Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear US Department Of Veterans Affairs, An Open Letter

Dear Department of Veterans Affairs, An Open Letter


A review of existing algorithms, including VA National Guidelines, APA, the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP), and PORT was conducted. After careful consideration, a modified version of TMAP was selected, and named the New Jersey Algorithm.
The sequence includes two trials of atypical antipsychotics followed by a Clozaril trial. If no favorable response is observed, a third atypical neuroleptic is tried, followed by a typical neuroleptic, followed by a combination of antipsychotic medications. The consensus of the internal advisory committee was to provide a flexible algorithm that will allow for minor modifications as new research is disseminated. Though a positive outcome has not been observed with the NJ Algorithm to date, researchers suspect that a larger sample size might generate significant findings in the future."
Dear Sirs;
Researchers, have been "suspecting" for decades. And these "Researchers" Are and Have Been coming to light as Highly Suspect Themselves thanks to our United States Senate Finance Committee, and other's, Investigations of the Money Buying their Research.
We therefore Submit that the ONLY "Significant Findings" these Researchers are going to "Generate In The Future" are the Same Findings they have Already Generated, & Copiously Documented, in the Past.

If you Continue to Purchase More of the Same Thing, you are Going To Receive More, of Exactly the Same Thing. You will Not receive Fresh Oranges if you buy More Oranges from the same batch because the last Oranges you bought, From That Batch, were Rotten.

We have read a bit of the Templates on your page.

Does a Veteran get angry?
Does a Veteran smoke cigarettes?

These are Not in fact Indicators of Imminent Suicide, and they are Not valid justifications to inflict Neurotoxins which Do Shorten a Veteran's life.

The US VA belongs to our Veterans and it should be an organization that All Americans can be Proud of. Allowing the purveyors of Junk Theories with No More actual Science than a Ouija Board to turn on our Servicemen and Servicewomen at the behest of their Chemical Cartel Masters is a Disgrace.

Will you Please, RETHINK, your position and clean these Drugs & their Pushers Out of our Vets Lives?

Failure to Medicate Does Not Harm Patients
Unsealed or Otherwise Formerly Confidential Documents

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susan said...

Very good piece. Anyone who wants to donate to charity should think of donating to Psych Rights. They do good work, as this post attests to.

Happy Holidays Mr. Bunker.