Monday, November 15, 2010

RAMS: Cultural Crapulence In San Francisco

Thank God that RAMS in SF is 'Culturally Competent'. Here's how that Psychiatric Cultural Competence hit the ground.

And here's that APA Kun Po Soo Award Winning Cultural Competent himself, Dr Francis G. Lu, ..... again: the former Top of the Psychiatric Food Chain in San Francisco, and City Hall Mental Health Board meeting Attendee to whom Truth Is a Relative Ideation when there's Millions of Public Dollars being chased.

Yes, This, is the same Cultural Competent whose;

"California Pacific Medical Center, and St. Francis Hospital. These are facilities that physically do not have a psychiatric emergency capability, nor the staff.”

And, just moments Earlier:

"Sutter Health announced in April closure of another 28 locked inpatient beds at CPMC"

, ..... So stunned the Other Supra Mentalists in the room - ALL of them - that they were Stricken Deaf and Dumb on the spot, ...... sort of.

OCAPICA 2004 Annual Report.

"New partnerships and projects included the Southeast Asian Children's Health Research Project (SEACHRP) and the Diabetes Fellowship. SEACHRP was a partnership with Special Service for Groups, Cambodian Association of America, Families in Good Health, Educated Men With Meaningful Messages (???). and Khmer Girls in Action funded by First 5 Los Angeles to conduct community participatory research exploring the education, health, and social service needs of Southeast Asian children 0 to 5 year of age. The Diabetes Fellowship was a collaboration with Latino Health Access and the Orange County Health Care Agency funded by the Pacific Life Foundation to build the capacity of AAPI community members, leaders, and staff representing community based organizations in Orange County to create advocates trained in diabetes prevention, control and management."

Mental Health: Comes With FREE Diabetes

RAMS (Richmond Area Multi Services) is on the Donor List of an Asians Only Organization in Orange County, 400 Miles south of San Francisco, where they were Donating to help Asians Only OUT of developing Diabetes while they were simultaneously Prescribing Diabetes/Antipsychotics ON Their Premises In SF. And PART of RAMS Funding came from the SFUSD - San Francisco Unified School District.

Were there Culturally Competent 'Differential Diagnoses' concocted for the kids in SF's Unified School District too, or was the Diabetes just prescribed indiscriminately?

Isn't Cultural Competence peddled on the School District's Dime, Simply to Die For?

"Although addictive gambling is devastating," said Dr Chiu "it can be cured with proper counseling."

Well isn't that just special ..... considering that everybody Else is expected to wear those Incurable 'Disorders' for the rest of forever, ...... because these Diagnosers just Know, ..... Because there's Millions of Public Dollars to be snatched up In the Knowing, ...... that they Can't Cure Jack, ..... .

If you think we're Nit Picking, please explain to Yourselves how the DSM grew to contain 374 Different Incurables in it.

Pathological Gambling is an 'Incurable Mental Illness', but at RAMS an Asian Psychologist claimed it's Not Incurable, as long as it's in other Asians.

Does This mean that if we Waste another few Billion training Amish Psychiatrists in the Culturally Competent needs of Amish Citizens that They will never need to fear Bipolar or Schizophrenia again in Pennsylvania?

San Francisco is divided into local Districts. The Districts elect District Supervisors who serve at City Hall as quasi Deputy Mayors. RAMS is located in SF's Richmond District and it's Inordinately proud of it's 'Cultural Competence' in serving the needs of 'Underserved Minority Populations' of Asians and Pacific Islanders.

SF's Richmond District is 64.3% Asian.

Just exactly When, did 64.3% become a 'Minority' of Anything?

And if you're New here, we're posting this Performance Audit Memo again.

RAMS was holding $16.3 Million in DPH contracts, and you'll get a heady whiff of how utterly misspent Every cent of that money was, & how the State of California came in and Covered it up.

RAMS is Not, an aberration.

"When we all work together in serving the community it is truly amazing what we can accomplish."

It certainly is, ..... on the SF Unified School District's Dime.

Are you Sure you want one of these operations springing up in Your town?

You'd better take a closer look, because odds are, you've already got one.

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