Monday, March 29, 2010

Government Healthcare: 1993, The Violence Initiative

A Biomedical Programme For Urban Violence Control In The US 1993" : (3rd pdf from the bottom)

“A storm of controversy has surrounded recent disclosures that the US Government is planning a massive program of psychiatric intervention into the inner cities aimed at identifying and treating young children with presumed genetic and biochemical predispositions for violence. The Programme, called the Violence Initiative, was first described and promoted by psychiatrist Fredrick Goodwin, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

“Anatomy is destiny.”
Sigmund Freud

And further empowering Government to stick its nose into Healthcare is a good idea, ..... Why?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Americans Enraged

Clearing The Air has:

Americans Enraged by Democratic Government (and RWJF Lobbied) Takeover Of Our Private Healthcare System Can Demonstrate Their Anger With Their Wallet
"Stop spending money on any and all Johnson & Johnson products Tylenol, Bandaid, Nicoderm, etc. (SC Johnson (cleaning product manufacturer) is not related to the J & J pharmaceutical and medical device conglomerate)

RWJF is the private foundation of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer. In a misguided, rent seeking legislative effort, RWJF has been lobbying for government healthcare in the U.S for over 30 years."

CTA has more. Go Read.

We already have Medicare. If Medicare is such a great idea, why didn't Congress just put Everyone on Medicare?

The Heritage Foundation (2005) has:

The Economic And Fiscal Effects Of Funding Medicare's Unfunded Liabilities
"The numbers speak for themselves. Providing promised Medicare Benefits is projected to require $2.7 Trillion (in nominal dollars) in new tax revenues over just the next ten years and a mind boggling $29.9 Trillion (in 2005 dollars) over the next 75 years."

And we Needed this Additional Gargantuan Healthcare Bureaucracy, ...... Why?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Landmark Legal To Sue if Constitution Slaughtered

Landmark Legal Foundation to File Suit to Stop President’s Health Plan if ‘Slaughter Rule’ is Used

(LEESBURG, VA, MARCH 17, 2010)…Mark R. Levin, president of Landmark Legal Foundation, today issued a warning to the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives about the possible use of the so-called “deem and pass,” “self-executing,” or “Slaughter Rule” to enact H.R. 3590, the legislative version of President Obama’s healthcare proposal that has been previously approved by the Senate. If this tactic is employed, Landmark will immediately sue the President, Attorney General Eric Holder and other relevant cabinet members to prevent them from instituting this unconstitutional contrivance.

“Landmark has already prepared a lawsuit that will be filed in federal court the moment the House acts. Such a brazen violation of the core functions of Congress simply cannot be ignored. Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution is clear respecting the manner in which a bill becomes law. Members are required to vote on this bill, not claim they did when they didn’t. The Speaker of the House and her lieutenants are temporary custodians of congressional authority. They are not empowered to do permanent violence to our Constitution.”

(A draft of the complaint Landmark will file is available at:

Thank you Very much Mr Levin.