Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Government We Trust? Part 1

Congressman Ron Paul's 8/31/08 column on Fiat/IOU Monopoly Money is required reading. It's the stuff we should be teaching in schools. Enjoy.

"Many who agree with me on a lot of other issues, do not understand my enthusiasm for gold and sound money or why I spend so much time studying and talking about monetary policy. It's true that I talk about money differently than most, but the fact is sound money offers many benefits. For example – peace.

Can sound money really bring about peace? Actually, it plays a big part in peaceful international relationships. Money based on commodities, rather than paper, is not subject to government manipulation, and is a key component to free and honest trade. History shows that if countries engage in trade with each other, their governments tend to find ways to get along for the same reason you do not kill your customers at your place of business, even if they occasionally annoy you. If someone outright cheats you, however, you may engage in “war” by taking them to court, for example, and the relationship will sour. Governments and central banks with unfettered power to manipulate currency also have the ability to cheat their creditors. One way they do this is to simply create enough currency to pay off debts. This devalues the currency and “cheats” the recipient out of what they are owed. It would not be fair if you watered down your product the way our government waters down its currency, so it is not hard to understand, in these simplified terms, why loose monetary policy contributes so much to ill will and war around the world.

Sound money, on the other hand, simply is what it is. Removing governmental power to manipulate money, removes the temptation for government to spend, print and cheat. Sound money ensures that our government’s spending priorities would be brought into sharp focus and reduced to only what we can afford.

Sound money also limits the ability to wage wars of aggression. Imagine how much more careful Washington would have to be about starting a war if they did not have this financial sleight of hand at their disposal! Fiat currency allows government do expensive things they should not be doing while paying the bills with cheap money. The Federal Reserve has lately been auctioning off large amounts of treasury bills as a way to finance the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our crushing entitlement burden. The resulting devaluation of the dollar is quickly eroding our image as a good trading partner in the world. As a consequence, there is therefore more talk of economic isolation and war.

This vicious cycle of spending, fighting and inflating is not what Americans want. It is what the government wants, and it has had to deceive the citizens into allowing and supporting it. Sound money curbs the government’s ability to engage in these shenanigans and reduces the wars we fight to only truly defensive ones, for which Americans are more than willing to stand and fight. So in these ways, sound money is very conducive to peace."

Thank you Very much Congressman Paul.

Today's endemic corruption of academic/medical research by drug companies - which has brought us to the pharmaceutical ownership of amoral Key Opinion Leaders - creating ever expanding markets to peddle/perpetrate their noxious agents of chemical warfare to/against children, the elderly and all stops in between, for life and premature death, could Not have come to fruition based on our Constitution Mandated, currency standard.

U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 8:

"Congress Shall have Power:

To COIN money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, ..... "

It says Nothing about having the Federal Reserve crank up the printing presses for every hare brained scheme Government concocts to repeatedly cheat its own little top hats and cannons from Mediterranean Ave. to Park Place.

"In Govt. We Trust?" 54 Million Americans are so Brain Disordered that they Need to be Poisoned, to fatten Pharma's bottom line?"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Antipsychotics: 3.5 X More Strokes in Elderly/Dementia

Reuters brings us:

"Antipsychotic Drugs Double Stroke Risk: Study"

"LONDON (Reuters) - People taking antipsychotic drugs are nearly twice as likely to have a stroke compared to those not on the treatment, British researchers reported on Friday.

The risk is even higher -- about 3.5 times -- for men and women with dementia, which means doctors should only prescribe such medicine to these patients as a last resort, the researchers said."

And We'll be damned if this study wasn't published by the British Medical Journal itself: whom - among Medical Journals - have a rep. as being the Least likely to BS you.

Eurekalert's Rachel Davies will hook you up with the actual BMJ article, if Our next link won't.

BMJ article: Exposure To Antipsychotics and Risk Of Stroke: Self Controlled Case Series Study

Here's reports On the report.

Washington Post art. by Steve Reinberg

The Press Association UK. Here we find that a 50% reduction in the use of these Antipsychotics could save £35 Million. England is blowing £70 Million on these toxins, every year, to induce strokes, among the elderly, at up to a 3.5 fold greater incidence?

BBC informs us that they've got an upcoming 'National Dementia Strategy' this fall.

Telegraph UK's Rebecca Smith reports that over 100,000 oldsters get antipsychotics "inappropriately" each year.

InTheNews, UK, has also stepped up to the plate.

Natural News tells us that an estimated 45% of nursing home residents are hosed with antipsychotic Stroke Inducing straight jackets.

BMJ article: Psychiatry In Crisis: It Seems, the Royal Shrink Factory has a few empty desks, through Recruitment Problems.

Now; We read that the average onset of these nursing home Stroke incidents among the elderly in England is 80-81 years. So they were born in 1927, 1928.

Even Carl Jung's "Demi Deity" buddy Adolph Hitler couldn't kill these folks. They survived the V2 attacks. They were teens when the bombs were falling. So they put out fires and helped the wounded and dying. And This is how we repay them, as fodder for a £70 Million DRUG DEAL.

A 'National Dementia Strategy' huh? It sounds like they need one, to weed out the Demented Wretches poisoning these WWII survivors with antipsychotics.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

People Are Just DYING To Quit Smoking

We mentioned the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in our previous post.

This gentleman at - regardless of how You feel about smoking - has some Absolutely fascinating numbers.

Here's just a few of his links, on his page. You Should go check them All out.

Anti-Smoking Grants 1
Anti-Smoking Grants 2
What does it COST?
Here's some Anti-Smoking debunking.
RWJF donates $446 Million to prop J&J's Nicoderm.
Yet More Second Hand Smoke non-science debunked.

This 2nd hand smoke polluting Reason itself appears to be -
"Well Shazzam Sgt. Carter" - another DRUG DEAL.

These video people at look like a bunch of S**t Disturbers to us, so we're going to go hang out with them, because We Like seeing S**t get Disturbed when our Servicemen's lives are put at risk for DRUG MONEY.

Congressman Harry E. Mitchell [Arizona] tells us that "accurate informed consent was not obtained". We're Shocked, I Tell You. Shocked and Amazed!

At 2:28 "I was mislead, lied to when I asked questions, and, ..... that's how you treat a lab rat. You deceive a lab rat."

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 292.0: Nicotine Withdrawal, as an 'Incurable Mental Illness'

Perhaps if Mr. Elliott hadn't gotten within reach of this 'Mental Illness' DRUG DEAL at the VA he wouldn't have been Chantixed in the 1st place.

Who owns Pfizer: the makers of Chantix?

Wiki [it's under Diversification]

"Since the 1900s, the company has pursued steady diversification. It added consumer products in the 1920s and created a separate division for surgical products in 1941 which became Ethicon. It expanded into pharmaceuticals with the purchase of McNeil Laboratories, Inc., Cilag, and Janssen Pharmaceutica, [featuring RISPERDAL & HALDOL] and into women's sanitary products and toiletries in the 1970s and 1980s. In recent years, Johnson & Johnson has expanded into such diverse areas as biopharmaceuticals, orthopedic devices, ... .

Recently, Johnson & Johnson has purchased Pfizer's Consumer Healthcare department. The transition from Pfizer to Johnson and Johnson was completed December 18, 2006."

"We had to destroy the village to save it, Sir."

Mr. Elliott we're sorry we let you down. You deserve better.

PS: On PTSD itself: just ran across this: "note the value judgment inherent in labeling reaction to trauma as a disorder, while the social system inflicting the trauma goes unquestioned."

We couldn't have said it better.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

54 Million in US Incurably 'Mentally Ill'

How in the Jeezus H. did Humankind ever climb to the top of the food chain if this many of them are So Incurably Wacked Out that they need to be drugged and brain damaged to survive? 54 Million is a 'previously owned' number. Give Pharma another decade and it Will be 108 Million. Let's source this 54 Million number.

Here's President Clinton's Surgeon General David Satcher, and his SELLING MENTAL ILLNESS MANIFESTO.

"It is my intent that this report will usher in a healthy era of mind and body for the Nation."

How Dave? By peddling Risperdal? Which turns its Victims - the ones it doesn't kill outright - into Cripples, Suicides, and Murderers?

Here's a few of the Club 54 parrots.

Virginia loves DRUG MONEY.
"54 million individuals with mental disorders,"

Pennsylvania checks in for its DRUG MONEY check.
"More than 54 Million Americans are affected by a mental disorder."

Michigan bangs the DRUG MONEY drum.
"one in every five people, or about 54 Million, ..... "

NYC opens its DRUG MONEY maw.
"Depression and anxiety are among the most widespread mental illnesses, affecting an estimated 54 million adults, ....."

Florida Law Enforcement gets DRUG MONEY propaganda.
"More than 54 Million Americans have a mental disorder, ..... "

Nat. Mental Health Assc. from 2004 [the Money starts on pg. 12]

This WHO sheet tells us that Former Surgeon General David Satcher is a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar.

Who are these $9.3 Billion RWJF people, and what are They about?

We were tickled pink [like Hell] to find RWJF fighting Childhood Obesity while J&J's Risperdal alone snorted up $4.9 Billion last year, as it's packing on the flab like a whole dump truck full of candy bars.

Dave; What exactly did You scholar in, with the RWJ Volk? How to sell more of J&J's Special $4.9 Billion dollar Johnson: Risperdal?

RWJF also makes grants to Columbia University: the Teen Screen Hatchery.

Arkansas AG Dustin McDaniel is suing J&J for treble damages of $600 Million over the $200 Million Risperdal has cost the State of Arkansas. AG McDaniel's lawsuit is [here].

The 2006 US Census puts 2,810,872 Americans in Arkansas, and 299,398,484 in the US total.

Over 50 States, that's $2,000,000,000.00 in damage that J&J's Risperdal has cost individual State Health Insurers alone. It doesn't Begin to address the cost in Human Suffering Risperdal is responsible for. And that $2 BILLION is just from 1 of the 23 Brain Damaging 'Disorder Re-Orderers' known amongst the Psychiatric dope dealing Cognoscenti as 'Medications'.

Here we have a 1 in 5-er asking how Pharmacists feel about the 'Mentally Ill'. Somebody actually coughed up somebody Else's money to paste up this asinine wallpaper. How in the Hell do you Expect them to feel about the (hoped for) 54 Million Cash Cows who are (to be) paying their mortgage? Even the full wallpaper itself costs money to read.

So Where did Dr. Dave go, after he finished up in 2002 as Surgeon General?

"Dr. Satcher is a member of the Board of Directors of Johnson & Johnson and the Kaiser Family Foundation and is Co-Chair of the Ad Council’s Advisory Committee on Public Issues. Dr. Satcher has been a Director of MetLife and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company since February 2007."

It's amazing, to say nothing of disgusting, just how much Money we piss away to Make people in America Sick.

Friday, August 22, 2008

MHRA DAP reports

The United Kingdom's MHRA offers summations of their "Yellow Card" Physician and Consumer reported medication adverse side effects. They are in PDF format, and listed under the active ingredient, rather than the consumer brand name: I.E.: Prozac is listed under fluoxetine.

Here is a list of Psych Meds with their active ingredient name.

Abilify: Aripiprazol
Ambien: Zolpidem
Celexa: Citalopram
Clozaril/Leponex: Clozapine
Cymbalta: Duloxetine
Depakote: Valproic Acid
Effexor: Venlafaxine
Geodon: Ziprasidone
Lamactil: Lamotrigine
Lexapro: Escitalopram
Lunesta: Zopiclone
Neurontin: Gabapentin
Paxil/Seroxat: Paroxetine
Prozac: Fluoxetine
Risperdal: Risperidone
Ritalin: Methylphenidate
Seroquel: Quetiapine
Strattera: Atomoxetine
Tegretol: Carbamazepine
Wellbutrin/Zyban: Bupropion
Xanax: Alprazolam
Zoloft: Sertraline
Zyprexa: Olanzapine

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gifted Kids, Disease Mongering. The Money Go Round

Einstein was Expelled for being "disruptive and affecting the other students"

Wiki: Thomas Edison

"In school, the young Edison's mind often wandered, and his teacher, the Reverend Engle, was overheard calling him "addled." This ended Edison's three months of official schooling. His mother then home schooled him. Edison is considered one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 1,093 U.S. patents in his name, as well as many patents in the United Kingdom, France and Germany."

How, ..... did we ever acquire electric lights and the theory of relativity in those dark, pre 'Mental Health' days. Just think, ..... of what Einstein and Edision MIGHT, have become, if only they'd had a proper DSM-IV-TR DIAGNOSIS, and the proper Treatment with Ritalin/Concerta to 'help' them. offers one possible scenario.

"The test used for the diagnosis was a five minute pencil twirling trick, resulting in Matthew being diagnosed with ADHD."

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 995.54: Physical Abuse of a Child (if focus of attention is on the victim)

If the infliction of Death [from a 5 minute pencil twirling trick] doesn't constitute physical abuse ..... then What Does? Perhaps Matthew's 'Diagnoser' was too busy selling Drugs, to children, to have time to actually "Focus, ... on the victim". See AHRP. Psychs Who prescribe make more $ in 15 minutes than 45 minutes therapy. And that got us thinking along These lines.

Psychiatrist NEAR income has a piece regarding the 'Money Go Round' ride known as the Children's Algorithm Medication Project or CMAP.

Gifted And Talented Kids from EDNEWS.ORG

Here's 4 pages of reports on gifted kids being shut out of educational opportunities and ignored, while we piss away Billions To Investigate, Invent, and Sell 'Mental Illness' based on the Bio-Scientific advertising of 'Chemical Imbalances' in those kids brains.

Go read the Drug Ads. Any of them.

"While the action of 'Old Tanglebrain' brand child queller is not completely understood,"

"It is believed,"

think," [warning: movie sound bite] Who pays these Scientists? And how much do They make?

Might these Scientists be 'Behavioral Scientists like Harvard's "Behave, Damn You!" B.F. Skinner, ..... the Psychology Prof. who got his reinforcement not from people, but from rats? Skinner couldn't even get along with the rats he was feeding. Apparently he couldn't achieve his desired, PREFIGURED PRECONCEIVED 'RESEARCH' outcome, with rats, (on Other People's Money at Harvard) so he Intimidated them, to rig His Own dose of reinforcement. speaks of Child Protection Services being invoked to Intimidate Matthew's parents into drugging Matthew. offers links and resources to help combat this Plague of Bureaucrats, which sells lots of DRUGS. is also recommended.

History is written by the victors, so we recommend again that you read Charlotte Iserbyt's The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America to understand just Who the victors have been, so far, as they and their IDEATIONS fight to Remain the Victors.

Evelyn Pringle has the current flame war coming from the DRUG INDUSTRY through DRUG WONKS blog and the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. [part 1] & [part 2]. Evelyn has former FDA officials going to bat/bed for the Drug Industry. We're Shocked I Tell You. Shocked and Amazed.


PLOS Collection of Articles on DISEASE MONGERING

RIP Matthew. We're sorry we let you down. You deserved better.

Paxil/Seroxat Side Effects

2,497 Paxil side effect

Between 2004 and 2006 the FDA MedWatch program received 18,846 Individual Safety Reports naming Paxil (paroxetine) the Primary Suspect Drug for 2,497 distinct adverse reactions including pallor, palpitations, pancreatitis, paraesthesia, paralysis, paranoia, paresis and parkinsonism.
All 2,497 Paxil/Seroxat side effects are listed below in alphabetical order.

Paxil's top 20 side effects reported to MedWatch between Jan. 2004 and Dec. 2006:
Drug Withdrawal Syndrome - 5,253
Dizziness - 1,996
Nausea - 1,635
Anxiety - 1,572
Drug Ineffective - 1,454
Suicidal Ideation - 1,306
Headache - 1,201
Paraesthesia - 1,190
Insomnia - 1,088
Fatigue - 1,041
Tremor - 977
Depression - 974
Agitation - 952
Aggression - 937
Hyperhidrosis - 923
Weight Increased - 897
Completed Suicide - 841
Confusional State - 709
Feeling Abnormal - 659
Disturbance In Attention - 659

Thanks to and for making the MedWatch data available to the public.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The $6 Million Dollar APA Prez & Dirty Love

Psychiatrist Dr. Alan Schatzberg of Stanford University - according to part 1 & part 2 - is the President Elect of the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. S. Was, ..... overseeing the clinical trials of the drug Corlux/Mifepristone. These trials are aimed at gaining FDA approval of Corlux/Mifepristone as an anti-depressant. Corlux/Mifepristone has NO efficacy as an anti-depressant. NIH money is involved here. And as we noted in April - (here) - the National Institute of Health can't bother to even LOOK at what's done with $23 Billion of your TAX DOLLARS they hand out, to the likes of Schatzberg, Del Bello, & far too many others.

Sen. Charles Grassley of the U.S. Senate Finance committee has turned his eye upon Dr. Schatzberg. Dr. S. reported (to Stanford) a $100K conflict of interest he holds from the makers of Corlux/Mifepristone. Sen. Grassley's staff unearthed a few pence MORE than the reported $100K: Many pence, more than $100K.

University Diaries sums it up perfectly. Also see Jacob Goldstein at the WSJ Health Blog.

Corlux/Mifepristone has already been before the U.S. Senate under a Different name: RU-486 [Wiki]: the morning after abortion pill, where Wiki tells us:
"In clinical trials, nearly all women using mifepristone experienced abdominal pain, uterine cramping, and vaginal bleeding or spotting for an average of 9–16 days. Up to 8% of women experienced some type of bleeding for 30 days or more. Other less common side effects included nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, and fever.[14] Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a very rare but serious complication.[15] Excessive bleeding and incomplete termination of a pregnancy require further intervention by a doctor (such as vacuum aspiration). Between 4.5 and 7.9% of women required surgical intervention in clinical trials.[14] Mifepristone is contraindicated in the presence of an intrauterine device (IUD), as well as with ectopic pregnancy, adrenal failure, hemorrhagic disorders, inherited porphyria, and anticoagulant or long-term corticosteroid therapy.[14]"
Do the math. Some girl gets into trouble, in a State requiring parental notification for an abortion, and she's naturally a wreck. So it's wink, nod, and "Don't worry about it." from the TAX FUNDED school guidance counselor: a quick, kick backed referral to the shrink, and the Miracle Anti-Depressant Corlux (with NO Efficacy AS an Anti-Depressant) gets SOLD. And the rest of her life gets flushed along with the fetus, with a Psych label.

The FDA sheet is Here

And the Money? Dr. Schatzberg owns roughly $6 Million worth of Stock, .... in the Co. that makes Corlux/Mifepristone. Stanford has since removed Dr. S. from the Corlux project citing a possible "appearance" of a conflict of interest. $6 Million bucks is an "appearance" to out glare the strip in Vegas.

The APA's silence regarding Dr. Schatzberg's $6 Million ethics is, ... well, ... it's the APA. What did you expect? So is their silence over his ethical aptitude to Ring Lead their den of Dope Dealers. Might that be because the APA itself has a Cyclopean 'Ideate's' 3rd eye blind regarding a $6 MILLION DOLLAR COI as unethical?

Catch the opening crockery dance. Then call the Senate and House, and tell them it's YOUR MONEY, and you want THEM, to Dance the Same Dance on this Non-Science CROCK of Institutionalized, Tax Funded TAKE THE MONEY 'Mental Health'- and its Stinking Brain Damage. (see Psychdata for their article on Psychiatry & Brain Damage)

HealthCareRenewal has a pile of fascinating detail on this Corlux/Schatzberg fiasco.