to act on this, and consumers need to arm themselves with enough information to make quality-oriented health care choices when selecting a hospital.”

[AND, that this 'Impaired' and criminally irresponsible murdering crap costs US, Your clients, $6 Billion, that's right, Billion, with a B, every year.]

"Dear Editor:

"As a physician practicing addiction medicine, I am deeply distressed by the California Medical Board's recent decision to terminate the Physician Diversion Program. For 27 years Diversion has closely monitored doctors with the disease of addiction, restricting their license to practice until they have demonstrated commitment to undergoing effective treatment. Then, for a minimum of five years, Diversion requires participation in up to seven meetings a week, frequent random urine testing, individual therapy, direct monitoring at their worksite, quarterly reports, etc. It has been a good program."

[It's been a Great Program, for Industrial Medicine's obscenely profitable Image, while only pretending to give a flying duck about the actual welfare of Anyone BUT, your DSM-IV-TR incurably mentally ill, Robber Baron Physicians and their Corporate, Pharma funded/owned, Not For Profit, Teaching Hospitals.]

"After years of budgetary constrictions, the administration of Diversion has been shown to have deficiencies by a recent audit. Everyone can see that Diversion could, and should, be improved. But the Medical Board has decided that "not good enough" means they will wash their hands of the problems. The perfect has become the enemy of the good."

[No, the Perfect, would be Handcuffs and Indictments when you're entrusting yourselves, and blowing it, with other people's very lives.]

"The Board's decision is regressive and irresponsible. It is regressive because California will become the only state that treats ill physicians solely from an enforcement perspective."

[If Physicians - Especially Psychiatrists - are Ever allowed to return to work after being identified with DSM-able 'mental disorders' there has been NO actual enforcement of anything, because each and every GD one of you pompous 'Holier Than Thou' bastards own prescription pads which are even more lethal than a cop's sidearm, and pens which are as lethal as hollow point ammunition is in any of those cop's sidearms, whenever You drunk/doper mentally disordered, blinded by kick back money Physician/Psychiatrists write prescriptions, especially for psych meds.]

"It is irresponsible because enforcement alone will be less effective protection for the public safety. Without a Diversion Program to participate in (fully half participate voluntarily, before coming to the attention of enforcement), impaired physicians will go deeper into hiding. Impairment will have to become more blatant before enforcement intervenes, and it will actually take longer before a physician's right to practice will be restricted."

"Finally, California has lost not only its most effective approach to physician impairment, but also its most humane approach."

[Like the humane approach that murders 90,000 patients every year through hospital acquired infections - out of the 2 Million patients who acquire Your infections - because impaired Physicians, and co-workers, can't be bothered to wash their hands between patients, or going to the john?]

"Addiction is a medical condition, not a crime. By providing doctors a means to deal with their human frailties without harsh punishment, Diversion has returned hundreds of fine [drunken, doped, and mentally disordered] doctors to productively caring for their patients. This program should be improved and run with a deep commitment to quality, not destroyed."

[As medicine itself should be improved by kicking Psychiatry right the hell out of its living room, and into its proper living room behind the neon window signs of fortune tellers and tea leaf readers.]


XXXXX, Member, California Society of Addiction Medicine

NOTE: We encourage every single CSAM member to write the editor at your local paper. Then send us a copy of what gets printed. Take this opportunity to educate your local community about addiction. We would love to report in an upcoming newsletter that over 50 letters have gotten printed! - Tim Cermak, Communications Committee

[Uhhh Tim, ... until you Pharma owned Physicians quit being Pharma owned sales whores, you've absolutely no business hopping up on this stump and whining about not getting tax payer funded preferential treatment, which half of you won't even accept until you get caught, red handed, killing your patients in a state of DSM-IV-TR forever incurable mentally disordered impairment, Especially while you self indulgent deadbeats are Still, embracing the criminal fraud and quackery of bio-based, bribe taking, poison pill pushing, life wrecking skunk spraying Psychiatry as one of your 'medical' own.]

[Clean up your plate and eat your Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel, before you go begging for a free tax payer funded ice cream.]

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

DSM-IV-TR , The Necronomicon of Hypocritical Horse Hockey

Back to This opinion derived, Eugenicist approved ream of Pharmaceutical Co. Bought and Paid for, non-absorbent, toilet paper.

This ream of recycled scrub pine needs to be re-recycled ASAP into 6 packs of Charmin.

This reamer is used to ream absolute and utter ruin into the lives of Psychiatry's victims. According to this POS, YOU are incurably mentally ill, if YOU are a woman. That one's called PMDD: Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder. If the end of Your month bugs you, enough, and you confess to it to a Psychiatrist, you can be Risperdaled, State Police Registered and possibly murdered by that 'on the take' Psychiatrist with and by her Psychiatric antipsychotic poisons, for Being a woman. Or maybe not, and you'll get lucky, and just get Prozac-ed.

When Eli Lilly's patent on Prozac ran out the generics were vacuuming up all that money Eli Lilly knew was theirs. So Eli Lilly's APA invented a brand new mental illness just for Eli Lilly: PMDD. Lilly's subsequent Wonder drug to treat PMDD is Sarafem. It's a green pill, containing fluoxetine hydrochloride. Prozac is a white pill, containing fluoxetine hydrochloride. Lilly makes a pill called Reconcile. Reconcile contains fluoxetine hydrochloride. Reconcile is used to Treat 'Separation Anxiety' in your dog.

The California Society for Addictive Medicine tells us that so many of these Psychiatrist/poison salesmen are suffering from 'addiction and mental disorders', [paragraph 4] that the California Medical Board's Diversion/Rehab. program is readying Itself to commit suicide under the strain.

The California Society For Addictive Medicine also offers a sample letter for drunk and doper Docs to beg for exoneration and absolution, because addiction is a medical condition, not a crime. Well now ain't that just special? Especially because every last Doktor, can screw the everlasting lifelong daylights out of any of your patient's lives with ONE, GD prescription for Risperdal, Because, .... . Your useless GD Mein Kampf DSM-IV-TR qualifies a state of Intoxication, NOT Addiction, but Intoxication, as a lifelong, legally debilitating offense meriting a hosing with Poisons which turn People into cripples, carrion, and killers.

Way to go, Psychroaches, you're absolute paragons of integrity, and We're certain that all those good men and women of All races, creeds and colors who've laid down their very lives to defend the dream of our Founding Fathers will rest easier in their graves, knowing that You're on the job, and On The Take, honoring Their sacrifice.

The California Medical Board Physician Diversion Program writes us this suicide note over its own 'Severely Mentally Ill' and "We just Can't Go On Anymore" Major Depressive Disorder:
DSM-IV-TR code 296.4: Major Depressive Disorder With Psychotic Features.

State-Wide epidemics of the following mental illnesses among California's Psychiatrists have also been observed, and are being tracked, in case anyone like Cal State AG Jerry Brown should decide that swift, emergency life saving/life wrecking measures are needed, and those poor mentally ill [and now additionally at their wits end over losing their Diversion Program] Psychiatrists have to be forcibly drugged for their own good, with their own GD Risperdal:

California's Psychiatrists are Apparently too ashamed to fess up to even their own big brother, protective 'You're Above the Law' State Diversion/Rehab. Program which was birthed specifically TO place them Above The Law.

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 301.82: Avoident Personality Disorder

If these Ideates think they're going to run this 'We're unaccountable as being DSM-IV-TR mentally ill but You're not' and They aren't even going to make even any pretense of giving enough of a HOOT to Try to sweep it under the rug anymore, and then all go for a stroll in their 'Emperor's New Clothes' and Not get Called on it, ... , Who, ... is out of their mind, ... on That one?

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 297.3: Shared [among Psychiatrists] Psychotic Disorder.

Here, the California Medical Association California Psychiatric Association Etc. Etc. Etc. 0ffers us its Mea Culpea for being the drunks, drug addicts, DSM whatevers and child molesters we've always known they were, and after 27 years of putting on a brave face are Also admitting that they too aren't one bit interested in playing by Their own DSM rules, those that THE REST of SOCIETY have to suffer under.

The Western Journal Of Medicine brings us Physician/Drunks and their enforced enrollment in Alcoholics Anonymous, [under threat of license revocation] As Drunks.

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 305.0: Alcohol Abuse
DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 291.8: Alcohol Withdrawal

That WJM article is from 18 years ago, and Docs have done as they damn well please in those intervening 18 years, and today, those 18 years of self indulgent crap have resulted in the MBC Diversion fiasco calling it quits.

Anderson & Anderson Anger Management tells us how they'll gladly, for a fee, cure your useless lump of Psychiatrist who is incurably DSM mentally ill with:

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 313.81: Oppositional Defiant Disorder

by exhibiting the All too common: throwing of charts, on masonite clipboards, at nurses, patients and others: screaming at those same people, and suffering psychotic meltdowns that have them believing they're Mike Tyson in a title bout, with those same nurses, co-workers, and patients.

Anderson & Anderson is nationwide. The 'mental illnesses' among Physicians Anderson & Anderson specialize in are not restricted to California. Here's an Anderson nugget.

"We do not provide psychological testing nor is our intervention considered counseling or psychotherapy."

Oh Really? Well it sure as Hell is under DSM-IV-TR diagnostic, skunk sprayed for life, Risperdal poisonable, State Police Registered, BS Psychiatrist monkey shines.

God Forbid that any of California's Psychiatrists should be placed within a country mile of being psychotherapeutically counseled, and identified as being the mentally ill patient of any of their Psychiatrist fellows. Who would be left [if their licenses were revoked, or they were indicted for practicing medicine while in a state of incurable mental illness] to assure that J&Js market share of $4.2 Billion in Risperdal sales last year alone, didn't stumble, and stub its little toe?

Do We really have to repost that picture of the little marble child cemetery angel for you, ... , you Psych, ... , whatever you ares?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fewer Hands, More Eyes clues us in to $150 Million in campaign contributions from Pharma to politicians, over the 17 years from 1990-2007. Pharma scoops up $155 Billion, in 1 year.
The Founding Dads left us a Constitution predicated on Limited, read Small, Govt.

When President Reagan was shot, so the story goes, he awoke on a gurney surrounded by all his key people who were worried sick about him. President Reagan offered up a grin and searched out the eyes of his staff.

He asked them: "Who's minding the store?"

They assured him he'd nothing to worry about. Govt. was running just fine without them, just like always.

President Reagan grimmaced, and replied: "Now why would you think that would make me feel any better?"

He was also the guy who said: "Government can't solve the problem, because Government [meaning huge] IS the problem."

Pharma's $150 Million over 17 years to buy itself protection is the price of a stick of chewing gum, to Pharma.

The Founding Dad's KNEW that politicians would ALWAYS take the money. Small Govt. means fewer hands to TAKE that money. And fewer hands leave more eyes to WATCH who takes what money, and vote the rascals out.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that politicians can be bought. What should surprise us is that they can be bought so cheaply: Especially considering what they're selling - which belongs to US, not them - as defined in the US Constitution.

When Ronald Reagan walked into his first day on the job as Governor of California many years earlier, there was a piece of legislation sitting on the desk, waiting for his signature. He signed it, and took 18 shades of hell for decades afterward from his political opponents. That bill had been left behind by Gov Pat Brown, Jerry Brown's dad. Activists for the mentally 'ill' had forced the California legislature to open the doors on California's lock down mental health facilities, and allow most of those who wanted to leave, to leave.

Gov. Reagan got flak out the wazoo for shoving all those poor unfortunates out into a cold and uncaring world instead of getting the mental health Treatments they so desperately needed: the forced druggings, physical restraints, electro-shock, death, and all manner of other abuse both physical and mental.

The Gipper hadn't much to say about his cold hearted cost cutting bill signing, but I'll bet an awful lot of those poor bastards he opened the doors for said a prayer for him then, and when he passed away.

Freedom comes first. Reagan knew that, and lived it for as many people as he could extend it to. And I can only imagine him offering up a grin, now, to all his dogged detractors on the California mental health issue with a polite, if deprecatory: "Well, There he goes again."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ernestine And Thom

Since this plague of 'Mental Healthers' is being sicked on us at primarily our OWN expense, it might be helpful to know just Who, is authorizing this wholesale plundering of OUR purses, to inflict these minds full of NAZI, proto NAZI, Freudo-Marxist, Frankfurt School social engineering Federal and State Funded poisoners down on all of our necks, including our kids necks.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America is Charlotte Iserbyt's history of the infiltration, destruction and hijacking of our education system by these jackass ideologies. God Bless Charlotte. It's now free, as a pdf. Get it. Read it, and understand just what the hell we're ALL up against.

Until real science steps up to the plate and actually belts a bio-causative [for 'strange thoughts'] home run over the back wall of Fenway Park, each and every one of these Psychiatric prescription pad, 'on the take' salesmen of these finely crafted poisons from the fine and crafty manufacturers of these brain and CNS damaging poisons, is commiting tax fraud if they receive one, single, red, blood stained cent of tax funding.

So in the spirit of focusing a few Million watt floodlights on our elected legislative 'on the take' authorizers of this murderous chicanery we bring you the floodlight folks. have a passion for watching, and ratting out, whose money goes where. They'll be a permanent and proud addition to our 'The Good' links list, under 'Pharmaceutical Money To Politicians, Buying Protection'

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. The truth can stand by itself."

Thomas Jefferson.

And both Ernestine and Thom want you to know that it's long past time we cut off the government money, read OUR own money, supporting these philosophizing, poisoning clod hoppers.

Lawsuits State And Federal VS. Antipsychotic Poisons will also be here to enlighten us because a bunch of State Attorney Generals have also had it up to their eye teeth with these fine and crafty manufacturers of finely crafted poisons defrauding Their State, and crippling and killing Their neighbors. The Arkansas lawsuit is a hum dinger, and a must read.

Bailey Perrin and Bailey LLP [representing Arkansas] have taken the gloves off, and there'll be no 3 minute bells in this title bout for $600 Million. It's just unfortunate that BPB isn't going after J&Js pushers, the Psychiatrists, too. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day. But a Quarter Million phone calls could sure as hell tear it down, yesterday.

HARLOT, Getting Your Drug Approved is from the prestigious British Medical Journal: who alone among medical industry journals at least strive for a fair and balanced peek into the drug co. bought and paid for industry of medicine. I almost filed it under HUMOR, because it really is a knee slapper. Point being, HARLOT was written and targeted to a very specific audience, Doctors themselves, who are immersed in this world of corruption, Snakes, Ladders and Spin, and HARLOT wouldn't be so damn funny if it wasn't so damn true, and that truth so damn well known to its intended audience, Doctors.

In California UCSF offers Fellowships in Clinical Psychology. Students get PAID, [State money is Your money] a 'stipend' of $26,186 in the pre-doctoral year. After they've scribbled out their dissertation they get PAID $38,994 in their post-doc year, to recycle the fried brain leavings of Emil Kraepelin, Wilhelm Wundt, Ziggy Freud, Carl Jung, and all the other stellar dim bulbs of dope pushing, totalitarian nitwitery.

Vee haf vays, you know, of making you see it Our vay.

California's also home to the Wright Institute. I was scanning Psychology dissertation titles and discovered one from a Wright grad that earned its scribbler a Psy D titled: Harry Potter and the World of Internal Objects, an Objects Relation Analysis. Did we, or did we not, pay this guy $65,180 to become an expert on Harry Potter? The mind boggles.

Back in the 1940s when the perversion of Socialist NAZISM was more open about its goals, our grandfathers knew what to do about it.

These days we're funding it, and we Don't, have to.

BTW: Those are P-47 Thunderbolts, Republic P-47 Thunderbolts, not National Socialist P-47 Thunderbolts.

Nobody's asking you to cut loose on a squad of Messerschmidts, just cut off the funding. Ernestine's waiting. Pick up the phone.

"The good men may do separately is small compared with what they may do collectively." — Benjamin Franklin

Risperdal, 1000 Dead from J&J/Janssen

The fine folks over at Furious Seasons are indeed furious, and with damn good cause. You should be too. J&J knocked down $4.2 Billion selling this horror in 2006, and the evening news got HOW? fascinated with Martha Stewart's $50,000 worth of lying to cover up Her $50,000 worth of financial hanky panky?

If Martha Stewart's worth time in the slammer, these ghouls are worth being slammed into the slammer till that marble angel turns to dust. Some of those people J&J killed were kids, just like that marble, cemetery angel.

Janssen's Titusville New Jersey plant is the source of Risperdal. It employs app. 1000. That's one filled grave, per employee.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kenny Digs Ernst [NAZI Holocaust] Rudin

Who let this guy back in? [to our wallets] I am a fan of the US Constitution, All of it, so I'll let Dr. Kendler have his 1st Amendment say.

[Unlike the way these NAZI Psych Roaches will cut off Your quality of, content of, and even the very continuance of, life, with their disgusting satchels of poisons, [while They're raking off the cream from the Makers, of those poisons] if YOU, exercise YOUR 1st Amendment rights to speak 'strange' speech which offends THEM]

These following shards of broken Budweiser bottle are from 2006, in a piece Ken smashed up with Carol A. Prescott.

"The first known description of the use of twins to study human differences was by Augustine of Hippo (354-430: De civitate Dei, Bk. 5). He observed that the lives of a set of twins turnes out differently, and he used this as a way to falsify the accepted belief that the alignment of the stars at the time of one's birth determined destiny. The more formal scientific use of twins to study the origins of individual differences in humans did not begin until the last quarter of the 19th century. The English polymath Francis Galton wrote a monograph, "Hereditary Genius," which is probably the first systematic behavioral genetics study in humans. Galton published an essay in 1875 in Fraser's Magazine with the propitious title, "The History of Twins as a Criterion of the Relative Powers of Nature and Nurture. (Galton, 1875). He was interested in using twins to evaluate the power of environmental experiences to make pairs similar or different."

Kenny then tells us that Galton didn't yet have the clarification available of distinguishing between monozygotic and dizygotic twin pairs, which wasn't cleared up till the 1920s.

I guess Carl Jung wasn't a fan of Augustine. Carl used to cast his Psych clients horoscopes to figure out what was bugging them, when he wasn't busy licking Hitler's butt. And apparently neither was Freud, with his crack about, "anatomy determines destiny."

After Augustine, most folks said, "who cares?" Then in the early 19th century this meat puppet named Francis Galton got all hot and sweaty about twins all 'Aaaaakk' over again.

Ken and Carol's piece hit Galton, but without the teary-eyed disclaimer they gave Ernst Rudin.

Now "The Men Behind Hitler" tells us, about Galton, that this stinking, scatterbrained SOB is considered the originator of 'Eugenics'.

"Francis Galton [1822-1911] was an English psychologist and a half-cousin of Darwin. Very erratic in his thought processes, he was unable to complete research in even one area. Hardly would he begin a research project before throwing out a theory and then move on to a new field leaving the proof of the theory to others. He was so fascinated with Darwin's theory, that he spent an unusually lengthy period of years trying to prove that mental abilities were hereditary. In 1869 he published his book "Hereditary Genius" and in 1883 "Enquiries into Human Faculty". In his "Enquiries" he undertook to transfer his hereditary theories from the individual to the whole race.

Galton extended Darwin's theory of natural selection into a concept of deliberate social intervention, which he held to be the logical application of evolution to the human race. Galton was by no means satisfied to let evolution take its course freely. Having decided to improve the human race through selective breeding, brought about through social intervention, he developed a subject which he called "Eugenics", the principle of which was that by encouraging better human stock to breed and discouraging the reproduction of less desirable stock, the whole race could be improved."

Our sidebar linked Eugenics Timetable gives us the following.

"In 1876 Emil Kraepelin studies under Wilhelm Wundt in Leipzig. They conduct psychopharmacological and psychophysiological research, stressing the actions of drugs on the brain. He collects thousands of case histories, developing a method of describing cases that is still used to classify mental illness. Broadens the definition of dementia praecox. A patient so labeled is seen to be fated for inevitable deterioration ("degeneration"). He considers the mentally ill "a heavy burden on our nation. As a prelude to Hitler, he states, "An unrestricted ruler with the power to intervene in our way of life would bring about a reduction in insanity within a few decades!"

Ernst Rudin was once defined as 'The most evil man in Germany." This load of septic tank fill was one of the monsters directly responsible for the 'ethnic/Eugenic cleansing' of the Aryan gene pool in NAZI Germany. Now again, I'm not making this up. What follows is Kendler, our own dear sweet loveable laughable $24.25 Million Dollar DSM-IV-TR schizophrenia defining Kendler.

Kenny describes Rudin's work as, well, it's below.

"In its infancy, Psychiatric genetics - under the leadership of Ernst Rudin [whose critical contributions to the birth of this field were colored by his dealings later in his life, with the NAZI party in Germany] - was at the forefront of the methodological developements of the emerging field of human genetics [Zerben, Rudin & Kendler 1996]. From the mid 1930s until the 1970s, however, ........ the methodolgical sophistication of psychiatric genetics suffered substantially."

Yeah. Rudin's "critical contributions to the birth of this field were COLORED by his dealings, with the NAZI party"

What color Ken? The red, as in the blood, of the 59 Million people WWII murdered? And then another 20-30 Million that Stalin's crowd condemned as crazy and shipped off to the Gulags?

And the "sophistication of psychiatric genetics suffered substantially."

What a flippin' shame. Call me a Luddite, but there are Some boxes we're simply not Meant to open.

Wiki on Ernst Rudin.

"Recognized as one of the fathers of Nazi ideology, his work was endorsed officially by the Nazi Party. He wrote the official commentary for the racial policy of Nazi Germany: "Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring"; See also; and again; and again; and was awarded medals from the Nazis and Adolf Hitler personally."

Psychiatrists also turn out to be the least religious of Doctors, as well as suiciding twice as often as the rest of us. Could that possibly be because after a lifetime of trying to rewire people from a playbook written by NAZIs and pederasts, that after 20 or 30 years of seeing NAZIs and pederasts screw people up, they finally get it; that none of that filth works? Except to destroy people? And that their overwhelming contribution to humanity has been misery, mayhem and murder?

Kenny, has it occured to you that there's a reason you're not having any success, [beyond $24.25 Million worth of shell game, that is]?

Again, there are Some boxes we're just NOT Meant to open.

A friend once quipped, on religion:

"I don't know that I believe in God, but I Do know that I DON'T want to piss him off."

Ain't it strange that Slobodan Milosevic with his ethnic cleansings remains one of the most reviled monsters of recent history, but we've already shelled out $24.25 Million to one guy, to continue the research into 'psychiatric genetics' begun by the Originator of Eugenics, Francis Galton, and the very archetype of evil: the mastermind behind the Eugenic cleansing in NAZI Germany: Ernst Rudin?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

U-Boat Slippers

That's the U-133, captured, and under arrest. On the right is the behavior that Got the U-133 arrested.

Use Google, or any other search engine and enter the following terms, in any variation you choose.

1: Psychiatric
2: Consumer
3: Satisfaction

Every time We've tried it we get back page after page of back slapping sales pitch from these plague rats and their sales fronts about how enormously satisfied their customers are with the servicing their getting.

And then of course there are those ungrateful [and perhaps mentally ill] malcontents, who just can't stop pointing out what a stumbling, shambling, bribe taking universe of stumbling, shambling, bribe taking, the very institution of psychiatry is in the first place.

What We haven't [so far] gotten back in web search offerings for Psychiatric Consumer Satisfaction is 1, Single page, offering the world its warm and glowing 1st person account of how Psychiatry improved that person's life.

That may be subject to change however, perhaps even tomorrow, and the world may shake off its ingratitude tomorrow, and rush to swallow its Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel, and all of Psychiatry's other noxious, body and soul destroying toxins.

But we doubt it. Because folks generally will only swallow just so much.

And that's the nature of Psychiatry. Tyrants always demand that You swallow, what they won't swallow themselves.

Christina Nichole got torpedoed with Zyprexa for headaches. Here's before and after, from Psychiatry's 'medications' for headaches. It might not have even Been a Psychiatrist who sicked Zyprexa on Christina. General Practitioners can also get away with prescribing this stuff.

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Lord Acton

Every last one of these bastards are Above The Law, and damn near every last one of these bastards behaves accordingly.

They all need to be slapped up side the practice with the 14th Amendment: "Equal Protection Under Law," and then slammed into prison if they Still refuse to 'get it.'

Christina pulled through, but it was a lot worse, a lot worse, for Christina than even these photographs show.

Uploaded by:

In Webshots channel: pets
Tags: no tags yet Date uploaded: Jun 12, 2007

I went into a coma caused by low blood sugar of -10 due to the drug Zyprexa, which I had been prescribed for 13 months prior to my coma for migraine headaches. The team of doctors declared me brain dead and wanted my parents to allow them to turn off my life support machines. My parents fought them and stood their ground to force them to keep my machines on. On the 10th day of my coma I squeezed the doctor's hand in front of witnesses and they could no longer say that I was brain dead. I had been squeezing my parent's hands, blinking my eyes, and crying all along before then, but the doctors said it was only primitive reflexes and did not mean anything. Through attorney obtained copies of my medical records we have learned that the doctors had performed tests that revealed that my brain was normal, with no brain damage at all, and absolutely no signs of brain death. They lied to my parents and kept the test and results from them, even though they were demanding the tests be done and were told no each time... because the doctors said they were not needed since they already knew that they would show that I was brain dead. If my parents had not fought to keep me alive, the doctors would have asked 'ever so sympathetically' that they be allowed to harvest my organs and other body parts before killing my body. Organ harvesting is best when the body is still alive, even though the body dies during the harvesting or the patient is finally allowed to stop breathing when they turn the machine off. There is no anethesia provided because the patient is supposedly unable to think about pain since their brain is dead. My brain was never dead and I was aware of what was going on around me. I felt the pain of their 'primitive' tests, such as pouring ice water into my ear drums, poking my eyes, and pushing their knuckles between my breast bones with severe pressure. I heard them arguing with my parents, and their plans to kill me...

1 comment

(FROM JUDY - CHRISTINA'S MOTHER) On July 15, 2004, Christina Nichole went into a coma following a one-time hypoglycemic episode. All of her organs went into failure and they told us that her brain was gravely deprived of oxygen. She was put on full life-support and declared globally brain damaged and brain dead except for a tiny spotty portion of the bottom of her brain stem. She developed Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), pneumonia, blood sepsis, Staph, and other life-threatening infections. Her prognosis was "NIL chance of recovery". On the sixth day her father and I were asked to allow them to turn off her life support machines. By this time she had somehow overcome the organ failures, ARDS, pneumonia, sepsis, and infections so we also had to consider organ donation from our 32 year old daughter's body. Her doctors told us that if we did not allow her to be 'let go' (killed from reduction/withdrawal of life support care) we would destine her to live the rest of her life in a persistent vegetative state with no 'quality of life'. Christina had responded to me for the first time that same morning by blinking her eyes ever so slightly on my command, so we did not believe their objective tests. We requested absolute proof of their diagnosis and prognosis with testing that we felt was the minimum of routine procedures in cases like this, an EEG, Cat Scan, and MRI. Our requests were flatly denied on the grounds that no further testing was warranted because her doctors 'already knew' what the tests would show them; that she was 'gone' and would never come back. They were wrong! We learned two years later that they had actually performed a Cat Scan that showed NORMAL results. Why did they refuse to tell us about the test and why did they continue to insist that we sign the euthanization papers, always telling us she was already dead? They LIED to us, over and over again, in masse. They were angry with us but we stood our ground... praise God! Judy

The women Germany's Psychiatrists sent to the gas chambers for their final dose of Psychiatric medication often had their hair shorn first. It was used to make felt. That felt was used to make slippers with.

Those slippers kept the feet warm on German U-Boats.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eugenics In A Nutshell

So why all the savagery from this murrain of psychic locusts?

For ages upon ages one fool after another has tried to tinker with his fellow man because his fellow man isn't as perfect as the tinkering fool is. Its never works because folks are just folks, and some folks are just different. They're not broken.

Psychiatry just sighs, and hangs its head after it bites out your throat, and sorrowfully admits it can't cure you. Sorrowfully for You, not Them, because they're too GD Self Important to have a conscience. Psych still pays heavy homage to German Psychologist Wilhelm Wundt, [1832-1920] who gifted human dignity with: "The human soul can no longer exist in the light of our current physiological knowledge." This zircon encrusted lump of iron pyrite is widely regarded as 'The' Father of modern psychology.

God is dead. Nietschze
Nietschze is Dead. God

Note to Wilhelm. FYI: Your current [as of 2008] physiological knowledge regarding why people think 'strange' thoughts, is Still worth 2 things, and Jack has Still, [as of 2008] just left town, along with hundreds of Millions of Our taxes to keep hunting for your non-existent 'physiological' knowledge of Any 'physiological' abnormalities producing 'strange' thoughts.

According to Wiki: "the immensity of his collected writings and the 65 year-long duration of his career makes it difficult to identify a single, coherent mode of thought."

I defy you to identfy ANY, SINGLE, coherent mode of thought in ANY of Psych's mountain of murderous tom-foolery.

By most accounts WWII killed 59 Million people. Guess who the Eugenicist Freddy Kreugers behind the monsters who brought us WWII were. [Check The Bad Sidebar: A Time Track of Eugenics]

Wiki has more: "the American Psychological Association established the "Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award for Exceptional Contributions to Trans-Atlantic Psychology", which recognizes "a significant record of trans-Atlantic research collaboration."

There's not only an APA for psychiatrists, but the psychologists too have their own APA. There's just no end of these meddlesome, tax-sucking, APA'holes.

Psychiatry is repressing its own Pissed Offedness at Itself, because it's a stumble bum, and on some level it knows it.

And no, you killers Never "Could 'a Been A Contender." because you're nothing but punks and tax-payer defrauding, organized criminals.

When psychiatry can't cure you [because theres nothing To cure] it gets embarassed, and like any pampered brat, throws a tantrum. It's toy, You, is broken, and it gets tired of playing with its broken toy. So now, more than ever, Psychiatry gets determined more than ever, to fix, . ... Something.

These tinkering canvas backs need to be cluebatted into understanding that if they Can't achieve successes on a small - read one at a time - scale, They'll be playing hockey with Satan before they Ever achieve successes on a very, very large scale. But Psychiatrists are too well schooled ["I never let school interfere with my education." Mark Twain] for anything so simple to ever sink into their shrivelled, dried, pea wits, because not one in a hundred of them has ever succeded in even changing the brake shoes on their own car.

"If you can't do it, give up." Sigmund Freud

But that's Okay with them. They've got degrees, from other Psychiatrists, that they picked up at college, on loans: i.e. someone else's, money. These degrees tell them that if they can't figure out the brakes, then Start with ripping out the dashboard and rewiring the whole loom, along with an complete rebuild of the engine, and automatic transmission.


For These Wilhelm Wundt idiots, [and their non-existent souls] the only way to fix the annoying problem of their imperfect neighbors, is to fix the whole human species first by throwing their imperfect neighbors in the trash, so those neighbors won't reproduce, and continue to annoy the tinkering idiot's own perfect world.

There's Eugenics, in a nutshell. Freakin' Pinwheels: mass murdering, Eugenicist, repressed temper tantrum throwing, pampered brat, 24 karat copper, Pinwheels.