Wednesday, December 31, 2008

FDA Stays Broken: Trifecta, DEAD Last Hayburner, Returns To Stud has:

Pressing Problems Sidetrack FDA Fixes

FDA's reliance on Self policing by food growers has brought us salmonella from jalapenos. And our World's Gold Standard can't even assure us of the Country of Origin of chicken treats which are Killing our canine best friends.

So what Can our $2.4 Billion next year FDA assure us into?

"Once treatment is stopped, the --------- will eventually return to their pretreatment condition."

Hmmm, Another Max Factor Job.

Today the treatment of Cancer is morphing NYT 6/6/04 from a Cure into a cancerous Incurable but 'Manageable' - Billable - Life Sentence, just like 'Mental Illness' remains a Life Sentence, ...... with Its Dope Dealing Investigators abashedly admitting that 1st Amendment Violations are beyond even Their DSM Tarot Billing Divinations to cure.

You figure it out, and Hope that Your Govt. Single Payer Health Insurance never Runs out, while it's turning Your cancer into a Lifelong, Billable, Disability, ..... as Congress Keeps grinding out Thousands of regulations addressing the co-pay gantlet You and Your running Cancer will be bludgeoned by, ....... to Bill You, for the Blue Sky Promise, that Everyone will have affordable Health Care Coverage, ...... eventually, ..... if they're able to Pay the enrollment fees and deductibles, ...... which require a TAX FUNDED army of billing experts to explain, ...... because if You read the Actual Regs under Title 42 Public Health, You may end up with a 'Mental Illness' of your Own. So "Ask Your Health Care Provider", ..... which is Why we have all this Health Care Fraud in the 1st place.

But that's OK, because we voted for CHANGE.

Our new FDA CHANGE, at least on the Food Safety fiasco, is:

"This is an issue that will have to wait its turn," said Assistant Senate Majority Leader Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, ..... a friend of President-elect Barack Obama.

Because: It's going to Cost us $Millions, as Obama Stacks The Energy And Climate Deck, Because: Global Warming Must retain Its Equal seat at the Why Detroit Needs Help Voting Block table.

President CHANGE Isn't Willing to have the Fed Reserve ink a Hundred $Million more in junk paper to wallpaper FDA's culture of "User Fee" managerial reprisal against its OWN Scientists, ..... But President CHANGE, IS Willing to have the Fed Reserve print another $TRILLION in junk paper to Bail Out Industry, ...... which, .....

In August 2007 Sen Grassley contacted NIH regarding Unlawful managerial Monkey Shines afflicting NIEH/NIH employees - and their bonuses - who might Dare to speak to the Finance Committee. The Senator was polite, but: "Now See Here, You" to then NIH Director Elias Zerhouni:
"Once again Dr. Zerhouni, I would like to remind you that attempts to interfere with a Congressional inquiry is against the law. I have attached a copy of 18 U.S.C. § 1505 to this letter for your reference. That law states in pertinent part that: Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any department or agency of the United States, or the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress-- Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both."
At least the NIH has been brought to heel, after a US Senator had to chew them out for ...... just read it. Then call your relatives in Iowa, and tell them they're out of the will if they don't re-elect Grassley.

Science Insider 11/20 reports the Senator saying "They (NIH) can change the rules (regarding COI disclosures) if they want to, but ... they've got plenty of leverage with just yanking back grants."

Oh Jeezus here's that Dead horse again. Where's the tire iron?

We Could yank President CHANGE'S "We can't Afford to fix FDA because Pharma can't afford to Let us" additional $Millions out of NIH's Blind Stupor $24 Billion Take Your Neighbor's Money, PLEASE, Blowout, ...... like we recovered the WHOLE (not even) $9.3 NIH Million formerly (Thank God) funding Charles Nemeroff's Depression Hockey. But: ...... if FDA actually Labeled the Flippin' TRUTH onto those Psych Poisons, How, ...... would Pharma Ever eventually Drug and Bill those Incurable 60 Million Targeted, Not Otherwise Specified Americans?

Since our Appointed, NOT Elected, Bureaucrats, need reminding that They might be courting 5 years for interfering with Congressional oversight of $24 Billion, perhaps we'll have to just trust in the Integrity of our Institutions of Higher Learning, ..... Right? But isn't that what we've Been doing?

Alison Bass has Emory University displaying its Own(ed) impeccable Integrity, ...... to stand in for Both, FDA's 8 week trial "safe and effective" but the "long term effects are unknown," 15 Years later ...... and NIH's "We Don't Know WHAT the Hell anybody Does with those Billions," "completely unacceptable" and "N.I.H. will not tolerate" Integrity.

And Our "issue that will have to wait its turn" FDA, Trifecta, $500 Mill COI to Show, DEAD last Hayburner, funds off to stud (everybody) again. And SUVs will Still be evil but You won't Care because your Eyelashes will be longer, so long as you keep Buying the Temporary fix.

Chem cartels are long term strategic hustlers. Today's Psych Hustle Will eventually be dismantled, but how Long, ..... and how many more Casualties along the way? We've a sneaky suspicion that Cancer Management Pills will take up the slack, ..... at $1,000 or more per month pill sales, ..... and folks in 2025 will be discovering that the Real trial Data on the Cancer pills was tanked after all, as they and their parents are dying from thousands of Freedom Of Information Act uncovered, World's Gold Standard, Inadequate information systems to record them, ..... adverse events, ..... reported to the FDA a decade earlier.

And This one ought to Really warm your cockles: Google To Close Science Data Archive.

We've still got $Billions to Investigate, Condemn, and Sell Drugs to 1 in 5 Americans as 'Incurably Mentally Ill' but we've So Botched our economy while Diagnosing the 1st 8 Million that even Google is putting its data bases to store terabytes of research on Real Science like Astronomy, Lunar Exploration and Electric Car Batteries, on hold. When Google says Their economics say no, ...... We, Are, Screwed.

But at least we'll All be 'Mentally Healthy'.

Thank GOD, we voted for, ....... Yo, Seabiscuit, ..... where's that iron got off to? Oh, here it is, right next to those 'Incurably Mentally Ill' Pall Malls.

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 305.10: Nicotine Dependence

Freedom Rocks. Get on the phone and raise Hell before Pharma's Spook Busting Seabiscuit studs/smokes Your's, ..... along with your Life.

"In the absence of any federal regulation of unlicensed drug prescription and sales over the Internet, "the denial of state jurisdiction to punish the practice would provide the unscrupulous physicians who engage in it even greater freedom to do so," said Presiding Justice J. Anthony Kline." (in San Francisco)

Possible prison time (1) in Pennsylvania, San Francisco rules that internet Drug Peddlers Can be dragged across State lines, and Texas too? (2) This Trojan Horse, which Never should have been built in the 1st place, may need to dose Itself with Botox and Cogentin before 2009 is over.

Thanks to Dr Aubrey Blumsohn at Scientific Misconduct for his Pharmaceutical Mergers history.

And Hey, It's New Years Eve. The Highways will be Loaded with Drunks. Don't be one. We're staying In for a solitary bite, ..... another dropped jaw glare at Seabiscuit, ..... and a New Year's wish spanning America, ..... for those who deserve better.

Friday, December 26, 2008

TMAP: Convicted: Penn State Official Faces Possible PRISON

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review has:

State Pharmacist Convicted Of Conflict Of Interest

"Steven Fiorello, 61, of Palmyra could face up to five years in prison and $10,000 in fines for each of two felony convictions. Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis, who ruled in a nonjury trial, scheduled sentencing for Jan. 21."

BNET Pharma has:

Risperdal Payments Result In Conviction For State Meds Official

The BNET folks are talking about this decision possibly causing "Serious Fear Among Execs at Risperdal marketer Johnson & Johnson," since J&J are Already in a possible $1 Billion Dollar pot of red ink over Kickbacks and Misrepresentations (to get Risperdal into Texas Medicaid's pocket) of their "Humanitarian" Dr. Paul Janssen's wonderful Risperdal: with its Tardive Dyskinesias and Struck Out FDA 'Sudden Death'.

Here's insights from AHRP.

Now that the gate at the No Key Hotel may be opening on TMAP (backstory) - for 1 Official out of HOW MANY? - we can just leave it All to the Pros, ...... Right? Because the emergency is passed and the Pros have Everything in hand, ..... Right?

Former Sen Tom Daschle may Become 1 of those Pros - as Secretary of Health and Human Services - and his lifetime $2 Million from Pro-fessionals in the Health Sector (see Sector Totals box) won't impede His stampede to protect You and Your kids from unsafe Drugs, ..... Right?

Especially the pencil twirlers, (back story) ..... right?

Former Sen Daschle's connections past and present are mapped out at And according to this muckety report, Future HHS Secretary Daschle may have a Conflict of Interest as a Board Member of the Mayo Clinic, and Senior Public Policy Advisor at Alston & Bird, (muckety again) a Washington Law & Lobbying Firm: who seem to have a Whole Bunch of Connections to the Mega Buck Pharma & Non Profit, For Profit, (you'd need The Prophet to figure it out) Industrial Health Sector.

But don't worry about that $2 Million Bucks. Tom's going to be looking out for You.

Trust in the Force, Luke.

Thank GOD we voted for, ..... CHANGE.

Ed: Mr Fiorello was fined $3,00 and sentenced to 18 months probation.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama: A Vote For CHANGE, ..... Except At The FDA

Baltimore Sun has:

FDA Reform Likely To Take Back Seat In Obama Plan.

"This is an issue that will have to wait its turn," said Assistant Senate Majority Leader Richard J. Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois and longtime proponent of tougher food laws and a friend of President-elect Obama."

The Baltimore Sun article goes on to say that Pres. Obama's Administration is Already committed to almost Another $1 Trillion in NEW economic stimuli, on Top of Billions more for Financial Industry and other Industry Bailouts.

But at Least we voted for, and Got, ..... CHANGE. Thank God we got, ..... CHANGE. Because CHANGE is what we all really wanted, ..... wasn't it?

Would that be like the CHANGE where You Break Your Ass Working to save $1000 and 6 months time CHANGES that $1000 into $920 worth of goods, ..... because a cartel of international bankers green lighted their Printing Press Monopoly Money Scam to effect that CHANGE, ..... in Your Personal Equity?

We read again and again of how Govt programs are so desperately needed to HELP those afflicted by "Serious Mental Illness." The fact that there are people suffering from a "Serious Mental Illness" is a "Serious" thought. How Serious does a Mental Illness have to be to actually qualify as a "Serious", ..... rather than a Frivolous, Bull $cience excuse to create life long customers to sell Dope to?

Now HERE, is a "Serious, Incurable, Mental Illness" if Ever there was.

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 291.89: Alcohol Induced Sexual Dysfunction.

We're betting that IF you just toss that rum pot into a cold shower, ..... and keep him off the hootch for a week, ..... his Mrs. will find him a totally CHANGED man.

BTW Mr. President, ...... Here's at Least $72 Billion of that CHANGE you want to throw around, ...... at everyone Else's expense. In the 2nd CCHR vid Making a Killing, (at 0:16)

'The Psychiatric Industry currently uses the DSM to collect $72 Billion a year in private and Govt Health Insurance."

Oops, sorry, Can't touch That, with the Lords of PhRMA playing Party Host to the 2008 DNC convention (1). But at Least we'll all have enough CHANGE left over, ..... to Continue Poisoning Children (2) with Psychiatric Drugs, ..... based on the Opinions, ..... of about 7,000 Child Psychiatrist Ideates. Thank you Very much Joe "Short Fuse," 4000% Increase in Kiddie Bi-Polar, Biederman.

Does anyone know what Short Fuse wants for Christmas? How about we All kick in and send him another Brian Ross ABC News Investigation (3), to go along with his Clinical Investigations? Or perhaps a whole Week Long Series of them, ..... Please Brian, ..... Please?

Thank GOD, we voted for CHANGE.

We'd like to offer the Merriest of Christmas wishes to the heroes behind Sen Grassley, and the other members of the US Senate Finance Committee: the Ladies and Gents who make it all possible: the Senators Staff members.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Risperdal: The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You

Here's Texas 2nd amended petition against the Risperdal Crowd. Looks like the Texas AG is demanding TWICE, Every penny they allege J&J/Janssen to have defrauded Texas State Medicaid out of, plus interest, penalties, and expenses pursuant to recovery of said monies.

pg. 22: 15.1

"Defendants' misconduct caused harm to and entitles Plaintiffs to remedies under the TMFPA. Under the TFMPA, each Defendant is liable to the State of Texas for the value of any payments or any monetary or in-kind benefits provided under the Medicaid program, directly or indirectly, as a result of its unlawful acts, two times the amount of those payments, plus prejudgment interest on the value of those payments, and a civil penalty for each unlawful act committed, in addition to the fees, expenses, and costs to the State of Texas and the Relator in investigating and obtaining civil remedies and injunctive relief in this matter."

This LINK (from psychdrugdangers) has Texas Medicaid paying out $436,601,024 (2000-2007) for Risperdal: so, ..... at Double that plus interest, penalties and expenses a win for Texas could cost J&J/Janssen roughly $1 Billion Dollars.

pg. 8: 8.1:

"Defendants pre launch marketing plans anticipated that up to 85% of Risperdal sales would be to Public Sector Payors, like Texas Medicaid. ..... (pg 9) Defendents developed a marketing plan based on misrepresentations and concealment of material facts to tout the superiority, cost effectiveness, appropriate use, safety and efficacy of Risperdal and to promote the drug to a wider patient population."

The following block quote - at 1st read - appears little different from the issues noted by other bloggers and sites. The key difference here, is that the State of Texas is saying "Now See Here You, ..... You, ..... ARE, ...... Going To Pay, Big Time."

Pg. 10: 9.2:

"Defendants used sophisticated strategies and tactics to disseminate misrepresentions about Risperdal to Texas Medicaid prescribers and decision makers about Risperdal's safety, superiority, appropriate use, efficacy and cost effectiveness. These strategies included control over speeches and publications by individuals deemed by Defendants to be "key opinion leaders" and advocacy group messages. Defendants used tactics such as initiating, controlling and producing scientifically insignificant-studies (small scale clinical trials, investigator initiated research, and pilot studies), ghost written publications, and/or letters to editors of professional journals, and seemingly independent articles related to non-FDA approved indications, some of which were ghost-written, for marketing and public relations purposes. Defendants engaged in such tactics to "seed the literature" and "increase the noise level" in the public and healthcare communities about Risperdal, thereby priming the market and influencing Texas Doctors to prescribe Risperdal to vulnerable populations for which Risperdal had no FDA approved indication. Also, Defendants compromised the objectivity of researchers, prescribers and public mental health decision makers by deeming them to be "key opinion leaders," "advisors," and "experts" and providing inducements including research funding, consulting fees, extravagant meals, and travel accommodations, honoraria, and enhanced professional reputation. This compromised objectivity led to the publication of biased research in favor of Risperdal, which was disseminated by the Defendants sales force, medical science liasons and public sector marketing representatives when they called on Texas prescribers and decision makers."

pg. 12: 10.2:

"Defendants did not limit their claims of safety or efficacy to the treatment of the very small adult population believed to suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder."

Notice the Texas AG's use of the word Believed. We, are Not imputing Any motive to the Texas AG for choosing that particular word.

But, Our observation remains that:

We believe Bullwinkle J. Moose to have a better chance of reliably pulling rabbits out of his tophat than Psychiatry has of digging up any Bio Causative, Snarling Rhino justification for poisoning 1st Amendment Violations.

pg. 24: 17.4:

"As a result of Defendant's conduct, Plaintiffs (State of Texas) suffered harm and are entitled to recovery under common law fraud, including actual damages and prejudgment interest. Plaintiffs invoke in the broadest sense all relief possible at common law, whether specified in this pleading or not."

Black's Law Dictionary tells us that fraud is:

"All multifarious means which human ingenuity can devise, and which are resorted to by one individual to get an advantage over another by false suggestions or suppression of the truth. It includes all surprises, tricks, cunning or dissembling, and any unfair way which another is cheated."

Common Law? Isn't that Your 7th Amendment: the one FDA wants to pre-empt?

"In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law."

As Genita Petralli noted in the 7th (0:44) CCHR video "Making A Killing" there is no such thing as a 'side effect'. There are only DIRECT EFFECTS.

If a drug produces effects other than those it is marketed to produce, calling those additional deleterious effects - from Bad Breath to Murder - "Side Effects", is sheer Hokum shielding their purveyors from the Legal Consequences of Inflicting those Direct Effects in the 1st place.

Back to Texas:

pg. 9: 8.1: (continued)

"The older prescription antipsychotics, typicals, have been available in generic form for many years, since before the atypicals came onto the market. The availability of the typicals in generic form means that patients and state health programs pay pennies per pill rather than the dollars per pill incurred for the purchase of newer, patented atypicals. Defendents viewed Government fiscal responsibility as a barrier to the overall success and tremendous profit potential of Risperdal. To overcome this barrier, defendents sought to distinguish their product, Risperdal, by improperly claiming that it was safer, more effective and more econmonical based upon patient outcomes."

The older prescription antipsychotics, typicals, include Stelazine, Thorazine and Haldol (another "humanitarian" leap forward from Janssen). The typical antipsychotics Stelazine and Thorazine are phenothiazine based, and Wiki has haloperidol/haldol exhibiting similar pharmacologic effects to phenothiazines.

In 1934 the USDA developed phenothiazines as insecticides, (backstory) and now Texas is petitioning J&J/Janssen for improperly claiming that Risperdal was safer and more effective than, ..... WHAT?

In Oct 2006 Risperdal was FDA approved to 'Treat' irritability in Children ages 5-17 with autism: and up to 85% of the Texas cost for Risperdal - in Dollars rather than typical antipsychotic Pennies - is alleged to have been Fraudulently targeted at Whose, ..... TAXES?

Mr. and Ms. America, Is This what you Really want Your Money spent on?

We have to wonder how J&J/Janssen will feel if, or when, the Remaining State AG's file similar $1 Billion Dollar petitions.

And just as abruptly as That, ..... America needs a rallying cry:

"Emory or Bust"

$9.3 Million of Tax Funded, NIH, Chemical Factory Advertising Grant, ..... WSJ 10/06/08.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FDA Chief Announces Resignation: Ducking Thrown Shoes

At 1st read we thought the Onion had hijacked Pharma Marketing Blog's URL. If you want a belly laugh to start your day: This is IT. Massive Kudos to John Mack for this jewel. It's short, sweet, and Straight out of Franz Kafka.

Eschenbach Announces Resignation, FDA Staffer Throws Shoes in "Farewell Kiss"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Risperdal/Janssen Lose In Philadelphia Court Ruling

Legal Newsline

"Judge Howland Abramson of the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas denied Janssen's motion to disqualify on Dec. 8. "

Pennsylvania hired BPB (Bailey Perrin & Bailey LLP) on a contingent fee basis to sue Janssen for off label marketing and failure to disclose Risperdal side effects. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell hired BPB not as a free agent, but to operate under the advisory and supervisory auspices of the Pennsylvania OGC (Office of General Counsel).

BPB's interest in the suit is 15% of monies potentially winnable from Janssen.

Janssen's June 9th Motion To Disqualify Counsel (BPB) was that BPB - and not the Penn OGC (Office of General Counsel) - had signed the complaint/appeared against them.

BPB's position is that they are to advise, counsel and recommend actions to the Pennsylvania OGC, and carry out the OGC's directions: thereby relinquishing final decision making to Penn Govt. And further, Nothing in their (BPB) contract restricts the Penn OGC from negotiating Any monetary settlement with Janssen, or even abandoning the whole suit at OGC/Gov. Rendell's discretion.

Janssen had also claimed that those actually filing the suit against them must not have financial interests (campaign contributions to Gov Rendell) which would affect Penn Govt's suit against them.

Here's BPB on that one.

"Janssen's gratuitous identification of campaign contributions are no more relevant to the resolution of this matter than political contributions (Janssen counsel) Drinker Biddle & Reath's Political Action Committee made to various candidates presumably aligned with Drinker's and/or its clients' interests, which totaled nearly $120,000 during the 2004-06 election cycles,"

Here's BPB going against Janssen on behalf of Arkansas.

Case No. 07-15345
State of Arkansas vs. Janssen/J&J

Page 15: 56.

"Risperdal is inherently, abnormally, and unreasonably dangerous. The health risks and costs of Risperdal to the citizens of the State and to the State greatly outweigh any claimed utility of Risperdal.

Page 16: 59.

"The defective condition of Risperdal directly and proximately caused Arkansas residents to suffer various Risperdal induced diseases, injuries and sicknesses, and directly and proximately caused the State to expend millions of dollars in order to provide necessary health care to these citizens through its Medicaid, DBHS and DFAEBD programs, thereby directly damaging the State."

The Arkansas Lawsuit is here. With contentions as definite and damning as Those above, ..... who would You bet on? If you think this Legal Newsline article doesn't directly affect You, Remember: 1 in Every 35 people Poisoned by Mental Health Caregivers with Risperdal were Damn Near Killed by it. 1 in 35 are only the incidents even Reported to the FDA, ..... And, the creatures who are having a Field Day peddling Risperdal are DEAD SET on peddling It, or some Other Psychiatric Poison (check the adverse event sidebar) to 1 in Every 5 of You and Your Kids.

Oh, almost forgot, we called the Risperdal Sales Team at Mental Health Command Central the other day for a comment, and the Psychic Ideate on call graciously took a few seconds out of his Caregiving day to reply to our queries.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Medicated Child

Frontline has video.

Watch the movement disorders in these children which the moderator describes as ticks. These are neurological impairments, which are caused by Drug Induced neurological damage. We'd like to thank AHRP for pointing out this segment.

Go learn what Stephany wants you to know. It would be disrespectful of us to even try to summarize the story of her and her hero. Learn it from Stephany herself, .....

On the Frontline vids, watch the affected masks of concern Pharma's $ales force are wearing.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ray Sandford Needs You Before Dec 10

On Dec 10 Ray Sandford will again be Forced to submit to having his head connected to a transformer which will shoot pulses of electricity through his brain. Ray wants Nothing to do with this but the State of Minnesota doesn't seem to give a damn, ..... Yet.

In simple; electricity can be seen as Voltage & Amperage. Voltage can be likened to the Speed at which the Amperage - or actual mass of the energy - is delivered. Depending on the ECT machine used the Amperage sent through Ray's brain will be delivered at between 3,214 to 6,428 TIMES the Voltage/Speed that the neurons in Ray's brain Should be operating at.

As to the Amperage/Mass of the Charge itself:

Neurons operate in the nano-amp (nA) range of current @ app. -70mV to +35mV. A nano-amp is One Thousand Millionth, of an Amp, or 10 to the -9th power Amps.

Think of a Volkswagon smashing into a bridge abutment at 90 MPH and compare that to a loaded 18 wheel truck with 70,000 lbs in the trailer hitting the same abutment at 50 MPH. Which of those vehicles, or Mass/Energy Delivery Systems, will do the most damage?

ECT machines output from 220V-450V @ .75Amp - .90Amp. The magnitude of the Amperage punch is near inconceivable. Think of an Aircraft Carrier hitting a bridge support in a bay, ..... and taking it out.

Go see Mindfreedom. And then Please make those calls & send those e-mails. And take Mindfreedom's pointers and plan of Action. They know what they're doing. Help put a stop to this Savage act of State Sanctioned Barbarism.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

NARSAD: It's Worse Than Even WE Thought

When you were a little kid did you ever try fishing a stuck piece of toast out of the toaster, with a knife, ..... without first unplugging the toaster?

The preening self obsession staring back at us from NARSAD's 2007 Annual Report we mistakenly interpreted as simple parity with the Rest of Psychiatry's Bio-$cience. We were wrong. We had to read it a few more times shuddering in bewilderment: kind of like stepping back from that toaster wondering Why we hadn't unplugged it, from It's juice,..... first.

"In 2007, nearly 60 million American adults — about one person in four — suffered from a diagnosable mental illness. Children were greatly affected, too, with one in 10 impaired by a mental disorder. "

240 Million Adults/60 Million Adults Does = 1 in Every 4 Adults

Who does NARSAD grant their 1 in 4 $ Millions to, and What do they do with the money?

pg 11: Staglin family Music Festival NARSAD Schizophrenia Research Award

"This three-year $250,000 grant, earmarked for an outstanding early-career scientist whose research is uncovering the causes of schizophrenia and leading to improved treatments, was awarded in 2007 to Akira Sawa, MD., PhD, of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Sawa, who previously received a Young Investigator grant in 2004, is generating a powerful mouse model for the study of schizophrenia using a technique called in utero gene transfer."

Pg 19: First Mouse Models of Schizophrenia

"A team led by 2004 Young Investigator and 2007 Staglin Award recipient Akira Sawa, M.D., Ph.D.,of Johns Hopkins University, genetically engineered a mouse that models anatomical and behavioral defects of schizophrenia. Dr. Sawa’s progress (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) dovetailed with that reported several months earlier (Neuron) by 2006 Distinguished Investigator John C. Roder, Ph.D.,of the University of Toronto, Canada, who developed two strains of mice with different mutations in DISC1, a known risk gene for schizophrenia. One strain exhibited behavioral abnormalities and memory deficiencies resembling symptoms of human schizophrenia; the other exhibited symptoms associated with depression."

Are they going to Fix that mouse/You and Your kid by Fixing Your known risk genes? Or perhaps breeding Non risk genes Into the pool would be easier.

1 in 10 Oppositional Defiant, Or Critical Thinker?

Until then we'll just have to keep Diagnosing and Chemically Bashing those risky genes right out of the pool, ..... Right? Gee Whiz, ...... We've never even Tried That one before.

But don't worry. NARSAD doesn't equate You and Your kids with Schizophrenic and Depressed rodents. They're only Investigating your 1 in 4 'Not Otherwise Specified' neighbor, and His 1 in 10 kids. And all this COMPLETELY UNRELATED Symptom Bashing, Chemical Lobotomy, Brain Salad Surgery, ..... is being taken care of by our Courts, ..... Right?

Judge Throws Out Rico Action

Did AstraZeneca Ignore Seroquel Risk Data?

Pg 2: "NARSAD is the world’s leading charity dedicated to mental health research. Our mission: to alleviate the immense suffering caused by mental illness."

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 303:00 Alcohol Intoxication

Charges Dropped In Overdose Death

1 in Every 4 Adults, and 1 in Every 10 kids

"We are NARSAD. Resistance is futile. You Will be assimilated."

Unfortunately it's going to take more than Patrick Stewart in Star Fleet pajamas ordering a full spread of Photon Torpedoes to unplug This all too real Chem Cube, 1 in 4 Brain Toaster.