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University Cool With Pro-ISIS Club: They Can Pass Out ISIS Flags During Annual Campus Fair

Academia, the petrie dish wherein theories of disordered minds in everyone else fester.

Welcome to academia.
Via Daily Mail:
Administrators at a Catholic university in Florida agreed to help an honors student start a campus club that would send money and supplies to the ISIS terror army.
Hidden camera footage released Monday morning shows officials and faculty at Barry University advising a senior – identified only as ‘Laura’ – about the best way to secure funding for a club she called ‘Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.’
‘I want to start fundraising efforts on campus, and what I want to do is raise funds to send overseas,’ she told Derek Bley, the school’s Coordinator for Leadership Development and Student Organizations.
Bley offered to help her create the organization and agreed with her request to ‘pass out Islamic State flags and educate people’ at an annual student ‘Festival of Nations’ fair.
The school’s mission statement says ‘all members of our community’ must ‘accept social responsibility to foster peace and nonviolence.’
Yet Bley was enthusiastic about Laura’s terror-funding venture. ‘We’re not here to limit people and their clubs, he said. ‘If there a demand or a need, or an interest that students have to do this, we’re here to support that.’
‘If you’ve got … people who are interested, and this is something you want take and run with,’ he added. ‘we’re here to help you get that done.’
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Germanwings Pilot Reportedly Had Antidepressants - Many Banned By FAA

The link between mass shootings at schools and antidepressants has been long established. 

Looks like we now have mass murder by airline pilot linked to these drugs.

Germany's Die Welt has reported that the German pilot who apparently deliberately crashed a commercial passenger plane had antidepressant drugs in his home, according to CNN. The US Federal Aviation Administration has banned US pilots from taking many SSRI antidepressants.
"Die Welt, a German newspaper, cited an unidentified senior investigator who said [co-pilot Andreas] Lubitz suffered from a severe 'psychosomatic illness' and German police seized prescription drugs that treat the condition," stated CNN. "Lubitz suffered from a 'severe subjective burnout syndrome' and from severe depression, the source told Die WeltThe New York Times also reported that antidepressants were found during the search of his apartment. CNN has not been able to confirm the reports."
The articles also mentioned that Lubitz apparently had been recently having unusual vision problems, which are a recognized potential side effect of antidepressants.
A US Federal Aviation Administration Accepted Medications list provided by the company Pilot Medical Solutions states that, "Single-use Anti-Depressants such as: Celexa (Citalopram Hydrobromide), Lexapro (Escitalopram Oxalate), Prozac (Fluoxetine Hydrochloride) or Zoloft (Sertraline Hydrochloride) are approved by the FAA on a case by case basis only. Approval is very difficult, and does not permit applicants to be approved by an AME or even the FAA in Oklahoma City. All other psychiatric medications, including other SSRI's such as Luvox (Fluvoxamine), Paxil (Paroxetine), Viibryd (Vilazodone), are not acceptable to the FAA."
The FAA's website confirms that, "The FAA has determined that airmen requesting first, second, or third class medical certificates while being treated with one of four specific selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) may be considered. The Authorization decision is made on a case by case basis."
According to a 2011 presentation on the International Civil Aviation Organization website, the Convention on International Civil Aviation has developed a similar recommendation that pilots taking antidepressants should be deemed "unfit" to fly, except in specially evaluated cases.
In a 2010 article in the Huffington PostMIA Blogger Peter Breggin lamented that the FAA had recently lifted its absolute ban on antidepressants and was instead providing a "Medication Guide to patients and their families that warns about dangerous drug-induced reactions including suicide, violence and a variety of unexpected negative behaviors." Breggin warned that, "The FAA should reverse its ruling before it's too late and hundreds of lives are lost when a pilot becomes impulsive, suicidal or violent--or just loses his sharpness--under the influence of antidepressant medication."
FAA Accepted Medications (Pilot Medical Solutions, Inc website, Updated 2/9/15)
Recent changes to Annex 1 Medical Standards and Recommended Practices(International Civil Aviation Organization presentation)

--Rob Wipond, News Editor

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Alcoholics Anonymous: Another Colossal Behaviorist Fraud/FAILURE

Good to see Ms Glaser write up this 12 step 2 step as Hospitals and Treatment Centers continue to bilk consumers out of 5 Figures (and perhaps more at the tres chic ones) to simply shovel them off to AA meetings.

by Gabrielle Glaser

The debate over the efficacy of 12-step programs has been quietly bubbling for decades among addiction specialists. But it has taken on new urgency with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which requires all insurers and state Medicaid programs to pay for alcohol- and substance-abuse treatment, extending coverage to 32 million Americans who did not previously have it and providing a higher level of coverage for an additional 30 million.

Nowhere in the field of medicine is treatment less grounded in modern science. A 2012 report by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University compared the current state of addiction medicine to general medicine in the early 1900s, when quacks worked alongside graduates of leading medical schools. The American Medical Association estimates that out of nearly 1 million doctors in the United States, only 582 identify themselves as addiction specialists. (The Columbia report notes that there may be additional doctors who have a subspecialty in addiction.) Most treatment providers carry the credential of addiction counselor or substance-abuse counselor, for which many states require little more than a high-school diploma or a GED. Many counselors are in recovery themselves. The report stated: “The vast majority of people in need of addiction treatment do not receive anything that approximates evidence-based care.”

. . . . .

 The [AA] Big Book includes an assertion first made in the second edition, which was published in 1955: that AA has worked for 75 percent of people who have gone to meetings and “really tried.” It says that 50 percent got sober right away, and another 25 percent struggled for a while but eventually recovered. According to AA, these figures are based on members’ experiences.

In his recent book, The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the Rehab Industry, Lance Dodes, a retired psychiatry professor from Harvard Medical School, looked at Alcoholics Anonymous’s retention rates along with studies on sobriety and rates of active involvement (attending meetings regularly and working the program) among AA members. Based on these data, he put AA’s actual success rate somewhere between 5 and 8 percent. That is just a rough estimate, but it’s the most precise one I’ve been able to find.

. . . . .

. . . . Today, for instance, judges routinely require people to attend meetings after a DUI arrest; fully 12 percent of AA members are there by court order.

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If you still want more, 

The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps

Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Cruzing" Toward The Resurrection of Mainstream Conservatism


The ambush-prone mainstream media (MSM) has difficulty trapping Sen. Ted Cruz, not just because he is mentally agile and verbally adroit. He has truth and authenticity on his side, and it is much harder to trip up someone of that description.

Media watchdog Newsbusters shares a litany of examples of MSM hosts doing their best to demean Cruz following the announcement of his presidential campaign. Let's just glance at a few of those.

NBC's Matt Lauer, co-host of "Today," was first up to bat for team MSM. He said to Cruz, "Senator, you're a guy who's known for taking on your own party. ... You've also led your party into some fights that backfired — the defunding of Obamacare comes to mind." (Yeah, I'm sure this just came to Matt's mind as he was formulating the sentence.) "So you have detractors," said Lauer, "not only across the aisle, but within your own party. How can you win the nomination unless you build a much broader coalition than the one you already have?"

These close-minded MSMers are fond of asking these "When did you stop beating your wife?" questions. It is hardly an established fact that Cruz's fight to stop Obamacare "backfired." I doubt he ever believed he had a good chance of defeating it. I think it was more about making a statement, calling attention to the egregiousness of the bill and rallying opposition to it across the country — perhaps to reassure Americans that not everyone has thrown in the towel and to keep our hopes alive that one day we might be able to eradicate it.

Cruz conceded the importance of building a coalition, but rejected the premise that it is necessary to dilute his principles in the process. Cruz said, "We need to bring together the old Reagan coalition of conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and Republican women and young people..."

Lauer said, "And moderates?" Is there room in Cruz's Republican Party for those who are socially liberal, for those who are pro-choice, for those who support gay marriage?"

First, would Lauer ever ask a Democratic candidate a similar question from the other side? Would he ask President Obama how ardent Second-Amendment supporters, opponents of his open-borders policy, those who reject his global-warming hysteria, pro-lifers, supply-siders and strong constitutionalists would fit into his rigidly leftist ideological coalition?

The answer is "no," because it never occurs to liberals that people holding such views are worthy of being wooed into any coalition, save perhaps the KKK. To people like Lauer, it would not be admirable for a liberal to appeal to true conservatives, because they are intrinsically unreasonable and their views are abominably toxic.

Second, what does Lauer mean in asking, "Is there room?" Is he wondering whether Cruz would turn moderates away if they announced their support for him — which is absurd? Is he asking whether he would moderate his views to win them over, even if he thinks he would be diluting and thus rendering less effective ideas that he believes must be pursued to get this nation back on track? Or is he inquiring whether Cruz would come up with some clever gimmick to pretend to meet "moderates" halfway like Obama invariably does before betraying his promises?

Cruz responded that he intends to stand on principle instead of — though he did not say this — pandering.

How refreshing. How Reaganesque. What many liberals and all too many GOP Beltway denizens don't grasp is that the best strategy for winning national elections is to articulate conservative ideas as if you truly believe in them and present them enthusiastically as common-sense solutions for our myriad problems. The effective conservative candidate, as Cruz has said, is able to cut out the middleman and the distorting filter of the MSM and go directly to the American people to make his case. It will sell.

Lauer further accused Cruz of developing a reputation as someone who will not compromise and asked whether he'd "bring that brand of no-compromise to the White House" if elected. You mean, as opposed to that more extreme brand of no-compromise that characterizes the Obama administration?

ABC News White House correspondent Jon Karl was even more pointed, asking Cruz, "How are you with that hard-line conservative message going to appeal to moderates and independents? Nobody gets elected without appealing to them."

Again, Cruz rejected the premise and struck back. "You know, Jon, it's a funny thing when you work in the media that somehow you think it is a hard line to present a positive optimistic vision. My speech today talked about imagining an America that gets back to free-market principles and the constitutional liberties the country was built on."

Liberals have done such a thorough job of demonizing conservatism, at least in their own minds, that they assume it's a given that conservatism is a skewed ideology held only by people who are innately lacking in compassion, backward-thinking and harsh. Happily, the opposite holds true.

You see, liberals can't understand Cruz's strategy because they totally misunderstand conservatism. It is not, as many of them actually appear to believe, any of the terrible things they ascribe to it.

As Cruz has built his reputation on the mantle of authentic conservatism, it will be his primary job to resurrect it as contagiously appealing and eminently mainstream. It will be his task, in other words, to awaken and embolden the battered, bruised and currently discouraged majority. I'm looking forward to this.

Thank You Mr Limbaugh and CNS.

Texas Governor Abbot: White House Failing To Secure The Border

WESLACO, Texas – The White House has been failing America in securing the border forcing Texas to step up to the plate and do what the federal government won’t do. That is the message that Texas governor Greg Abbott relayed during his most recent visit to the border.

“We must continue to protect Texas against the increasing threats from drug cartels, human traffickers,” Abbott said during a press conference attended by Breitbart Texas.

In an effort to secure the border, Abbott is expecting to receive state funding for 500 additional state troopers, cameras, aerostats and other equipment that will eventually allow border authorities better control of the porous border with Mexico.

“This is not just a border issue, this is not a Texas issue,” Gov. Abbott said. “It’s a national issue. The border of Texas is a major crossing point for cartels and cartel related activity but once it crosses it disperses across the entire country. “

As Breitbart Texas’ Bob Price previously reported, Texas DPS deployed additional troopers to the border after a switch in illegal immigration sent hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and illegal criminal aliens to through the Rio Grande Valley. This quickly overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol agents and Homeland Security efforts to stop the flow.

“We expect the President of the United States of America to fulfill his responsibility. As much as the state stepped up to secure the border, this is a fundamental responsibility of the federal government,” the Governor stated. “We continue to expect and demand the federal government to step up and perform its fundamental responsibility of securing the border, protecting its sovereignty and keeping the state of Texas safe.”
The Governor said his plan to expand the presence of Texas State Troopers along the border will lead to the scaling back of the Texas National Guard. This will lead to a more efficient force since, as Texas peace officers, the troopers will have arrest powers and other capabilities that the Guardsmen do not.
“We can and we must be more efficient and more effective in the process to secure the border,” Abbott said at the end of the conference.” The challenge is immense but Texas is up to the challenge.”
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Given Obama's Imperial Executive Amnesty, does this next report turn on any light switches?


Special Forces To Swarm Southern States And Operate Undetected For Weeks

Via Daily Mail:
Seven Southwestern states will soon be infiltrated by 1,200 military special ops personnel as part of a controversial domestic military training in which some of the elite soldiers will operate undetected among civilians.
Operation Jade Helm begins in July and will last for eight weeks. Soldiers will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado where some of them wil drop from planes while carrying weapons loaded with blanks in what military officials have dubbed Realistic Military Training.
But with residents of the entire states of Texas and Utah dubbed ‘hostile’ for the purposes of the exercises, Jade Helm has some concerned the drills are too realistic.

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It's later than you think America, much later.

Ted Cruz Makes First Campaign Appearance As Presidential Candidate In NH

Going back to the days of Ronald Reagan.
Ted Cruz, the first and so far only major candidate for president, swept into New Hampshire on Friday, upbeat and eager to embrace the outsider label he’s cultivated since erupting on the national scene three years ago.
“I am amazingly, powerfully, profoundly optimistic,” said the Texas senator, boasting to a cheering crowd at a VFW post that he had raked in $2 million within three days of launching his campaign Monday.
“The New York Times said Cruz cannot win because he is hated by the Washington elites,” Cruz said, and the 150 or more activists erupted. “I gotta admit, I wanted to Xerox that and mail it to all 300 million people.”
Cruz invoked the new rhetoric he unveiled with the launch of his campaign at Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian college. He said he’ll rely on an “army of courageous conservatives” to propel his bid for the GOP nomination.[…]
As usual, Cruz spoke without notes, entering the room with a wireless, flesh-color microphone already strapped to his face as he shook hands and posed for photos for 10 minutes on his way to the stage.
He also wore his reputation as an irritant in Washington as a badge of honor.
“You may have heard I’m not exactly the most popular person with congressional leadership,” Cruz said.
He asserted that leaders punished him for his role in the Obamacare budget showdown, which led to a 16-day government shutdown in October 2013, by cutting off campaign donations.
“Checks from Washington, D.C., went to zero, because that’s the way they impose discipline,” he said. “I have been there. It is broken.”
He looked relatively fresh for someone who’d taken part in the Senate’s 16-hour budget marathon, with the last votes cast at nearly 4 am. One of the dozens of votes was on a proposal from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a 2016 rival, that would have required deep domestic spending cuts to offset a boost on the defense side.
Cruz voted no, citing concerns that the provision would reduce aid to Israel and hurt scientific research and NASA, though he called it a “good-faith effort to solve the problem.”

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Seattle's Socialist City Councilor Behind $15 Minimum Wage Blames Capitalism For Job Losses


If there’s one thing socialists excel at, it’s denying reality.

Has Ms Sawant ever run a business? Has Ms Sawant ever Worked in a Private Sector business?

Or did perhaps Ms Sawant 'Community Organize' her way into Govt. fresh from Academia?

Six Flags Amusement Park To Go Green, ... By Cutting Down 18,000 Trees For Solar Farm.

More Green Energy.
Quick, someone find this guy!
[Ed; by all means, hit the 'this guy' link]
JACKSON, N.J. (AP) – A theme park plans to cut down more than 18,000 trees for the construction of what it says will be the largest solar farm in New Jersey.
Six Flags Great Adventure says the facility will generate 21.9 megawatts, or enough to power about 3,100 homes, and capable of meeting all of the park’s needs.
The facility will be located east of the safari park in Jackson and is expected to be operational during the second half of 2016.
Park President John Fitzgerald said in a statement that solar power will significantly reduce the park’s reliance on fossil fuels.
Six Flags spokeswoman Kristin Siebeneicher tells the Asbury Park Press the park and KDC Solar have pledged to replant 25,000 trees over a period of seven years.
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