Friday, May 2, 2008

Serotonin Imbalance, And Psychiatric Ethics

Serotonin and Depression: A Disconnect between the Advertisements and the Scientific Literature

The PLoS [Popular Library of Science] published the above peer reviewed essay in November 2005.

Our reading of it is that Any Serotonin Chemical Imbalance in the brain of anyone Psychiatrically condemned as 'Mentally Ill' remains hypothetical advertising BS.

What is NOT hypothetical BS are the actual reported numbers of people who have hanged themselves, shot themselves, slashed their wrists, jumped off of bridges, jumped in front of trucks, ..... or shot and killed other people, After having their Hypothetically Imbalanced Serotonin Levels adjusted by ingesting these Serotonin adjusting drugs. Those non-hypothetical numbers are on the sidebar under psychdrugdangers. Look at them, provided you've a strong stomach.

Just what does your Psychiatrist actually Do for you? Does your Psychiatrist talk you through rough times, for $500 an hour? Are they your friend, in exchange for your money? Does your Psychiatrist tell you dirty jokes? Does He/She make you laugh?

What would you say to anyone else who offered to be your friend for $500 an hour? Does a street corner drug dealer offer to be your friend, in exchange for your money? Does He/She tell you dirty jokes? Do they make you laugh?

Does a street corner drug dealer write down everything you say to them, and spin their 'Reductio In Absurdum' billable Opinions into a life time Govt. file to bludgeon you with every time you go look for a job? Does a street corner drug dealer steal your inalienable rights, ..... just for talking to them?

Right now the APA is considering how to define 'Night Eating Disorder' as a money making excuse to Investigate and drug you in their very own 2011 DSM-V. 'Apathy' is also being redefined as an 'Incurable Mental Illness.'

Did you know that being resistant to their crippling, suicide and murder inducing drugs, along with their hypothetical Serotonin and Genetic BS, even has its own billing code and condemnation as further, irrefutable proof that you're even 'Ill'-er than you knew?

Lots of free newspapers have extensive classified sections where you can rent a friend for a lot less than $500 an hour, .... and Those rent a friends will do a whole lot more for you, ..... than just Tell you dirty jokes.