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NAMI=UCSF/RWJF $ : San Francisco #1 Psychiatric Borg Cube

This next page from the Daily Beast pegs San Francisco at a #1 rating for Psychiatrists per capita: claiming that its figures were derived from the US Census and

America’s Craziest Cities

One might surmise that with all those Psychiatrists in San Francisco that it would be Super Sane: a Mount Rushmore sized Testament to the Benefits of Mental Health, Prescribing Boldly where no City has Prescribed before.

San Francisco is Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional District. That’s right; even With that God Awful Imbalanced Surfeit of drug peddling Quack per Citizen, the finest SF can scrape up for DC, is Nancy Pelosi.

How many of SF’s denizens are Shambling off to the Polls Chemically Imbalanced out of their ever loving gourds on Anti-thought drugs? How the Hell Else do you explain Nancy Pelosi?

“500 Million Americans will lose their jobs” (without the last $787 Billion bail out, ….. and Mark Levin has reported that Census Workers were being Fired either weekly, or even Nightly, and then Re Hired the next day to artificially inflate the job creation numbers. Yes, the current Regime is That desperate, and That full of it.)

In our previous NAMI post the only University listed (at above $5000 as a donor) with National NAMI was UCSF: University of California San Francisco, at $12,500 twice. We hope getting Suckered like that, what with all of NAMI’s Bio-$cienced, Bio Based BS, wasn’t a strain on their finances or RWJF agenda. (hat tip & thanks to Mind Freedom for the NAMI Bio-Bull-Science tracking)

120 Bio Based References - count date: Summer 2003

163 Bio Based References - count date: 8 June 2008

195 Bio Based References - count date: 16 February 2009

RWJF GRANTS TO UCSF (& SF State University)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Sep 2009 - 
Aug 2010


Assessing the efficacy of a video game to enhance cognitive health in older adults
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Sep 2009 - 
Aug 2011


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows - Andrew Bindman, M.D.
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Sep 2009 - 
Aug 2012


Examining the role of street vendors in the after-school eating environment among elementary and middle school children in low-income neighborhoods
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (San Francisco, CA)

Jul 2009 - 
Jun 2010


Examining health care disparities from a system perspective - Renee Hsia, M.D., M.Sc.
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Jul 2009 - 
Jun 2012


Providing research support for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

May 2009 - 
Apr 2011


Evaluating the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center system of care in meeting the health needs of youths in custody and upon discharge
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, Institute for Health Policy Studies (San Francisco, CA)

Feb 2009 - 
Jan 2010


Determining the impact of parental notification of children's weight and fitness status on youth obesity and fitness at the population level
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (San Francisco, CA)

Jan 2009 - 
Dec 2009


Measuring the impact of California's Medicaid health plan pay-for-performance on quality and disparities
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Dec 2008 - 
Nov 2011


Improving the quality of addiction treatment through policy research on how models of chronic disease prevention relate to drug and alcohol treatment
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Nov 2008 - 
Oct 2009


Adopting evidence-based practice by minority-focused substance abuse programs
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Oct 2008 - 
Sep 2009


Measuring the impact of medical surgical acute care micro system nurse characteristics and practices on patient outcome
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing (San Francisco, CA)

Sep 2008 - 
Aug 2010


Family-centered programs to reduce risk and promote well-being for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth from ethnically diverse families
Grantee: University Corporation, San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA)

Jul 2008 - 
Jun 2011


SF State University is not UCSF. RWJF however, is RWJF.

Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program - Allison S. Bryant, M.D., M.P.H.
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Jul 2008 - 
Jun 2012


Understanding the role of providers and consumers in the engagement and retention of homeless individuals in substance abuse treatment programs
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, Institute for Health Policy Studies (San Francisco, CA)

Sep 2007 - 
Aug 2010


Examining the outcomes, preferences and costs of cesarean, vaginal and operative vaginal delivery - Aaron B. Caughey, M.D., Ph.D.
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (San Francisco, CA)

Jul 2007 - 
Jun 2010


Identifying the characteristics of community-based trials that may influence clinic staff to adopt research-tested substance abuse interventions
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

Aug 2007 - 
Jan 2010


Planning for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America to stimulate debate on the socioeconomic gaps in health
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (San Francisco, CA)

Nov 2006 - 
Oct 2009


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, Center for Health and Community (San Francisco, CA)

Sep 2006 - 
Aug 2011


Targeting of colorectal cancer screening to healthy elders - Louise C. Walter, M.D.
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center (San Francisco, CA)

Jul 2006 - 
Dec 2009


Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program - Esteban G. Burchard, M.D.
Grantee: University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (San Francisco, CA)

Jul 2005 - 
Jun 2010



$12,288,859.00, for 2 universities

Gee; hope that $25K from UCSF (the ONLY University listed) didn’t strain their RWJF Targeting of America’s Unsustainable (as in headed for Pluto) Govt. Healthcare Programs, or that it didn’t adversely affect those RWJF initiatives promoting National Social(ist) Engineering: (the Cause of that Pluto bound economic Disaster)

like the 2 Grants for $6 Million on Health and Society Scholars.

‘Society’ is a Disease??? Requiring $6 Million in Medical Research/Intervention?

Hello Orwell. Earth to Orwell, Come in George.

Or Maybe UCSF just shunted their NAMI bucks out of the $168,350 Grant for Children’s Weight and Youth Obesity because once they hit $143,350, they realized that the RWJF Risperdal packing that Obesity and Diabetes onto kids, ….. simply couldn’t Afford another $25K worth of scrutiny.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! ….. If you buy the RWJF Pocket Brain & Economy Shredder in the next 4 minutes;

And SF State University across town got themselves Half a Million over 3 years to study the Well-Being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender youths of Ethnically Diverse families.

Apparently, Non White youths who have a Sex Change operation are 3 times more attractive as slam dunk lifers for J&J’s antipsychotic sledgehammer. (after the reality of what they’ve actually Done to themselves hits them) than ‘Other’ kids who become Obese Diabetics from Risperdal thanks to the Wellness Centers in Public Schools.

Remember, Teen Screen’s Wellness is an 84% False Positive diagnostic return for teen depressions etc.

Also of note is that the Childhood Obesity Grant only ran for 1 year, (hmmm) as opposed to the 2nd, $5.5 Million, Political ‘Society Scholars’ Grant, which is budgeted/projected for 5 years: the way the old USSR before President Reagan broke its Stalinist, Collectivist back, kept covering its ass by pushing all of its Collectivist, Communitarianist, FAILURES, ….. Off, ….. for 5 years down the Yellow Brick Road, with endless 5 year plans/delays/smoke screens.

Please revisit:

Change Agents: The Ca. Un-Convention

Since San Francisco is so disproportionately drowning under Mental Health, let’s see who is in charge of SF’s ‘Mental Health’.

Why it’s none other than the Eminent Psychiatrist and all around Cultural Competent himself, Dr. Francis Gordon Lu, whose 65 pg. Curriculum Vitae details all the Mental Illnesses he has personally cured.

Oops, sorry. Another False Flag.

We Are talking Psychiatry here, which hasn’t ever cured SQUAT beyond Curing/Coordinating/Networking, to have their own Medicare and Medicaid Claims NOT kicked back to them by Govt. unpaid, because that’s the Only Real Science the Mental Health Racket will Ever master.

To Wit;

Dual Diagnosis is now All the Rage in Psychiatry:

1 Substance Abuse Incurable Mental Illness &

1 Underlying Incurable Mental Illness like Schizophrenia or Bipolar:

(as concocted by the FRAUDS on our sidebar.)

Why Dual Diagnosis, you might ask?


for oodles of System Integration and implementing System Change upon those Resistant to System Change: as in Free & Sovereign Citizens who’ve NO use for any of their Collectivist “What’s mine is mine, and what’s Your’s – (health and Money) – is mine”: so that I can peddle more brain eating Pharmaceutical Snail Bait and then go pose for Group Glamour Pics,…. With other Ideates who Ideate that parroting Communist Party Change Agent speak is Tres Chic and so Nouveau.

Medicare and Medicaid REFUSE to pay on more claims than Private Insurers do. So Zia your Psychiatric Meal Ticket and Blood Suck it as Insane, by telling Uncle Sam that your marks are Incurably ILL TIMES 2. Voila, far fewer Claims kicked back, and far More Govt. Monies paid out/pissed away.

Back to Dr Lu: this Eminent Psychiatrist proudly boasts among his endless Blue Ribbon Panels/Committees/Conferences (all that’s missing is the cocktail & beluga on crackers tally), his:

Siskel & Eberting himself off to the Esalen Institute for 18 consecutive years - to review 50 year old Box Office Bombs which Nobody else gives a shit about, except possibly his fellow, co-reviewing, Curriculum Vitae accumulating, Psychiatrists.

“Eat A Bowl of Tea.”

Yes, that’s among his Life Saving Accomplishments too, as a Panel Discussion, advancing the Psychiatrist’s Art of GETTING PAID (for over 30 years) to PATHOLOGIZE everyone Else while Aggrandizing themselves, ….. for Curing absolutely Nothing, …. ever.

Going to the Movies, BY Psychiatrists, is now Written up as a Pseudo Medical Justification to Blow Their Own Horn.

Failure in California: the Headwaters of Failure Nationwide.

Previously, we ran a short on San Francisco’s Community Mental Health Center: Richmond Area Multi Services: which sits squarely in the lap of SF’s Movie Reviewer in Chief. We Linked to an SF City Govt. memorandum detailing an Independent Auditor’s Review of RAMS, and after we linked to it, we now get a return saying “Oops, Sorry, That pg is no longer available.” (after Being available for over 3 years, …. Before we linked to it)

So, we’ve jpg’d this Bureau of Useless Bureaucrats embarrassment detailing the obscenely expensive travesty of RAMS Mis-investment/Waste, of Millions of Dollars of public monies.

What makes this Travesty so Repugnant, is that RAMS is a NATIONAL Psychology Training Center. Psychology Trainees pass through RAMS and then fan out across America.

Please pay especial attention (pg. 5) to the statement that After the auditor Wrote Off 45 of RAMS 92 performance objectives as not even Qualifying as performance objectives, and then subsequently Cherry Picked 7 out of RAMS remaining 47 performance objectives, RAMS Still FAILED 6 out of those 7, while holding contracts with DPH for over $16 Million dollars;

“Finally, we determined whether RAMS had achieved the targets for a small, purposefully selected sample of performance measures set in its adult and children’s services contracts with DPH for fiscal year 2004-05. Out of 92 items labeled as performance objectives in these two contracts, about half (47) had measurable targets. Of these 47 performance measures, we purposefully selected and tested 7 and found RAMS did not meet the targets for 6 of them.

However, for 2 of these 6 measures, RAMS fell just short. (target was 50% in both cases and RAMS achieved 44% and 47%).”

[Ed: You try mounting wheels on cars on an assembly line, and having More than Half of them Fall Off, and find out how long it takes You to get Fired. But better still; Tell your employer that Your performance IS up to snuff, and that it’s His expectations which aren’t. You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t have you physically Dragged off his premises.]

“Two other measures of the six concern the Employment Services Program that RAMS operates under a contract with the State Department of Rehabilitation. ….. According to RAMS chief executive officer, management personnel of RAMS, DPH, and the state met in late 2005 and the parties agreed that the targets for these programs are unrealistic and will be reduced.”

[Ed: Communitarianism, System Integration, Inter-Agency Co-ordination, Whatever you want to call it, This Balls Up/Cover Up is the Only outcome that will Ever pop up under too much Centralized Bureau of Bureaucrats Punch Drunk on Public Money Control: ….. Massive FAIL.]

Now, for even More of the Money behind Why this NATIONAL Psychology Training Center was NOT shut down and boarded up:

See Pharmalot:

2 new Vacant, Waterfront Lots in Florida don’t come cheap, - $8.45 Million - even if you’re William C. Weldon: CEO of J&J/Risperdal. And that recent Back Surgery CEO Weldon had – just in time to miss out on having to Testify, In Person, to Congress about Why so many of J&J’s Over The Counter products have been recalled - had to set him back at least another speck of pocket lint.

In Flat Year (2008) J&J CEO Scores $32 Million (thx WSJ)

And as for J&J helping the ‘Mentally Ill’ BASH the Be Jeezus out of their Mystic, Disease Mongered Billing Codes, along with their mind and body, here’s 2 more Lawsuits to peruse:

Utah v J&J and AstraZeneca

United States v J&J and Omnicare

We will be highlighting sections of these filings in future posts

& again; Thank you Pharmalot. for the ongoing Blow by Blow on J&J/CEO Weldon, and all those other Companies/Execs/Investigations.

Mr. & Mrs. America; Do you Really Want 435 Nancy Pelosis in the US House of Representatives?

‘Cause Nancy’s what you get, and Keep getting, from SF’s Sardine Can full of 100% Incompetent to Cure Anything, Psychiatric Borg.

Don’t let Nancy happen In Your town.

With all the Shrinks in SF, RWJF $, and the Abysmal failure/State Govt. cover up evinced in the RAMS Audit; If this is the Best Psychiatry can achieve, ….. in such a perfect Psychiatric Petrie Dish, ….. it sure as Hell isn’t going to achieve any Better than that anywhere else.

Look up the Psychological Charlatans Billing Govt. Healthcare Insurance in Your town. They love bragging about their educational credentials and NAMI Drone affiliations – because that’s Who they are, and All they are - and see if they Trained at 1 out of 92 RAMS, and if they’re even now infecting More of their own Aspiring Ilk with those same Failing Performances, in Your Town.

Say Hello to ‘Mental Health’.

The Mermaid adorning its Flagship’s prow, ….. is Nancy Pelosi?


Foghorn Leghorn

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NAMI Discloses Their DRUG MONEY

At the Request of Senator Grassley, NAMI has made available pdfs detailing their major funding sources.

What Ought to have you upset here, is not that a Self Supposed Patient Advocacy Group/Pharma Store Front is predominantly Owned by Drug Money, but that they can be Bought So Cheaply, ..... considering the Hundreds of Billions Pharma's raking in.

Mind Freedom has more.

Thank You Very much, Sen Grassley and Mind Freedom.