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ObamaCare Rationing: The Berwick Chronicles

Since some Obama supporter hacked the Nachum List, we thought we'd save you any possible heart palpitations inherent in a Visit to The Nachum List with its bluff warnings of Malware if you enter. 

So we're posting the direct links to its non-affiliated content chronicling President Obama's previous CMS Czar, Mr Berwick.

The smokescreen of heated denials of the actual nature of ObamaCare's proposed Rationing needs to be de-smoked.

If you actually believe the Obama Administration's endless "Death Panels are nothing but an unhinged Republican smear tactic" and their constant evasions of Their own "Granny's just too durn Expensive to fix under the President's, progressive Signature Legislation so we'll have to provide her with 'End of Life Psychologizing', ....  here you go.

Donald Berwick, Former Obama appointed head of CMS. 

The Berwick Chronicles
First Bewick hearings tightly controlled, only a few questions allowed
VIDEO: Obama's new appointee to head Medicare, Don Berwick waxing poetic on Britain's NHS
Video Segments of Dr. Donald Berwick from the Documentary Money Driven Medicine
VIDEO: One Doctor's Crusade for Hospital Reform
The Rationer-in-Chief
The White House blames the Republicans for the use of "Recess Appointment" for Berwick
Opposition Begins to Mount Against Donald Berwick--"The wrong man, at the wrong time, for the wrong job"
Sebelius: Rationing Advocate is ‘Absolutely Right Leader At This Time’ to Run Medicare
Obama Names Rationing Czar to Run Medicare
Obama’s nominee to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs Medicare, is a strong supporter of the government-run health care system in BritainMedia Matters Quotes Infanticide Supporter to Defend Health Rationing
How Donald Berwick will run your health care
An Interview With Dr. Donald Berwick: 'We Need To Have More Consequences In The Health Care System'
Donald Berwick speaks up
‘Death panels’ were an overblown claim – until now
Donald Berwick "Curing the health care system"
Obama Appoints Marxist to Head Health Industry in U.S.
Donald Berwick says our nation's world-class hospitals and doctors are delivering health care that is unsafe and unreliable.
Who is Dr. Berwick... "Berwick is famous in the health-care system for advocating its destruction."
Dr. Berwick's Radical Agenda
Berwick: “You’re looking at the cream of crap. The system is so broken,”
Donald Berwick: the $1 trillion health care disaster in waiting
Donald Berwick hearts the NHS
Donald Berwick: Will we ration health care with our eyes open?

Thank You Nachum List

and in Related news, with the Election almost here:

Breitbart has;
ACLU: Obama Has Quadrupled Warrantless Wiretaps
 28 Sep 2012

The ACLU released a report this week that shows that under Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder, warrantless wiretapping and monitoring of American's electronic communications is "sharply on the rise."

After months of litigation and Freedom of Information Act requests, the ACLU obtained documents from the federal government proving that real-time monitoring of electronic communications inside the U.S. has climbed 60 percent since 2009 and far surpasses monitoring under President Bush.
The ACLU reports that the Dept. of Justice used "pen register" and "trap and trace" techniques 23,535 times in 2009 and 37,616 times in 2011.
A "pen register" captures outgoing data from a phone or email account while "trap and trace" captures incoming data.
During that same time period, the number of people whose telephones were the subject of pen register and trap and trace surveillance more than tripled. In fact, more people were subjected to pen register and trap and trace surveillance in the past two years than in the entire previous decade.
(ACLU's bold above)
"The number of authorizations the Justice Department received to use these devices on individuals' email and network data increased 361% between 2009 and 2011," the ACLU said.
It should be noted that all of this is perpetrated by the Dept. of Justice without obtaining traditional warrants.
The ACLU complained that it has been repeatedly blocked by the Obama administration when seeking disclosure. The ACLU also noted that since Obama became president his administration has repeatedly neglected deadlines required by law to release reports on the DOJ's actions.
The civil rights group charges the federal government with "frustrating democratic oversight" and obviating a basic measure of accountability by neglecting its duties to fulfill these transparency measures.
Warrantless wiretapping, when initiated by the Bush administration, was one of the left's most dear causes, but since Obama came to office -- and been proven to have tremendously increased such wiretapping -- silence has prevailed over the practice.

Thank You Breitbart and Mr Huston
pic cred to infowars

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Government Supported Music Playlist

Just when you thought Government had explored Every Possible avenue of Public Funded, Social Engineering Waste, Fraud and Abuse:

The Government Supported Music Playlist

You can assume that when government gets involved in music, it’s just got to be good.
Thanks in part to over a million dollars of Recovery Act money given to the Sesame Workshop the kids get to sing and dance along with Elmo.  The music video “Elmo’s Got The Moves” was produced as part of a stimulus funded move to promote physical activity.  I can see why kids love Elmo, but I can get them to run without government funds simply by playing a track from Mrs. Miller.  I suggest trying this move as it proves to be cost effective.

[Ed; To view the accompanying video of the actual music Your money is buying, please go to the CNS article itself, because we don't want you to Have to listen to it start up again on autoplay the next time you visit us. Nobody should be bamboozled into listening to it even Once, much less Robbed by Government to Pay for it at All.]

Government involvement has thankfully brought an end to the long-standing dispute of  ‘East Coast’ versus ‘West Coast’ rap.  The “Take AIM at Climate Change” video assisted by National Science Foundation grants appears on aNASA website. The song launches both coasts to doom as rising oceans from climate change flood and destroy major coastal states to a darn catchy beat. Recommended.
If you want to hear something a little more familiar, the Veterans Affairs Department produced some stunning videos from their 2011 human resources conference that reportedly cost taxpayers roughly $5 million. Among the creative items generated with that money was a karaoke themed ‘Beat It’ video. Michael Jackson would be jealous of the incredible dance moves these government workers put on tape.
Just when you thought the singing of government employees could get no better, you are hit with the soulful sounds of the General Services Administration. GSA workers sing about ‘going green’ in this video from it’s award conference in 2010.
The EPA continues to offer it’s awesome rap song ‘Click it - Flip it’ as a free download on it’s website. What better way to get that energy conservation message to the kids than through rap music.
With all these musical choices generated with help from taxpayers, there’s no need to pay to download music from any record company. The government is here to party and they have brought the tunes.

Thank You CNS and Mr Scheiner
Since Poisoning, Electrocuting, Crippling and Killing you for having a Billable Mood or Thought isn't enough, 
Does anyone remember how uninspiring, dull, and non-politically relevant music Used to be, before Government got it hands on the stuff?
Do we really have to say it?
Under a 24/7 barrage of This Intensity of Publicly Funded Programmatic Interventionist Propagandizing, is it any wonder people are developing a Deficit of Attention not only From it, but To it?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ritalin Drug Should Only Be Used In Severe Cases, Says Doctor

The Star UK has;
Ritalin Drug Should Only Be Used In Severe Cases, Says Doctor
THE Sheffield psychiatrist who drew up national guidelines on the use of Ritalin said the powerful drug should only be given to children with severe hyperactivity problems - and even then alongside other treatments.
Dr Tim Kendall is director of the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, set up by NICE, the body which approves medications offered for treatment through the NHS.
“Ritalin should not be used for mild or moderate ADHD, and it should not be prescribed by GPs unless they’ve been seen by a specialist,” he said.
“Their first treatment should be a training and education programme. Their parents should get training to deal with their difficult behaviour and on top of that their school teachers should be contacted to co-ordinate the key adults in the child’s life.
“If you do that, particularly when they’re young, you can halve the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD. It’s very effective.”
He said individual cognitive behavioural therapy is also an option for children with persistent behavioural problems.
“If a child has severe ADHD you may also want to try all of that with Ritalin, but monitor it very carefully for all the side effects.”
According to Dr Kendall, exercise and a good, balanced diet can also help, but he warned parents to be wary of nutritional supplements.
“We found there’s no general benefit but you do get stories where it has worked,” he added.
Dr Kendall said methylphenidate - sold as Ritalin and Equasym, among other brands - works in the brain by releasing dopamine, a mood-setting chemical.
“It helps maintain concentration and focus - it’s abused by students for swotting because it does the same for them,” Dr Kendall said.
“A common side-effect is that it raises children’s anxiety levels, makes them lose their appetite and they don’t sleep well. It calms them down and does tend to make them slightly different.”
He said the outcome for hyperactive children treated only with Ritalin is ‘really quite poor’.
“If they don’t get the right help a lot of them will end up with psychiatric disorders as adults and quite a lot will end up in the prison system.”
Meanwhile, Rick Hughes, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist for Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Ritalin has a very good safety record so long as it is prescribed by an appropriately trained specialist.
“However, like many drug treatments, it does not help in every case. While methylphenidate does not cause drowsiness it can produce changes in emotional state and some parents report that their child seems rather distant or in a world of their own.
“A reduction in dose, in discussion with the prescriber, can often eliminate this particular problem.”

Thank You Star UK

“If they don’t get the right help a lot of them will end up with psychiatric disorders as adults and quite a lot will end up in the prison system.”

Then again, they Might end up becoming the next Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein.

Einstein was Expelled for being "disruptive and affecting the other students"

Thomas Edison

"In school, the young Edison's mind often wandered, and his teacher, the Reverend Engle, was overheard calling him "addled." This ended Edison's three months of official schooling. His mother then home schooled him. Edison is considered one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 
1,093 U.S. patents in his name, as well as many patents in the United Kingdom, France and Germany."

How, ..... did we ever acquire electric lights and the theory of relativity in those dark, pre 'Mental Health' days. Just think, ..... of what Einstein and Edision MIGHT, have become, if only they'd had a proper DSM-IV-TR DIAGNOSIS, and the proper Treatment with 
Ritalin/Concerta to 'help' them. offers one possible scenario.

"The test used for the diagnosis was a five minute pencil twirling trick, resulting in Matthew being diagnosed with ADHD."

Granted, Edison and Einstein were exceptions, but in the Aggregate, Enough children are being consumed by this collectivist stupidity to cost us - in terms even a redistributionist, PC Progressive can Grok - a Sizeable chunk of future Tax Revenues through the Loss of those children's potential, Inventive, future contributions. 

19,000 Aussie Kids Use Janssen-Cilag Concerta For ADHD After It Was Rejected For Adults

An eight year WA study on the use of psychostimulants in kids found they increased the probablility of a child medicated for ADHD falling behind at school by 950 per cent.

Suicidal Ideations By The Numbers: Counseling Is WORSE Than Even Zoloft 

Granted, Zoloft is not Ritalin but an antidepressant, HOWEVER, the operative principle remains, because, one must understand the Content of psychological 'Help'.


Making Children the Victims of Diagnoses which carry Life Long Disability, for Behaviors which are Not Criminal, is what it is: Civil Rights Crime. 

Human Rights or Civil Rights: US 18C13 Sec 241 & 242
“If they don’t get the right help a lot of them will end up with psychiatric disorders as adults and quite a lot will end up in the prison system.”
A lot of them Do get thrown into Prison already as a direct consequence of being made the victim of Serial, Violent, Civil Rights Crime presenting itself as, the "Right Help".

NIMH Violence Initiative: Junk Medicine In Jack Boots

“If they don’t get the right help a lot of them will end up with psychiatric disorders as adults and quite a lot will end up in the prison system.”
How is being Diagnosed with a Psychiatric Disorder, as a Child, supposed to prevent their being Diagnosed with a Psychiatric Disorder later on in life?

They've Already been Slimed for Life with the "Right Help", but then we Are getting the 'Mental Health' perspective here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NAMI's Bio-Based Bullshit Blows Through Stratosphere in 2012

In light of Senator Grassley's dragging NAMI out to disclose their Funding sources:

April 2010: 81% of NAMI Contributions of $5,000 and More Come From Drug Companies.

It Appears NAMI has dug in and purchased themselves a 440V Bullhorn to broadcast their owner's Bio-Based Pill Peddlings.

MindFreedon has;

Charting NAMI Web Use of "Biologically Based"

Charting NAMI Web Use of "Biologically Based"

While more and more NAMI members support MindFreedom's mission, a few NAMI leaders have worked over the decades to oppose campaigns for human rights and alternatives in mental health. One reason they may be creating this divisiveness in the mental health advocacy community is a bias toward a narrow "medical approach" that promotes a theory promoting psychiatric drugs over and above any other approaches. For nearly a decade, MindFreedom has held a count of NAMI's web site to reveal this bias. [Updated August 2012]

NAMI "Biological Based" Count

by David W. Oaks, MindFreedom Director

Unfortunately, NAMI's 'medical chart' isn't looking very well in 2012.

Hmmmm... perhaps a doctor needs to be called. Or perhaps NAMI has been calling on a few too many doctors too often!
A search of the NAMI web site conducted by MindFreedom International shows the number of references on the NAMI web site to the phrase "biologically based" mental health problems is skyrocketing in 2012, over this past decade.
A search on 13 February 2012 shows the number of references is 734, more than four times what it was just two years ago, in 2010:
2012: Graph of NAMI web site use of "biologically-based" phrase

Tracking Biased Language on the NAMI Website

An informal survey conducted by MindFreedom International since 2003 (shown in the graph above) raises some interesting questions.
"NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness" has been one of the few major nonprofits in the mental health field that - even though it receives a great deal of funding from the psychiatric drug manufacturing industry - chose for decades not to disclose the exact amount, even to its own members.
US Senator Grassley held an investigation, and forced NAMI to disclose that more than half of their money had, for years, come secretly from psychiatric drug company donations. You can read about that US Senate investigation here.
Apparently this large amount of secret funding influences the philosophy of the organization. Or perhaps drug money tends to be attracted to a group that is promoting a drug-based approach. 
Either way, there is a simple way to keep track of this bias. 
Periodically MindFreedom uses the Google search engine to count the number of times the NAMI web site uses the term, in quotation marks:

"biologically based"

Of course, this is an unscientific survey. For example, the use of all phrases would increase as a web site gets far larger, or decrease as old web pages are automatically removed.
However, the use of this particular phrase is at least a general indication of the orientation within NAMI toward a narrow medical model approach. 
NAMI tends to use this phrase with a sense of certainty in describing mental health issues, as the "one true way," even though there is no conclusive scientific evidence, and there are many other competing paradigms. This "medical model" approach is also promoted in countless NAMI printed brochures.
In reality, of course, there are many theories about mental and emotional problems and crisis, and there is no scientific data that one particular approach has been proven. 
In fact, at the start of this web search in 2003, MindFreedom held a hunger strike on this very topic, called the "Fast for Freedom." While the American Psychiatric Association was willing to engage in an extensive dialogue with hunger strikers about the lack of science behind 'medical model' claims, NAMI absolutely refused any official communications on the subject. Throughout the hunger strike, NAMI leaders created a special recorded message that said very little; when any phone inquiry was made, the caller was automatically referred to this.

NAMI Web Site Takes Turn for the Worse

You'll see from the graph that in the year 2010, finally, NAMI's use of the phrase apparently started to go down.
But unfortunately in 2012, it's gone sharply up. 
Perhaps this change in the use of the phrase is a function of an increased number of their web pages. However, one would hope NAMI would become aware of public concern about the influence of the millions of dollars of drug company money that has privately supported more than half of NAMI's budget for the last few years.
NAMI ought to stop using the phrase "biologically based," or at least explain that scientifically speaking this is one of a range of theories.
See the graph above for representation of the following data:  
Number of times phrase "biologically based" appears during a Google search conducted by MindFreedom of the domain

120 - count date: Summer 2003
163 - count date: 8 June 2008 
195 - count date: 16 February 2009
136 - count date: 11 October 2010
734 - count date: 13 February 2012

For more info on NAMI on the MindFreedom web site click here:
If you want to ask NAMI in a civil but strong way about their amount of pharmaceutical industry funding you can phone:
NAMI Main:           703-524-7600
NAMI HelpLine:      800-950-NAMI (6264)
Or use the NAMI web contact form here:

Change Within NAMI

We should all keep in mind that more and more NAMI members support a more inclusive and diverse approach. In fact, quite a number of NAMI members are also members and/or supporters of MindFreedom. 
But these NAMI members tend to especially oppose the way that NAMI has been hijacked by an extreme and unscientific opposition to human rights, creating divisiveness in a mental health advocacy community that ought to be united.
These courageous NAMI members are continuing to make changes within NAMI. In the meantime, if a few NAMI extremists continue to promote an anti-rights agenda, please let them know that if our community is targeted we all speak out, together.

Truth Injection

Don't you think that NAMI's positions need a "truth injection"?
There's a simple flyer you can download on the MindFreedom web site to photocopy and hand out, busting myths about mental and emotional well being.
Click here for the Truth Campaign:
Wherever you see a brochure promoting the medical model of the mental health system - whether it's a health center or library - demand that copies of the "Truth Injection" brochure be included, too! Let MindFreedom know if any public space refuses to include both sides of the story. 
Perhaps by the 10th anniversary of the hunger strike in 2013, NAMI leaders may at least become open to civil and open dialogue about these scientific questions. 
Thank You Mind Freedom and Mr Oaks.

And Now, to inject a little Balance, here's about the best to be said of NAMI we've found yet.

NAMI Dearest