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Healing The Collective: Imagining The Feminine Part II

“The one-sided patriarchally masculine value-canon of occidental consciousness and the fundamental ignorance regarding the essentially different female and feminine psychology have contributed in a major way to the crisis of our time. Hence, understanding the Feminine is an urgent necessity not only in order to understand the single individual but also to heal the collective.“

-Erich Neumann (1952)

Imagining The Feminine In Film

Ok; We’ve got 30 of these Luke Life Walkers hanging in a TV Rec Room, and even 30 of them Still can’t Diagnose Feminine from Falsies in a Cocktail Dress. The giveaway that this crowd is up to No Good lies in Erich Neumann’s last four words:

“To Heal The Collective.”

Who will Fine Tune that Collective from on high?

“Useful Idiots.”

Vladimir Lenin

How the Hell is an Erich going to ‘Understand’ the One single Mystery which No Man has ever Understood? And of course it’s a ‘Crisis of Our Time’ and an ‘Urgent Necessity’ as if the difference between men and women is something exclusively new to ‘Our Time’ for His New Age Blowhard to patronize us through.

Masculine and feminine will Never completely understand each other, and Vive le Difference! What a boring world it would be if these jokers were even Remotely capable to Heal Both into a Single ‘Collective’.

Dear Gratefulness;

There Does exist today a Non-“occidental consciousness and fundamental ignorance” which is a Far more Major Crisis than the one Neumann yanked out of his ass, and it does Not Understand any ‘Urgent Necessity’ of Healing the Unisexual Collective. It does not Want to understand the Feminine but to treat it like a Door Mat for sexual gratification and baby production. That Non Occidental consciousness doesn’t Need to defeat Your "one-sided patriarchally masculine value-canon of occidental consciousness" through Military means, but only to out reproduce it in order to supplant it with Militant Sharia, which is happening all over Europe. And Indelicate or Not, there is Real, Biological Behavioral Disaster bearing down on us in this next observation.

“Feminism is a Darwinian blind alley. In biological terms there is nothing that identifies a maladaptive pattern so quickly as a below replacement rate of reproduction; an immediate consequence of feminism is what appears to be an irreversible decline in the birth rate, Nations pursue feminist policies at their peril.

Katarina Runske’s book: Empty Hearts, Empty Homes: 1990

We can either Celebrate the only true Bio Difference between Human Beings worth celebrating along With Ms. Runske, or PC our progeny into Sharia because Western Civ. can’t survive a Psycho Unisexed Collective micro-managing of our Diversity of Ethnic Mosaic. however, Needs to Plunge us into Crisis through Neumann needing us at Fever pitch Worrying that men don’t know, “What is it a woman really wants?”

Neumann is the Only thing Psychiatry offers: “The Sky Is Falling”, because even after an Eternity of men wondering and Still not Knowing, we All have to go into Crisis Mode and Decades of Medicare & Medicaid grubbing Therapy over it.

The one-sided patriarchally masculine value-canon of occidental consciousness,”

What cabbage did this Halfwitted Sanctimony crawl out from under? Women are automatically Better understood and therefore Better Respected in the Non Western World?

Utopians like Neumann exist only to downgrade Everyone of Both sexes into Slavery. And his Blinkered Hair Shirt is Proudly there on display Top Dead Center, Exemplifying Perfectly the ‘Imagining The Drag Queen’ exuding from Esalen’s,

”Dood, Don’t Bogart that Remote! It’s My turn to On Site Fine Tune the Order of the DVD’s in our Film Viewing Seminar.”

Doc Francis and 'Brother David' peddle Gratefulness on the One hand, while on the Other peddling ‘Major Crisis’ Guilt Trip over how Sexually Imperiled Western Civ. is and how only They can save us ….. with their Own heads planted Firmly up their Erich Neumann over what Women are subjected to in the Non Western World: & Doc Francis had the Profound Epiphany in 1978 of it being His Purpose to Bring Together East and West, ….. because the East has SO Much to Teach the West, …… such as;

The murder of baby girls in China. Sexual tourist junkets to child brothels in South East Asia. Should we maybe toss a couple of Hindu wives onto their dead husband’s funeral pyres too, ….. just for old times sake? And by All means let’s not leave out those Spiritually Superior Non Occidental Castrations of young girls in North Africa, ….. to Equal out the Multi Cultural Inequalities that these Deep Thinkers are so obsessed with ‘Mental Healthing’ the West into.

“To Heal The Collective?”

These Drag Queen "Imagining The Feminizers" are, ….. ‘The’ SO Beautifully Well Ordered COLLECTIVE which we allow to Drug Murder other Sovereign & Autonomous INDIVIDUALS, ..... Solely and Expressly on their own Beautifully Ordered Say So, ….. because Their Disorders in other people’s minds are a Disease. (APA Pres Stotland)

If Hypocrisy were a crime, …..

How’s about we toss a Multi Cultural twist into the DVD player. Do you think that with this ‘Bonus Film’ these Spiritual 'Illness' Healers might be able to Actually Cure one of their own Opinions?

“Hope Remains For a Cure” Because, ..... “(RWJF's $12 Million worth of Seed Money) Research Must Continue.”

And these Towering Intellects, Selling Erich Neumann's CRISIS that Western Men don't know what Western Women want, are Hot on the Trail Hoping for a Cure, ..... in Dustin Hoffman’s bra.

Medical Publishing Company Calls Bullshit

MFI Alert: Stop The Force Drugging Of A 31 Year Old Woman In Pittsburgh

Stop the Forced Psychiatric Drugging and Lock-Up of Geetha Rathnamala

A 31-year-old member of MindFreedom International - Geetha Rathnamala - is being held against her will in a Pittsburgh psychiatric institution, and involuntary psychiatric drugging has begun. Geetha is a registered MindFreedom Shield participant. Please expose the abuse going on inside the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC), which is part of the enormous University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Stop the Forced Psychiatric Drugging and Lock-Up of Geetha Rathnamala

Geetha Rathnamala, 31, is being forcibly drugged inside Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC) in Pittsburgh.

MindFreedom SHIELD
SOLIDARITYNET Activation - Alert gr.1
24 August 2010 - please forward

MindFreedom member locked up in Pittsburgh psychiatric institution.

Geetha Rathnamala, 31, getting forcibly drugged.

MindFreedom member Geetha Rathnamala phoned the MindFreedom office from the 9th floor of Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic (WPIC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she has been locked up since 11 August 2010.

She said her psychiatrist, Colleen E. Bell, had prescribed the powerful neuroleptic drug Risperdol, and ordered it administered against her will. The forced drugging began on 24 August 2010.

Ms. Rathnamala has been registered on the MindFreedom Shield Registry since May. This means that when she is threatened with coerced psychiatric procedures, she may immediately activate a network of other registrants, and the general public, to speak out.

She has activated her MFI Shield Alert now, saying, "I hope that people will speak up on my behalf and make them see reason!"

Geetha is a survivor of forced psychiatric prcoedures from three years ago, and found this highly traumatic. She said, "I've learned that you can't force people to be well. When you cage them up and force them to be 'well,' you cause more harm than good."



PLEASE keep all complaint messages civil and peaceful -- though strong -- to follow MindFreedom guidelines.

CONTACT: Governor of Pennsylvania, Edward G. Rendell.

You will find contact info, including link to an easy web form (note their web site is slow, be patient or try later) here:

Sample message (your own words are best):

"Please urgently investigate a report from MindFreedom International that a psychiatric facility in your state is unfairly holding a woman against her will, and forcing her to take a psychiatric drug. Name: Geetha Rathnamala. Location: Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please look into this, and support the human rights of Geetha Rathnamala."



  • If possible, please e-mail a COPY of your message to Geetha and her suppoerters at, and to MindFreedom at These comments may be shared with the public.
  • Please FORWARD this alert to all concerned people on and off Internet.
  • Please also COMPLAIN to Jeffrey Romoff, President & CEO of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the umbrella entity for WPIC. Complain via his Office of Ethics at:
  • EMAIL David A. Lewis, M.D., Medical Director of WPIC, at or phone at 412-624-9910.
  • EMAIL to Dr. Michael Travis, WPIC Residency Program Director, to ask him to investigate alleged forced drugging by his resident Dr. Bell at:
  • Please leave a PHONE MESSAGE at WPIC at 412-624-1000 extension 5 for Claudia Roth, PhD (President of WPIC).


Statement from Rajit Kishor Patel -- Geetha's boyfriend:

"Geetha is being held there against her will, and there is no valid reason. Her 302 form says something along the lines 'that she was wearing stickers on her head and attempted to leave the building and got upset when they wouldn't let her out'.

"She has been highly cooperative working with the staff and the doctors, and she is in a state where she clearly poses no threat to herself or anyone else. Still, they're really pushing for her to take medications, but she has strongly declined, while still maintaining a cooperative attitude. Now they've initiated the process to have her forcefully medicated!

"She was forcefully medicated 3 years ago... it not only took time to cleanse/heal physically, but she still holds pain/memory from the last experience. Something needs to happen to stop this. Even, if they're not letting her out... they cannot go through with this forceful medication...

"I do not know what I can do. She really wants me to get in touch with media and lawyers, but I have no experience and little understanding of how this all works. She's sticking very firm to the principle, that she hasn't done anything that warrants detainment and especially forceful medication.

"She's very sharp, has a clear understanding of what's happening, and would be able to explain her situation better. She had initiated a lawsuit, which is still in progress, from her incident three years ago. However, right now, she's cut off from access to the outside world, and is begging to get some help. I am saddened, because she is such a kind and caring person, but has maintained a strong will...

"Still, I think she may be starting to lose hope in her situation as there is no change."


Additional info:

Geetha alleges that her psychiatrist, Dr. Colleen Bell, had two psychiatrists sign off on her forced psychiatric drug order: Gaurav Gandotra, MD and Charles Kahn, MD.

Geetha says that her religious beliefs -- Hinduism and Buddhism -- should allow her to be free of all drugs. Geetha was born in India, moved from there at the age of 9, and self-identifies with the culture and language there.


THE ABOVE is based on the initial MFI Shield activation alert -- [named gr.1] -- sent to the MFI SOLIDARITYNET.

Discussion about Geetha's situation will be on the MindFreedom Shield discussion list, which current MindFreedom members may join at:

For more information about MindFreedom Shield and MindFreedom International see:

Join and support MindFreedom here:


Ed; "Geetha says that her religious beliefs -- Hinduism and Buddhism -- should allow her to be free of all drugs. Geetha was born in India, moved from there at the age of 9, and self-identifies with the culture and language there."

Ms Geetha Rathnamala is welcome to 'Self-Identify' with anything she pleases, so long as it doesn't include Shoving what She personally Identifies with down anyone Else's throat.

And in This case - as in Every case of Psychiatric Force & Fraud in the United States - No One Else has any right to Shove Anything down Her throat Either.

If it can be Done To HER, It can be Done To You.

"Congress Shall Make NO Law, ..... "

Monday, August 23, 2010

Che Speaks, Dr Lu Hears, & $12.9 Million Per Year For Social Justice Joy Rides

RWJF's Dr Francis G. "Wizard of Gratefulness" Lu likes the Movies, ..... a lot.
“I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to teach with and learn from Brother David during these seminars, which I consider the most meaningful activity in my professional life and the highlight of each year for me personally.”

Doc Francis has been accumulating Doctor skills for 43 years, and “The” most meaningful activity in his professional life is a Home Theater at Esalen, ….. watching Tootsie, The Wizard of Oz, & a Wistful Prequel of the future Butcher of La Cabaña who remained utterly unconcerned with Due Process for the Enemies of His Revolution as Fidel Castro’s 2nd in Command: Summary Judgment and Execution by Firing Squad.

Wisdom And Compassion: The Awakening Of Consciousness In Film

"The Motorcycle Diaries"

How many people are today fleeing Florida in leaky boats through 90 miles of shark infested waters to get INTO Che Guevara’s Cuba?

At the SFGH pages we found that someone had typed “When someone is Given a Psychiatric Diagnosis, ….”

Yo, Seabiscuit;

No one, is Given, a Psychiatric Diagnosis unless you mean the word Given in the sense of Given HIV by an expensive Prostitute. A Psychiatric Diagnosis is NOT a gift in any sense of the word. It is a Eugenic Political Construction that slithered out of the sewers of Malthusian Gene Pool Chlorinators.

Back to RWJF's Wizard of Gratefulness:

“I have been enriched in the process of deciding on spiritual themes that SPOKE TO US,

Doc Francis is HEARING VOICES deciding on SPIRITUAL THEMES - for other people.

“Congress shall make NO Law respecting an Establishment of Religion, …… “

“NO Law Respecting”, ….. Prohibits Government from even Tolerating, much less Funding Legally Binding Spiritual Decisions and the Hurling of Brain Damage down from Mount Parnassus due to the Spiritually Deciding Voices Chief Psychiatrists are Hearing.

“selecting and sequencing the films to be shown and conducting the seminars where the participants shared their personal experiences with us. Brother David and I would view many films prior to each seminar, discuss them through email and arrive at our final list.”

You Couldn’t make this stuff up. These two sit around watching Movies and E-Mailing each other about their Favorites, ….. as Medical Research determining how Medicare & Medi-Cal monies are being Vacuumed up.

“We would each have our own creative ideas for certain films that often agreed, but we would go through discussion to fine tune the list, which sometimes changed as the seminar happened onsite. We selected films that not only illustrated certain themes, but also were considered artistically great films that touched our souls deeply. Such films would often depict characters who both experienced an epiphany that led to a transformation of consciousness and embodied the Hero’s Journey myth described by Joseph Campbell in The Hero With a Thousand Faces.”

Viva Che!

“Although the exact numbers differ, it is estimated that several hundred people were executed nationwide during this time, with Guevara's jurisdictional death total at La Cabaña ranging from 55 to 164.[100] Conflicting views exist of Guevara's delight towards the executions at La Cabaña. Some exiled opposition biographers report that he relished the rituals of the firing squad, and organized them with gusto, while others relate that Guevara pardoned as many prisoners as he could.[98] What is acknowledged by all sides is that Guevara had become a "hardened" man, who had no qualms about the death penalty or summary and collective trials. If the only way to "defend the revolution was to execute its enemies, he would not be swayed by humanitarian or political arguments."

Che Guevara as “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”: Multiculturally Voted as being worth 30 cents Less than $1 to peddle Risperdal Lobotomies at up to $885 per month, per addict.

Che IS, UCSF/SFGH Psychiatric Science: a Box of Chemo-Surgical Fix All, ….. to fix Other People’s realities with Holes Ideated into their Psychiatric Archetypes reaching clear into Never Never Land. But it’s not even a Box of Fix All since Doc Francis can’t Fix Jack. It’s a Velvet Elvis framing the stumps which His Psychiatry Lopped off of its own Archetypes, to trim Other Human Beings into Revenue Generators.

“Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of Religion, ….. “

1: Myths being Embodied is Lucy Lawless ‘Embodying’ Xena Warrior Princess between the Tic Tac, Summers Eve, & DTC Antidepressant Ads.

Soul Touching isn’t being Lobotomized and Brain Washed with the Zen of an East and West Melder who seems to have forgotten the Consciousness Transformation the East had to have dropped on its Zen by the West’s Enola Gay.

“Congress shall make NO Law respecting an establishment of Religion, ……

CIIS, The California Institute of Integral Studies


"According to CIIS professor David Ulansey, in 1951 San Francisco businessman Louis Gainsborough invited several authorities on Eastern religions—among them Frederic Spiegelberg, a Stanford professor of Indic studies; Alan Watts, then an Episcopal chaplain but otherwise an apologist for Zen; and Haridas Chaudhuri, a Bengali disciple of Sri Aurobindo—to form something called the American Academy of Asian Studies, which offered evening classes. Among their students wereMichael Murphy and Dick Price, later the co-founders of Esalen Institute; and Eugene Rose, later Hieromonk Seraphim Rose of the Saint Herman of Alaska Brotherhood. The Academy as such folded in 1968.[4]"

CIIS trains and certifies 'Diagnosers' of Mystic Illnesses: who write up their legally(?) binding Ideations to screw Other people as Incurably, 'Spiritually Ill'.

Congress Shall make NO Law, ...

2: America’s Founders were Restraining Govt. from Interfering with Different Denominations of the Christian Religion. They never even Imagined we’d get Stupid Enough to Financially & Legislatively Support Elephant Headed Beliefs from the land of Suttee, ….. wherein the young Wives of some old, recently Dead guy were herded onto the pyre and Burned Alive along With that Dead guy.

American Law is not Hindu and it is not Buddhist, & there's a Reason for that.

Hindu Gods Get Court Summons

"Property disputes in which Hindu gods are deemed "legal entities" are not uncommon in India."

American Law Prohibits anyone from Screwing with either Hindus or Buddhists because of their Beliefs.

American Law Also Prohibits the Screwing of Hindu and Buddhist Beliefs Into Citizens of Differing Beliefs: like those Christians who set it up that way because it never Occurred to Hindus or Buddhists to set it up that way.


The Unquestioned Geniuses who Invented America were not only Christian, but they were Also Unquestioned two fisted Drinkers, ….. so the Ideation of Genetic Deformities revealing themselves in Alcohol use as some Mystic Illness is also Séance Science. Look up the 18th Amendment and see how That one brought us Organized Crime Families SO tenacious that they in turn brought us Anti Racketeering & RICO statutes.

Behaviors are Not Illnesses, no matter How Repugnant you may Personally find them to be in Other people. The 1st Amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Petitioning Government for a Redress of Grievances. It does Not guarantee You or Anyone Else a Right to be protected from being Offended by Other people. And it most certainly does Not have any Carve out Exceptions allowing Anyone to shove Che Guevara down your throat, because of the Spiritually Deciding Themes They’re personally Hearing, and being Enriched by.

In 2004-2005 the San Francisco Fire Department wasted $12.9 Million Dollars in Ambulance Runs delivering 225 repeat, drinkers and dopers to SF Hospitals, and the SFFD complained about it being ‘Uncompensated.’

Those 225 were Repeaters, ….. MEANING, ….. that that $12.9 Million was a Waste of other people’s money, ... because America’s entire Archetype Delivery System does Nothing But Intentionally Cultivate Repeaters. Those SF Fire Dept. Ambulance runs were not Compassion. They were Revenue Enhancing Make Work.

If Archetype Interventions worked, the SFFD would NOT be Billing $12.9 Million to Continue delivering those same 225 to SFGH for a chat, a prescription, and a referral to some Worse than Useless, make work ‘Clinic’, … like 1 out of 92, ‘National Training Center’ RAMS.


Let those 225 Sit or Lie right where they are. Ignore them and they will:

1: Die

2: Sober up on their own

3: Move on

4: Save $12.9 Million, annually

When Dad takes his Kids for a walk, and the Kids see any of those 225 lying in their own vomit and excrement and smelling like death itself, Kids will ask the obvious;

“What’s wrong with that man, Dad?”

And Dad will say;

“See that big beer bottle? He’s probably on drugs too.”

And there goes Junior’s “What are Beer and Pot all about?” curiosity at the sight, sound, & stink of those 225 Government Cultivated excuses to Pay Itself.

$12.9 Million is $57,333.33 per drunk.

Is Any drunk worth $57,333.33 per year to You? And That’s just the Ambulance Cost, Not Including the how much MORE they Cost in Revenue Generating Medicare/Medi-Cal Income once they Arrive at SF General Hospital’s $1.5 Billion Dollar SB 1953 (see here) Building Fund Hole.

The SF Fire Dept are also on J&J’s payroll for at least a token $100K. A Free $100K is a nice gesture from J&J who could afford $68 Billion for Pfizer’s Consumer Healthcare Products Division.

SF Fire Commission April 13th 2006

Johnson & Johnson GrantThe Department was awarded a $100,000 grant for the NERT program by Johnson & Johnson. Chief Hayes-White hoped that this will become an annual contribution. In addition, Johnson & Johnson contributed $20,000 in medical supplies that will be cached in various areas, including fire stations.

In 2005 the SFFD was told that it was So Budget Stressed it might Not be able to Put Out Fires rather than Wet Nursing drunks.

SF Fire Commission April 14th 2005

Richard Stacks informed the Commission that; .....

He believed that the Department has been squeezed more than other departments to the point of soon not being able to ensure fire protection.” On a budget of:

SF Fire Commission February 10th 2005

Ms. Dawson pointed out that the operating budget was at $190 million the past fiscal year and is projected at $191.9 million due to COLAs in a labor agreement and projected changes in fringe benefits.

And despite all those brutish, unfair Budget Cuts the Compassionate Pelosi-ites are always wagging Their condemnatory/redistributive fingers over, ….. only 3 years later:

SF Fire Commission February 8th, 2007

8. FY 2007-08 BUDGET…..

Ms. Dawson stated that the Department had followed the Commission's direction and prepared a budget that represents what is needed and not what it could get. To this end, the Department is $2,951,490 over the baseline of $243,862,683.

Ms. Dawson presented the proposed revenues of $62,632,600, which are primarily derived from the Bureau of Fire Prevention (BFP) and EMS. She pointed out the various fees and permits which made up a total of $6,694,300 in BFP revenues. Ms. Dawson also reviewed EMS revenues for FY 2006-07 and pointed out that they would increase from $16,487,332 to $18,760,215 for FY 2007-08.

Ms. Dawson stated that total expenses were projected for FY 2007-08 at $223,843,086 and were actually 3% over baseline. By far the largest portion is an increase in salaries, with another notable increase in professional services which is related to examinations. ….. “

A $51 Million Increase in expenditures in just 3 years, while they’ve got Money for Raises and Day Care Delivery for 225 inebriates.

Where did the SFFD Raise that $57,333.33 Per Layabout, from? Through holding Car Washes and Bake Sales?

So How Desperately did those 225 Need that $57,333.33 of Ambulance, per year?

Emergency Medicine Journal has:

Validation Of Triage Criteria For Deciding Which Apparently Inebriated Persons Require Emergency Dept Care

"Methods: Paramedics prospectively collected data on apparently inebriated persons en route to the emergency department (ED). 99 of these patients' ED charts were retrospectively reviewed to assess who actually required ED care. , .....

..... "Conclusion: Most apparently inebriated individuals in this study did not require ED care, but prospective identification of these persons is difficult. A low exclusion cut-off for tachycardia may improve sensitivity."

Note that Mr. Neil Tangherlini contributed to this Expose on Govt. Waste, because you’ll meet him again at this post’s Close as the guy who Engineered this Govt. Waste in the 1st place.

How many of SF's 225 got Brain Bashed with Risperdal, because the SF Mental Health Board was in Bed with the Dynamic Duo of Zialogic’s “Dual Diagnosis” Minkoff & Kline Insuring that Uncle Sam got Paperworked for 225 Doubly Incurable Crazies?

How many of those 225 got Double Screwed as Bipolar / Schizophrenics with Incurably ‘Mentally Ill’ Malt Liquor Disorder so that San Francisco could BILL Medicare & Medicaid to Cure ZERO beyond its own Salary Increase & Retirement Benefits Avarice, …… even Despite its Top Psychiatrist having On Site Fine Tuned the Viewing Order of the DVDs which he and an 84 year old Monk Gratefulnessed, ….. at Hippie Central?

The Pelosi Machine Froths Rabidly about how Hateful all those Funding CUTS are as the SF Fire Dept gets a $51 Million funding cut Increase over 3 years ….. and SF Lobotomizes its Inebriated Layabouts whom its Rank & File Compassion Frothers want to Help Not have to View or even Think about so long as Somebody Else Pays for their Frothing.

And considering the never ending litany of Fire Trucks running into Parked Cars the SF Fire Commission has so ably documented, they Might consider investing J&J’s $100K in a couple dozen Driver Ed DVDs rather than their Wizard of Tootsie & Che, Hindu/Buddhist informed Risperdal Delivery System, ….. because we’ve Yet to encounter a scientific paper linking Malt Liquor to Tardive Dyskenisia, ….. and 40 Ouncers do Not come with being Set Up as a Potential Murderer by Non Disclosing Hospital, & Fire Dept. Funding Increasers.

Now, let’s meet the drunk chaser responsible for this Multi Million Dollar a year EMS Layabout Delivery Service which delivers Repeat Layabouts who in the main don’t Need to be Delivered but the Fire Dept Does need Pay Raises.

School Of Social Welfare UC Berkley has;

Neils Tangherlini was Selected as the Keynote Speaker for this years “Social Justice” Symposium.

And why Shouldn’t Mr. Tangherlini be the Keynote Speaker, when RWJF’s ‘Top’ Social Justice peddling Wizard of Gratefulness believes that the Butcher of La Cabaña exemplifies “Wisdom and Compassion”, ….. based upon the Spiritual Themes which SPOKE To & ENRICHED Him, ….. & the Smashing Success these people All Getting Paid have Achieved because “Any Door is The Right Door” into their ….. is;

$16 Million Dollar 1 out of 92 RAMS & its State Government Cover Up. Read the Memo.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr Laura Gets Her Own: Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

Another Psychic FRAUD gets her comeuppance. has;

After 30 Years of Defrauding callers into being Screwed by Psychiatry for speaking THEIR minds, Dr Laura gets shut down for speaking her own.

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving 'Mental Health' peddler.

Having Dr. Laura on Conservative Talk Radio was a Slap in the Face to our Founders.

has this Brass Plated Hypocrite, after 30 Years of Advising Other people to surrender Their ENTIRE Bill of Rights through being Psychiatrically Ideated into a Non Existent Illness through Their exercising Their 1st Amendment Right, Bitching that SHE, now wants to regain her Own 1st Amendment Right.

Don't let the Door hit you in the Ass on the way Out, ..... Laura.

Hat tip for the heads up, to If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thumb Screwed English & Drag Queen Movies

Yes, We're Still experiencing a Dump Truck full of 'Gratefulness', ..... with Dr. Francis G. Lu and 'Brother David', ..... at the Movies, ..... because Drag Queen Flicks are for Really and for Truly, Scientific, Psychiatric Sigh-ence.

Imagining The Feminine in Film

And for even More of the Psychiatric ‘Science' of Let it All hang out so that we can Write it up to Bill it up One to One Gratefulness with your 6 figure, Professional Ideate, let's refer to our Desktop Dictionary.

Because within it the English Language itself has been made the victim of a Psychiatric hit and run: just like Francis and his Asinine gratefulness.


opposed to; against

Anti does not mean happy, buoyant or joyful. Anti means Against.


ORIGIN Old English hǣlth, of Germanic origin; related to whole.

How can your thoughts/emotions be Whole by clubbing them with an Anti?

Ill: as in Mentally Ill;

ORIGIN Middle English (in the senses [wicked,] [malevolent,] [harmful,] and [difficult] ): from Old Norse illr ‘evil, difficult,’ of unknown origin.

How is Anybody’s inlook/outlook supposed to be Improved, or at the post Billing Code least, De Stigmatized, through Selling them a Reputation as Wicked, Malevolent, Harmful, Difficult, and Evil?

And of course, NAMI and every other Pharma Pig are propping BS campaigns to hang a Va-Va-Va-Voom Rear View Mirror Air Freshener over their own Stench.

Stigma Busters


ORIGIN late 16th cent.(denoting a mark made by pricking or branding): via Latin from Greek stigma ‘a mark made by a pointed instrument, a dot’ ; related to stick 1 .

as in a Symptom Poisoner’s Pointed Instrument on a Chart/Prescription Pad.


Our Desktop Dictionary actually Does define ‘Wellness’ as having something to do with good health, but, We ain’t buying it as anything more than the ‘Progressive’ & Deliberate Dumbing Down of Western Civ. through Perverting the language.

So What IS a Wellness? And No, President Clinton is not doing His walk on to re-define the word IS for us either.

Wellness is a redundantly suffixed adjective, and if any one of you ever trips over one of these Mythological pieces of thumb-screwed English (off the printed page, that is) will you Please photograph it, or better yet Club the damn thing and send it to a Taxidermist, because Someday, being the Only person on earth to actually possess one (they don’t exist in anatomy texts) Sotheby’s will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Hospitals sell Wellness, Drug companies sell it, Doctors sell it. Just think of the Bidding frenzy for the One Real ‘Wellness’ these language manglers could get their hands on, to duplicate, ….. kind of like a Real Chemical Imbalance, or a Real Schizophrenia gene (or cigarette gene).

In hardware stores you can buy wooden, spring set traps. They’re made by Victor. We’ve tried baiting them with peanut butter, but it’s bacon that bags the rat. And if you’re looking to bag a Wellness, Medicare & Medicaid bucks are America’s sweetest & most irresistible bacon. And there’s a Lot of Wellness Needing bagging.

Grandma Gets Printed.

"In-home services for the elderly and infirm were reduced by several million dollars, and Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, achieved his goal of having caregivers and the recipients fingerprinted in the future with the goal of preventing fraud."
Because if those Rats had been bagged earlier, we All wouldn't have just been Baited, Switched, & had our Necks Broken for National Socialist:

Heck, a Real Wellness would fetch Hundreds of Millions, …. just like a for Really & Truly Safe Patient Population for Wellness that’s so FDA Safe and Effective it needs California State Police Registration for the Safe and Effective Murders that Wellness causes.

But don’t you worry about it. Pay no attention to those Wellness Murders behind the curtain, because they’re all Gratefulnessed in a ‘State of the Art Home Theater’ at Esalen by Doc Francis and ‘Brother David’ - reeling in their own ecstasies of Mood Swinging Bipolar Manias – probably while sharing a couch (or at least a bag of Doritos) between the sub woofers as Dustin Hoffman on a 64” TV spits out one liners that someone else scripted in between his Max Factored Transvestite smackers, because, ….. Zen Drag Queens are like, ‘Spiritual’, Dood.

A Cinematic Masterpiece like Tootsie could never descend into that tawdry escapist entertainment Doc Francis Ideates so hard to steer clear of. How could a Millionaire Drag Queen be anything But spiritual?

Hollywood has long been universally recognized as a Philosopher’s Stone of selfless moral rectitude and Spiritual/Religious Enlightenment, as long as a Psychiatrist watching somebody Else’s big screen TV culls the ‘Escapist Entertainment’ out from Hollywood’s ‘Spiritually Elevating’ Drag Queen, ….. because Non Psychiatric America doesn’t Have to make $12 Million dollars of RWJF Grant (1) look like its doing anything other than Billing the rest of America.

Oh, …… the Zen, the Buddhist and Hindu aesthetics of it all, the Jungian Casting of Horoscopes, the melding of Eastern 14th Century “What, Me Worry?” and Western Vote Whoring Handouts, the Peace, Love, Wool Gathering, & Navel Contemplating, the Onion & Bacon Dip, the George Carlin Hippie Dippie Weatherman, it’s All Right There, ….. and it’s just so indescribably, …… Bio-Scientifically Nutz to find these guys being dead serious about themselves, ….. in a TV Rec Room, ….. and that the Entire Psychiatric Racket is every bit as Scientific as their Siskel & Ebert.

Drag Queens on DVD are 100% APA Distinguished Fellow 'Gratefulness' certified for bagging your own, personal Wellness.

And since Dr. Lu has Mentored his own little Commando Corps of Gratefulness Investigators who are riding their Billing Sticks down to the nubs for His RWJF pimp too, he probably knows better than to poison himself or ‘Brother David’ with any of his filthy Wellness, although considering what his Gratefulness is actually comprised of;

All 23 of the Psychiatric Poisons in our FDA Adverse Reaction section feature Psychotic Disorder as an FDA reported Adverse Reaction with each Drug Individually identified as 'The Primary Suspect Drug' responsible for that Adverse Reaction

Abilify: Psychotic Disorder

Adderall: Psychotic Disorder

Celexa: Psychotic Disorder

Clozapine: Psychotic Disorder

Cymbalta: Psychotic Disorder

Depakote: Psychotic Disorder

Effexor: Psychotic Disorder

Geodon: Psychotic Disorder

Klonopin: Psychotic Disorder

Lamactil: Psychotic Disorder

Lexapro: Psychotic Disorder

Neurontin: Psychotic Disorder

Paxil/Seroxat: Psychotic Disorder

Prozac: Psychotic Disorder

Risperdal: Psychotic Disorder

Ritalin/Concerta: Psychotic Disorder

Seroquel: Psychotic Disorder

Strattera: Psychotic Disorder

Tegretol: Psychotic Disorder

Wellbutrin: Psychotic Disorder

Xanax: Psychotic Disorder

Zoloft: Psychotic Disorder

Zyprexa: Psychotic Disorder

“Someone Else’s TV Room”, ….. is how “The” top Psychiatrist in “The” most thickly polluted Psychiatric, ..... ahhhm, ..... City in America, defines:

“Medical Research Laboratory”