Mental health disorders don’t only affect adults. In fact, it is estimated that up to 20 percent of Canadian children and youth may be affected. These ailments can alter development and functioning at home, at school, with peers and in the community; they are most disabling of all disorders worldwide. The good news is early diagnosis and treatment can make a life-long difference.

Yes, it certainly Can make a Life Long Difference

Teen Screen, The Link Between Psychiatry, Drugs And Suicide

20% is as FRAUDULENT a number as Psychiatry itself is. How the Hell can 1 of every 5 children be born with a defective, out of whack, chemically imbalanced brain? The entire human race would have gone the way of the dodo ages ago if it were That chemically unbalanced. If 'Mental Health Behaviorists' let the truth slip that they're after 100% of Everybody they'd never get away with it.

In San Francisco They're After EVERY Child