Monday, June 30, 2008

National Socialism

At the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog, Jacob Goldstein writes:
As Factories Close, Health Care is ‘Employer of Last Resort’

A Medicare and Medicaid financed economy? And who is paying for it?

From Reuters: Doctors support universal health care: survey

"The Indiana survey found that 83 percent of psychiatrists, 69 percent of emergency medicine specialists, 65 percent of pediatricians, 64 percent of internists, 60 percent of family physicians and 55 percent of general surgeons favor a national health insurance plan."

Who could possibly oppose guaranteeing medical care for all? Health care is a right, isn't it? So long as somebody Else is paying for it, Right?

National Socialism Comes To America: Joe Sobran

Clozaril: 3,277 DEAD
Risperdal: 1,093 DEAD
Zyprexa: 1,007 DEAD

83% of Psychiatrists Support National/Socialist Health Care Insurance.

If as many people were as abysmally mentally ill as Psychiatry claims, they'd have clients hanging off the rafters, Paying Clients. But they don't, without Force, because they're doing such an abysmally rotten job already, they're down to whining for Govt. to Force other people to pay for it, just like the National Socialists they are.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Freud Cures Wolf Man, Wolf Man Demands Refund, Calls Freud An Ideate

Sergei Pankejeff: from Wiki

"Freud's key intervention with the Wolf Man rested on a nightmare in which he was lying in bed and saw some white wolves sitting on a tree in front of the open window. Freud deduced that the dream symbolized a trauma: that the Wolf Man, as a toddler, had witnessed his parents having intercourse. Freud's version of the supposed trauma, however, was contradicted by the Wolf Man himself, Sergej Pankejeff, in an interview with Karin Obholzer, a journalist who tracked him down in Vienna in the 1970s.

"Mr. Pankejeff saw Freud's interpretation of his dream as 'terribly far-fetched.' Mr. Pankejeff said, 'The whole thing is improbable,' since in families of his milieu young children slept in their nanny's bedroom, not with their parents.

"Mr. Pankejeff also disputed Freud's claim that he had been cured, and said he resented being 'propaganda' and 'a showpiece for psychoanalysis.' Mr. Pankejeff said, 'That was the theory, that Freud had cured me 100 percent.' However, 'It's all false.'

Dan Golman, writing for the NYT in March of 1990 tells us:
As A Therapist, Freud Fell Short, Scholars Find

Folks at Stanford also have some Freud D Bunking under the heading of:
Fraud In Science

Psychiatric Intent

In case you haven't figured it out, .... Yet, ....

22 Worthless Drugs, Should, ..... get you clued in.

Why do these 22 Poisons have SO MANY different DAMAGING actions in a human body?
Which organ is it, that controls a human body?
Which organ is it you Can't get a transplant for, if someone Else, breaks it?

Why are these 22 Poisons FDA approved?

Are these 22 FDA approved Poisons defective?

Let's suppose that these 22 Poisons are NOT DEFECTIVE, but that they DO work, EXACTLY AS THEY ARE INTENDED TO WORK.

What might that INTENT be?

If you guess correctly, and you avoid ANY contact with these Poisons and their dispensers - Psychiatrists - you WILL WIN the greatest prize imaginable. You will have escaped with your Life, ..... Because;

These 22 Poisons, Especially the Antipsychotics, DO INDUCE BRAIN DAMAGE.

And as you are being BRAIN DAMAGED, BY PSYCHIATRISTS, who have NO PROOF that their Bio Scientific justification for DAMAGING YOUR BRAIN, even EXISTS, ..... They, and other 'Mental Health Professionals' will be BS-ing your BRAIN DAMAGED REMAINS into living happily ever after, with Their 'Mental Health' playbook.

Meet just Some, of the major designers of 'Mental Health' and its plan for your New, 'Mentally Healthy' BRAIN DAMAGED life. Stay tuned. We WILL be exposing more of these deep thinkers, as the nitwits, scumbags, and fakirs they actually were.

Sigmund Freud: lifelong cocaine addict, committed suicide
Carl Jung: worshipped Adolf Hitler as a "demi-deity".
Emil Kraepelin: wrote of child molestation, because it turned HIM on.
Eugen Bleuler: Suckered in Seances
Benjamin Rush: sold Mercury poisoning as a Cure All
Ernst Rudin: Psychiatric genetics/architect of the NAZI holocaust
Wilhelm Wundt: "The human soul can no longer exist, ....."
Edward Bernays: father of mass advertising/psychology of crowd control
Karen Horney: Neurotic X 10/suicidal/attempted Incest
B.F. Skinner: fed rats and pigeons, yelled at them.

Skinner attempted to eradicate freedom, reason, and dignity, through feeding pigeons and rats. Pigeons and rats in the wild, WILL carry diseases, which WILL kill human beings, UNLESS, REASONING human beings clean and disinfect those pigeons and rats.

Get on the phone, and Cut the GD public funding Off, All of it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

To Ideate, Or Not To Ideate

Psychiatrists ideate, babble, and scribble of ideations. What does the word mean?

Rather than thumb that DSM telephone book of insurance billing codes: we went to a Real Dictionary: Websters 1923 complete; before Skinner's feedings of pigeons and rats edited even Non-Psych word definings.


1: The actual existence SUPPOSED to correspond with an idea,
the correlate in real existence to the idea as a thought existence.

[Hold the GD phone there Eustace. Who, when and where, has as yet, neuroimaged an idea and been able to read that pretty, colored brain photograph as a string of words, line drawings or any Other interpretable blue print conveying exactly What that idea was; ie: What that thinker was thinking?]

2: To form an idea; to conceive; especially to PRECONCEIVE or PREFIGURE as a Platonic idea: "The ideated man, ...... as he stood in the intellect of God. " Sir T Brown

[Now remember Eustace; Psychiatrists themselves through their PREFIGURED PRECONCEPTIONS tend to be Less religious than any other group of Physicians, so that G word kind of whacks their cherished ideating of their cherished ideations ass over tea kettle into the Sacred Cow barbecue, or at least it used to till they corrupted the word itself through embracing the ideatings of Seance Suckers, Hitler worshipers, pederasts, rat feeders, cocaine junkies and Eugenicists]

Back to Webster

function or capacity of the mind whereby or for it entertains ideas, the process of entertaining and relating ideas.

Since Psyches dehumanize and consume their prey through the reductions of their osmotic ideates, did you ever wonder what it is they themselves ideate about? We speculated upon what Psychiatrists who do more than just ideate over their ideations get in return for their muddle of obscurant by design ideatings.

We googled: psychiatrist NEAR arrested

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Psychiatrist Diagnoses Reagan As An Idiot, Then Falls For Nigerian EMAIL Scam

Psychiatrist Diagnoses Reagan as an Idiot, then Falls for Nigerian EMAIL Scam

USA: Nigerians Scammed US$3 Million from Psychiatrist

Irony, It's Rare When We're Allowed To

OK, so it's 2 years old/news. Have the molecular compositions of all these Psych Poisons changed, in the last 2 years? Have the Psychiatrists themselves changed, in 2 years?

Gottschalk developed criteria for determining that Other people were 'Losing It' and then Lost perhaps $3 Million himself to a Nigerian 419 EMAIL Scam.


Berlin Wall: Gone.
50 Years of Nuclear Standoff with the Former USSR: Gone.

B.F. Skinner?

Freedom, Dignity, and Reason Gone, just like his X Files 'I Want To Believe' pigeon feeding, pigeon crap proof that Freedom, Dignity and Reason needed to be Gone.

Gottschalk's Money?

"If you find a turtle on a lampost, it didn't get there by accident."
attributed: Hillary Clinton

Monday, June 23, 2008

Operant Conditioning

*This, is the work of B.F.Skinner

How can you not love this guy?

Remember; Skinner was a Harvard Professor: a Tenured Psychology Professor.

Your taxes went to pay this escapee from the The Rocky Horror Picture Show, whom we've only briefly touched on, ..... yet. Ask a house painter what They think of pigeons. Your kids are being educated, and You're paying for it, based on the earth shaking, world shattering insights rolled out in this clip.

Might this have anything to do with the 40 fold explosion of Bipolar Disorder in children just coming to light over the last decade, at Harvard? see AHRP.

One of the youtube commenters cut to the heart of the learned debate.

"shame it wasn't a duck ..... that would have gone well with this quack."

*"Thank You Very Much."
Elvis Presley

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beyond Freedom and Dignity and Reason: B.F. Skinner

Here's a Terrific takedown of a Psych clown who is Still being sucked up as a Master Thinker.

Beyond Freedom and Dignity and Reason: a book review by Roy Halliday

Skinner's thinking reminds us of a frenetic, mouth foaming squirrel, confusing its tail for a walnut in some desperate race to seize that nut to feed its rabid brain's need for immortality through destroying Freedom, Dignity, and Reason. Roy Halliday's deconstruction of this megalomaniacal cretin is not as immediately digestible as a fried egg on whole wheat, but that's not Halliday's fault. Considering the whole Bag of squirrels Skinner was, Halliday has laid out and pegged many of them admirably. And after you quit laughing, remember that Skinner is in part responsible for educating Your kids as rats and pigeons to be rewarded with "Self Esteem" treats, ..... on Your taxes.

And; that those "Self Esteem" treats for adding up 2+2 to 5 "that's Great, Ogelthorp, You Tried So Hard" are the reason Your kids end up understanding that "It's not their fault, it's a 'chemical imbalance' in their brain".

And; that Skinner with his need to expunge Freedom, Dignity, and Reason from All humanity as impediments to an ordered Society, a Pharmaceutically Controlled and Ordered Society, is only One of Psychology's misguiding brain farts.

And; that Psychology, with its kick backed referrals to its Dope Peddling to Children brother Psychiatry, are together responsible for far more Suicides and Murders than the reported FDA numbers we've linked to right here.

Roy Halliday's dissection of this hydrophobic tail chaser is one to bookmark and savor over and again, as you too, revel in Skinner's hilarious self contradictions, of both reason and his own dignity, in his cornered rat desperation to palm those contradictions off as Science: Behavioral Science, the stock and trade of murdering Despots down through history.

"What a maroon. What an ultra maroon."
Bugs Bunny

Electro Convulsive Therapy: It's Good For You

Most of our griping has been with Poisoning 1st Amendment Violaters, but Psychiatry's bag of hammers also includes Electrocution, ..... as therapy, ..... because it's Good for people, especially confused people. Does 450 Volts through your brain sound like something You'd want to try?

A Time Track Of Eugenics makes the following assertion: from the NAZI Psychiatric Experience.

1942 First autopsy report of brain damage from ECT.

1942 Bini suggests the repetition of ECT many times a day, naming the method "annihilation therapy." [there's that word therapy again]

Back in 1942? NAZI Psychs reported BRAIN DAMAGE in autopsies? But ECT doesn't cause Brain Damage today?

1944 Dr. Gelny, director of the Mauer-Ohling institution in Austria, kills many mental patients with electroshock, including one at a demonstration at a psychiatric congress.

Here's Dr. Peter Breggin in the Huffington Post. This page on Electrocuting People for their own good is a Shocking fine read.

Wiki: "The American Psychiatric Association and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence have concluded that the procedure does not cause brain damage"[4][5]

Wiki's APA source - note [4] - was retrieved 2007-12-29. And Wiki's APA direct link at note [4] returned PAGE NOT FOUND. We used the APA search engine for "ect". Still Nada. We did Not try contacting the APA webmaster.

You'd Think, that with all the DRUG MONEY the APA is awash in they could afford a decent server system of their own - it's not like they're short on electricity to run it - or at least a message saying you'll be redirected shortly to the new URL, unless there's some Other reason that page isn't there.

"Everything You Need To Know About Electroshock."

What you Really need to know is that the Psychiatrists running the machine are, ..... well, ..... they're Psychiatrists.

The Death Of Electroconvulsive Therapy from also has great info, and no problem locating it. Just click and there it actually is. They speak of ECT induced Brain Damage being similar to the Brain Damage Boxers get.

3rd Reich Psychiatrists claimed in 1942 that they found Brain Damage in the people They Electrocuted, while later Psychiatrists tell people that there is no Brain Damage. Which crowd would You believe, was telling the truth?

Would it be the 1942 crowd who believed Hitler's 1000 year Reich meant they'd never be discovered, as the Lying, Murdering, NAZI bastards they were, or the last 60 years crowd, ..... who 'Helped' people with it, and used a 'Special' 450 Volts which didn't cause any Brain Damage, or Kill people?

ECT 'Treatments' can cost well over $1000 apiece, when the Anesthesiologist and Hospital get their hands into your pocket too, in 'Therapies' of a dozen or more.

Is there some unbreakable Psychic connection between Psychiatry and it's own Bio Scientific, Science?

Go look up those ECT machine makers while they're still advertising to the choir, before They run out of electricity to run their web page. It has happened, right here, more than once. We direct link to them and Wham, Phizzle, Fizzt, ..... 1/2 an hour later and our little link just sucked them dry, even though they're still up and limping along, crippled like so many of Psychiatry's victims, at their own, independently Bio Science powered Bull Site.

"Lucius Cassius ille quem populus Romanus verissimum et sapientissimum iudicem putabat identidem in causis quaerere solebat 'cui bono' fuisset."

"The famous Lucius Cassius, whom the Roman people used to regard as a very honest and wise judge, was in the habit of asking, time and again, "To whose benefit?"

Marcus Tullius Cicero


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Ongoing Hose Job

Dr. Aubrey Blumsohn at scientific-misconduct shared this cartoon, which in 11 panels tells you Everything you need to know about Behavioral Science.

The eloquence is stunning, and if it weren't for National Socialist tax money buying that hose, Harvard Med/Mass General wouldn't Still be selling the water in that hose. Only under Bureaucracy Knows Best can 4 year olds need Seroquel, or any Other of these psychdrugdanger hosings for Any reason.

An analogy;

Take your computer apart and smack one of the circuit boards with a hammer. Now put your computer back together, and install some new software.

The internal bio-circuit boards in human beings are remarkably consistent, and No new bio software is going to work worth squat, after you've hammered the bio-hardware with Psych Meds.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Harvard, Pigeon Guided Missiles, Outcome Based Education, and B.F. Skinner

Just when you thought Psych's brain trust Couldn't appear any more bankrupt, you look up B. F. Skinner. This Harvard Psych Professor is behind the 'Outcome Based Education' corrupting our school system which Charlotte Iserbyt so painstakingly detailed in 'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America'

Without intentionally stupifying generation after generation, the world's RICHEST DRUG CARTEL could NEVER have slipped their multi HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR SCAM - the LIE that human brains are broken and need to BUY and INGEST THEIR POISONS, for LIFE and PREMATURE DEATH - past even the Pigeon guided mind of B.F. Skinner. Yes: it's Hundreds of Billions when you add up the attendant Health Care and Lost Productivity costs that antipsychotics, antidepressants, and their prescribers are responsible for.

Wiki on Skinner:

"Pigeon Guided Missile

The US Navy required a weapon effective against the German Bismarck class battleships but although missile and TV technology existed, the size of the primitive guidance systems available rendered any weapon ineffective. Project Pigeon[23] [24]was potentially an extremely simple and effective solution but despite an effective demonstration, it was abandoned as soon as more conventional solutions were available. The project centered around dividing the nose cone of a missile into three compartments, and encasing a pigeon in each. The compartments for each had a video image of what was in front of them, and the pigeons would peck toward the object, thereby directing the missile. [25] Skinner complained "our problem was no one would take us seriously."[26] The point is perhaps best explained in terms of human psychology (i.e. few people would trust a pigeon to guide a missile no matter how reliable it proved)"

If Skinner's "an effective demonstration" had "Proved Reliable", and the US Navy had nothing better to sink Bismarck Class Battleships, then the US Navy would have USED Skinner's Project, even if only for a week or two, until they had something better. WWII was a desperate affair and No One sat around waiting for Super Weapon technology when Battleships needed sinking.

That's right: a blowgun dart through its brain and it's still ticking, but the US Fed. Dept of Education paid enough attention to Skinner and his parlor tricks with pigeons and rats, to corrupt our Entire education system into viewing children as pigeons and rats, waiting for food treats.

Back to WIKI:

"Skinner received a PhD from Harvard in 1931, and remained there as a researcher until 1936. He then taught at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis and later at Indiana University, where he was chair of the psychology department from 1946–1947, before returning to Harvard as a tenured professor in 1948. He remained at Harvard for the rest of his career."

Isn't it Harvard Med School that just had a 'Researcher' forget that he was supposed to report $1.6 Million in DRUG MONEY, as a financial COI?

While that 'Researcher' was Poisoning little Children, with Seroquel?

NYT Bloomberg Boston Globe

So just what is it that Pigeons, Rats, and DRUG MONEY teach us?

The NYT article has N.I.H. spokesman John Burkow stating: "If there have been violations of N.I.H. policy — and if research integrity has been compromised — we will take all the appropriate action within our power to hold those responsible accountable. This would be completely unacceptable behavior, and N.I.H. will not tolerate it.”

How would N.I.H. even Know, if there have been violations of their policy, when N.I.H. Deputy Director for Extramural Research Dr. Norka Ruiz Bravo in This NYT piece - from Jan 19 2008 - said: “For us to try to manage directly the conflict-of-interest of an N.I.H. investigator would be not only inappropriate but pretty much impossible,”

The N.I.H. hands out $23 Billion in other people's money, and they don't know if there's been a violation of their own policy, because it would be "inappropriate" to even bother to Look toward "completely unacceptable behavior" which they "will not tolerate".

Eugen Bleuler worked His Schizophrenia Voodoo with Dogs. Skinner, a wee bit later, had descended to Guiding Human Behavior, by Investigating/Feeding Pigeons. Take 1 Intentional, Pigeon Guided step down Stupid Street, and your course is inexorable: a Harvard Med School Man, or 3, Poisoning 4-6 yr. old Children while failing to disclose that they were 'TAKING the DRUG MONEY.'

"People didn't reinforce me, but my rats did." Skinner recalled when his rats responded to his "Behave, Damn You!"

B.F. Skinner: 'The Behavior of Organisms' 1938.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Newton Vs Fig Newton: Bleuler The Schizophrenifier, and Seances

An Opinion of Schizophrenia is one of the most repressive Opinions that the 'Mental Health' Industry can poison a person's entire life with, and drug them to Death for.

Eugen Bleuler - the 1908 Inventor of 'Mental Healths' Crippled, Show Pony - was P.T. Barnum Big on "inherited acquired characteristics" and "parapsychological phenomena".

In order to better understand the Darwinist theorems of heritable behaviors in People, Bleuler Investigated those behaviors, ..... in Pairs of St. Bernard Dogs.

After he ran out of Schizophrenics to unravel, in retirement he continued unraveling the human condition, in the bio science lab of Seances: replete with moving curtains, a self changing record player, [through the mechanics of ectoplasms] and a levitating, physically combative violin.

"when Dr Hoppe-Moser insisted that he examine a violin that was levitating, he was then struck by it several times" Par. 8

That 1st Bleuler link tells us [this might be a misprint, because Nobody in the 20th Century could be That stupid], that Bleuler wrote that heavy objects fell slower than lighter objects.

Gallileo 1564-1642 [sec. 3.1 Motion of Falling Objects] covered That one 3 Centuries earlier, and Rip Van Bleuler the Unraveled slept right through it.

Now Bleuler never actually Saw these Anti Newtonian Physics. But he Knew they worked that way because Thousands of others had witnessed them. Bleuler - like Fox Mulder - Wanted to believe, so Bleuler Did believe.

Are your curtains rustling yet?

Did Bleuler unravel his negation of Newtonian physics from Gallileo's discourse between Simplicio and Salviati, [a satire aimed at the Pope] which was written roughly half a century after the First Malleus Maleficarum began expunging heretics/thinkers of Strange/Gallilean/Real Science thoughts out of the reigning orthodoxy/pile of money's hair?

And if so, how did he overlook Gallileo's actual physical Science experiment, or even hear a Rumor of it, ..... while having NO problem believing in the Rumored existence of Thousands of people who Had witnessed Anti Physics?

Are you seeing any ectoplasmic trails, yet?

Bleuler was one of - 'The' - Master Thinkers of Psychiatry. Mull That one over. How many of today's Psychs are being assaulted at Seances, ..... by flying violins, when they're not intuiting pathologies to the Human Twins they are currently 'Investigating'?

Rip Van Bleuler the Schizophrenifier took to SEANCES, because he had NO TRAINING in any of the REAL SCIENCES, ..... which know damn well better than to be Hooted off the Organically Fertilized, Long Green Field of Parapsychological, Guesstimating Investigatings.

It's no wonder that 83% of this idiot's disciples in Indiana just confessed they'd like to have Universal Tax Payer Funding to Continue Running their Jousting Tourny at everyone else's purse, so they can win the King's Cash - TAX MONEY - Prize, Grasping at Symptoms, and Poisoning People for them.

Bleuler, ..... Go Diagnose Thyself.

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 301.9: Personality Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified

Everybody knows a couple of somebodies with Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Most folks [without a financial conflict of DRUG MONEY interest in it] just use the term A**hole and let it go at that, without slipping them a 'Billable' Prescription with Non-Disclosed Murder Risk Included.

About the only aspect of human experience we Haven't seen diagnosed in the DSM, is Hypocrisy. And Don't hold your breath waiting for Hypocrisy to be included in any subsequent DSM, ...... in light of all the Drug Co. CME Grants, Research Funding, and Young 'Investigator' Awards of up to $250,000, that 'Mental Health Professionals' use to Fund their Investigations [& expensive 2nd homes, vacations and new Jaguars] of ADHD, Intoxications, Addictions, and 'Mental Illnesses' Caused by their own MURDERING DRUG DEALS.

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 333.99: Neuroleptic Induced Acute Akathisia;

which for 23 years has been linked to the commission of Violent Homicides. This link warns that Pharma is responsible for not disclosing the risks to prescribers. Bull S**t. This information is readily available to one and all, and if Psychiatrists expect Anyone to believe they Don't already know it, the argument circles back to:

1: they're Gullible
2: they're Liars
3: they're Worse
4: they're all 3

But what do you Expect, when Psychiatry's Prize Cripple - Schizophrenia - the curse of Bleuler, .... with his Knowledge of Anti Physics - which BLEULER NEVER PERSONALLY WITNESSED and THEREFORE COULD NOT PERSONALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY VERIFY - knocked down $14.5 Billion last year alone peddling just 3 Atypical Antipsychotic Poisons, ..... to addict the Symptoms of Bleuler's equally fabulous Knowledge of the Brain Disorder which condemns its Symptom Displayers, ..... to being Crippled, Killed outright, having 25 years stolen from their life, or being sent home to Murder their own Children?

What's next? Is late night radio's Linda Moulton Howe going to play us a taped phone interview from a Seance, contacting this Psycoide, between her similarly mind numbing Investigations of crop circles, and cows plummeting from UFOs?

Humanity got by for 45,000 years without Schizophrenia. Inventing it and poisoning folks into Dead Meat, for Drug Money, is Not progress.

How many murders have been Billed to people based on the mnemistic biopsychology of parapsychological 'Investigator' Eugen Bleuler: who Hop-Scotched clean over the Scientific Method to negate Gallileo and Newton, even in retirement, because he was too busy playing stool for Schneider's legs while watching the record player and curtains, at a Seance?

"The [ectoplasmic] gate swung open, and a fig newton entered." Groucho Marx

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marvelous Mental Medicine~Dr. B. Belts Psychiatric Snake Oil Right Out Of The Park

Dr. Bonkers of the Bonkers Institute has assembled a collection of Historical Psychiatric Mental Medicine/Snake Oil Ads. We'd call them hysterical, but there's nothing funny about tricking people into ingesting insecticides to cure Any behavior which is Not curable, through ingesting insecticides.

Phenothiazines - pesticides - [and more, from heroin on out] as a cure all for every mood comprising the human condition are on display in all their original, and utterly shameless W.C. Fields traveling medicine show sales pitches.

We especially enjoyed this Stelazine Ad. It calls Stelazine a 'Classic Antipsychotic' and advertises that "Some Things Are Hard To Improve Upon" right above a bust of Beethoven. If Psychroaches had gotten their claws on Beethoven's Manic Depressions, they'd have Drugged, Electrocuted or Lobotomized all 9 of his symphonies clean out of Our store of priceless treasures, which Thank the God most Psychiatrists don't believe in, will Still be uplifting people after We're all gone, for more generations than even NASA's computers can count.

'Bad' patients of years ago would trash can their insecticides when no one was looking, because the paranoid bastards thought they were being 'poisoned'.

What a surprise. Those patients were a Hell of a lot saner than the cretins who really Were poisoning them. What those patients WEREN'T being then, [and Aren't being today on the newer and equally Murderous (at 20-30 times the price) Atypical Antipsychotics], was paranoid.

Drug Cos. pass out Millions upon Millions to local Mental Health Boards, [which are by and large a 2 hr. per month parking couch on the front porch for political cronies who know Jack beyond their cut of the Money] University Psychiatry Depts. [who love knowing Jack, because knowing Jack keeps Jack's Drug Money rolling in] and anyone else in the Business of Creating and Selling Mental Illness, to fund 'Medication Compliance' studies: which are a euphemism for re-running the same Drug Trials over and over until simple Random Statistical Variation drops 1 Trial group out of 50 into the Plus hole, and the other 49 Trial Groups into the Memory hole. See HARLOTplc, Getting Your Drug Approved. Harlot was Targeted at Doctors, who know how close it cuts to the bone. And it wouldn't be so GD funny if it wasn't so GD true.

Is it any wonder nobody wants to eat insecticides, and they have to be Forced to BUY them, and eat them? Or that Institutionalized Psychiatry has to sponge up everyone Else's Taxes to buy them, to Force other people to eat them, or inject them into their victims, by Force.

Psychiatric Medications Cure Nothing, ..... Zip, Zilch, Nada, Zee-Row Nothing. They Cure NOTHING, because there is nothing TO cure. Psych Meds are chemical jackhammers. If they Cured Anything, you wouldn't have to consume them for life. Antipsychotics are a LIFE SENTENCE, which will cut your life Short by decades. If you stay on them, or if you don't, you Will risk a Psychotic meltdown. Check the side effects. Dr. B. has those under 22 Worthless Drugs.

Just a few of Risperdal's 1,935 vomitous gifts are aggression, psychotic disorder, and physical assault. It's wonderful stuff. Everybody needs to BUY it, for life, while it's Killing them, and others, and sometimes helping them become 'Mentally Healthy' enough to murder their own children, the way it 'Helped' Andrea Yates murder Her own children.

If your Doctor sent you off with a prescription to your local hardware store, to buy a can of RAID, with instructions to down a teaspoon at every meal, you'd Still be better off than accepting a prescription for antipsychotics, because you'd have the plain Horse Sense to have that Quack SOB arrested and charged with every thing you could pin on that Quack SOB.

But Psychiatrists peddle antipsychotics that cost a Whole lot more than RAID, while they're accepting Continuing Medical Education Grants, [to SELL antipsychotics] Distinguished Investigator Awards, [to SELL antipsychotics] National Institute of Health Funds, [to SELL antipsychotics] and any other monies they can snort up, so that You, are going off to the pharmacy instead of the hardware store, to buy your expensive pill form doses of, ..... INSECTICIDE.

Or how about This Dope Pushing Psychiatric Brain Fart from 1956?

"why is this woman tired
~ because she is mentally "done in." Many of your patients -- particularly housewives -- are crushed under a load of dull, routine duties that leave them in a state of mental and emotional fatigue."

So hook her on Dexadrine. Turn her into a Speed Freak. That will solve All her problems. 50 years ago? It might as well be 50 Seconds ago with ADHD Speed currently being Psychiatrically inflicted on 4 Million Americans, because it's good for their 'Mental Health'. 50 years and Psychiatry hasn't learned a single trick, because you Can't teach an utterly amoral idiot, Anything.

Marcus Tullius Cicero spent 3 tears as Roman Governor of Sicily, and made numerous friends there. Gaius Verres in his 3 years as Governor of Sicily indulged himself in every fraudulent, perverse, and violent excess conceivable, including the outrage of crucifying Citizens. Cicero prosecuted Verres before the Roman senate. He turned his glare past outstretched finger upon the man and demanded of the Senate:

"For what purpose should you keep such a savage and treacherous creature?"

Antipsychotics don't give an owl's hind hoot whether you've been quacked and skulled for ADHD or Schizophrenia. They kill you at either end of the diagnosing spectrum, and ALL points in between. And Psychroaches SELL them for Every BS excuse they can scribble out a DSM Billing Code for.

Hats off and BRAVO to Dr. Bonkers. Go look and get educated Before some 'Mental Health Professional' tries to kill You and Your children with their OPINION, that you're 'Mentally Ill', and They, are Not.

For what purpose should we keep such a savage and treacherous institution?

Read Dr. Bonkers interview on his eye-opening new museum.

Free Money, The Right Way, The Only Way

Since Psychiatric Writs of Execution are deemed to be 'No Appeal' an opportunity exists for enterprising Psychiatrists to grab themselves a quick Billion by rediagnosing patients as "Cured".

At $100,000.00 per patient, that Psychiatrist could diagnose a fortune to shame Aristotle Onassis overnight, and skip town before all the Other Psychiatrists even diagnosed their absence. What's the big deal? They're already experts at 'Taking The Money'.

If Psychiatrists can bill freely, peddling misery, disfigurement, and death, why can't they bill just as freely peddling freedom from their fellow Psychiatrists Opinions? And with 10% of California's Physician Diversion Program Relapsers being previous 'Graduates' of their 'Rehabilitation' from DSM-able 'Incurable Mental Illnesses', don't go handing us any Psychiatric horse s**t about being held legally responsible in case your Victims, suffer a 'Relapse'.

It's Not immoral to make a buck, or a Billion bucks. It IS immoral when they're NAZI Reichmarks: i.e. Those National Socialist Tax bucks belong to everyone Else.

Ask Milton Friedman.

Oops, false alarm. Curing people wouldn't work. With This amount of Pharma Reichmarks on the table, under the table, and tabling Everybody's Income, Mental Health, and continued Existence, Psych/Pharma has to go.


Start your own blog. Encourage others. Watch it snowball. Or don't, and watch 'Mental Health Professionals' twist your child into a drugged, burnt out speed freak.

Pick up the phone. Call Congress. Free Your Money.

Cut this GD National Socialist funding Off, All of it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ADA Addresses Prejudice

Legislators in Washington addressed prejudice against the 'Disabled', 18 years ago.

Wikipedia on the:

Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990

Groups that worked to pass the ADA

[NOTE: many of the below Wiki links lead to currently non-existent pages.]

"Even those who support the intent of the law worry that it might have unintended consequences. Among other arguments, they hypothesize that the Act creates additional legal risks for employers who then quietly avoid hiring people with disabilities to avoid this risk. And such researchers (e.g., DeLeire, 2000; Acemoglu & Angrist, 2001) claim to have documented a sharp drop in employment among Individuals with a disability after passage of the Act (see Schwochau & Blanck for counter arguments).

The ADA did not come with a guide for how employees and employers should apply the Act to mental disabilities. Psychologist Dr. John Fielder (1994) wrote a manual for employers that has been used by many parties concerned with issues of cognitive disabilities."

The American Psychiatric Association doesn't appear to be included, among those groups Wiki listed as working for passage of the ADA.

1: Acts of prejudice preventing the hiring of those APA labeled with 'Mental Disabilities' - through the Americans with Disabilities Act - have been addressed.

2: Exceeding the posted speed limit, and overtime parking, have also been addressed.

Who created those paperwork 'Mentally Ill' Disabilities in the First place, with diagnostic labels that Their meal tickets need Federal Legislation to protect them from?

"Thar's GOLD in them thar incurable mental disabilities, and Murdering Dope Deals."