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SB 1953: California’s $220 Billion Hospital Heist: Americans Robbed, Big Time

California is $69 Billion in debt with a $19.1 Billion Budget shortfall this year. The Governator recently asked DC for Billions More to stave off Bankruptcy, and was refused. Without the Mother of all ballot box Donnybrooks this November, California will have to Lie/Refinance its way out of Bankruptcy, ….. again, ….. and have the Other 49 States Keep Bailing it Out, ….. again. Because, being the Mother of all PC Money Pits, California can’t Stop itself.

California’s Porkislature Legislated $3 Billion in actual Earthquake Damages into $220 Billion in projected Expenditures, so far, and NO upper Limit in sight.
DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 312.32: Kleptomania

SB 1953: Hospital Seismic Retrofit Act.
MedLaw.com has:
In 1994, following the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake which caused an estimated $3 Billion in damages to Hospitals and “Red Tagged” 12 Hospitals as unsafe to occupy, California State Government passed SB 1953, without funding it. California’s Porkislature Legislated $3 Billion in actual Damages into $220 Billion in projected Expenditures, so far, and NO upper Limit in sight.
But at least they Looked good. They ‘Did Something’, …. for the TV news to report that they were ‘Doing Something.’
Their 1st Retrofit Deadline came & went in 2008. Then it became 2013, which isn’t going happen Either. Next up is 2030, and if you think they’ll make it even then, we have a Very nice Bridge to sell you.
‘Upgrade’ is Sacramento Speak for Gotcha’ because Hospitals can Not move patients (who are on kidney dialysis thanks to Lithium for a Quack of Bipolar) Out of the way of Plumbers, Electricians, and Bulldozers, even for an afternoon or two.
SB 1953 is about Billing the Rest of America for New Hospital Construction All Over the State.
SF Gate.com has;
And according to SF’s Mayor Gavin Newsom, with No additional hikes in CITY tax rates to SF residents. It does Not have Mayor Newsom addressing the portion of that Statewide $220 Billion targeted at State & Federal Healthcare Programs.

"You don't pay any more and you get a world-class hospital," Newsom said.
Newsom also Didn’t say that their Children, and the Other 49 States Children, will be paying for it until 2032.
As of May 1st, 2008, we find, at:
Total: -$887,400,000
Interest: -$639,827,100 (projected to 6/15/2032)
Debt Service: -$1,527,227,100
But then what’s a measley $1.5 Billion, to just One of California’s Cities, when the Other 49 States have to fork over 60% to 75% of it through Medicare and Medi-Cal (California’s version of Medicaid), ….. Without ever seeing a Nickle’s worth of Return on it, ….. ever.
"Jeffrey Critchfield, chief of the hospital's (SFGH) medical staff, said the existing 252-bed structure would likely stand in the aftermath of a significant earthquake. "But we're not positive it can deliver services at an acute level - it has to be rebuilt," he said.
The old hospital would be used to house a cafeteria, psychiatric beds, clinical laboratories and outpatient facilities.”
To SF Govt. “Upgrading” means BUYING an additional NEW Hospital, and in an Earthquake Hospital collapse, Still letting the Nutz get crushed in the Old Hospital under the ‘Culturally Competent’ stewardship of the City’s Movie Reviewer in Chief: Dr FG Lu.
And if you think those Nutz don’t Matter, Think again, because You, …. Are those Nutz.
with “Diseases” (past APA Pres. Stotland) which Don’t Exist until some DSM Thumping Snake Oil Salesman Suckers them into a Chemical Lobotomy, ….. and charges the Rest of America through GOVT. HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS for the requisite SB 1953 Unfunded Mandate REVENUES.
Sacramento left the FUNDING of SB 1953 & all its Political Patronage up to California’s individual Counties to Pay for those Seismic Upgrades New Hospitals.
This way; Not Only does California get to BILL for Quack, but they bleed the Patients, Medicare & Medi-Cal on the back swing too: keeping their Lobotomy Zombies Coming Back with REAL Medical Problems, …. as a Building Fund Revenue Generator. It’s absolutely Brilliant. Everybody in California’s Healthcare Billing Scam gets a piece of America’s action except the Patient, ….. who gets a Lobotomy thanks to PhRMA’s CalMAP.
And San Francisco has managed to charge even That Cash Cow into a George Custer at the Little Big Horn, Financial Massacre.
Revenues: +$144,335,374
Expenditures -$190,134,579
General Fund - $47,799,205
They couldn’t even scrape up a Profit peddling Eugenic Opinions. They went $47,799,205 into the Red, in just 1 year. So even After Billing the Rest of America until 2032, they’ll Still come up Another $11 Billion short. This is SF Government. And DC - which is Far more efficient at Wasting Money - just took over Your Healthcare, ….. to hold Down the Costs, .... to buy what?
That same budget summary has SF blowing $60,711,914, in 'Mental Health' Salaries and Fringe Benefits, to Diagnosers who peddle Drugs which Cure Nothing, the Same way their Diagnoses have Cured Nothing, ..... Ever.
Despite Non Profit Hospitals advertising themselves as Teaching Facilities like SFGH, meriting preferential status founded upon their Charitable value to the poorer segments of society, they are Very concerned with profit.
Very, Concerned:
The $3 Million Dollar Staph Infection
You’ll notice that the Bill was Caused by multiple Doctors repetitive, Gross Incompetence.

“Mr. Dawson's health calamity, and the resulting $3 million in health-care bills it generated, was due to a staph infection, a bacterial skin infection that is usually easily cured if caught early. But Mr. Dawson's condition was missed by various doctors and spread throughout his body.”

And here’s Another paltry $600 Million in Castro Valley, Ca. that the Other 49 States have been, and will be for Decades to come, underwriting a substantial Medicare/Medi-Cal percentage of:
San Francisco General Hospital has a page, with links, explaining its position on Psychiatric Issues, and please NOTICE, their LINKS returned us BLANK PAGES on MEDICARE, and the GRIEVANCE PROCESS. So, apparently, NONE of the Public are supposed to KNOW Anything about Their Medicare FUNDING, and NO ONE Needs to know ANYTHING about FILING A GRIEVANCE over being Fraudulently Peddled a Chemical, Antipsychotic LOBOTOMY at SFGH.
Oh for Chrissakes, can’t RWJF do any better than This? But then why Should they?
This IS All they figure they Need to do, because nobody but the Nutz are going to look anyway, and whose going to believe Them, after being Infallibly Diagnosed by Expert Dope Peddlers trained in Séance Science under a Culturally Competent – so long as they’re Asians/Pacific Islanders/Blacks/Hispanics – and Eminent, ….. Researcher into the Medical Value of Obscure Foreign Movies.
finding Squat about their Culturally Competent Chemical Lobotomies coming with State Police Registration because those Chemical Lobotomies have been linked to Violent Homicides.
SFDPH peddles 'Harm Reduction', ...... by peddling Drugs that Cause Murder.
SFGH has a list of the Prices they charge, for all kinds of stuff.
& even at Those rates they Still need an Additional $1.5 Billion from Other people, .... to peddle 'Harm Reduction' drugs, which have caused murders.
On Cultural Competence
Did you know that California’s Bureau of Useless Bureaucrats has an actual Dept of TAX Funded RACISM?
Cultural Competency 

The OMS is responsible for ensuring that cultural competence is embedded into all facets of the department. Foster the understanding of society as a “mosaic” rather than a “melting pot”, thereby honoring and celebrating the diversity within California.”
If Psychiatry’s LOBOTOMY PEDDLERS hadn’t Junk Scienced all human experience into 374 Different Non Existent Illnesses already, there wouldn’t be any Need for their Eugenic Bureaucracy to Expand further into Cultural ‘Mosaics’. If being an American doesn’t trump your personal Ethnic-American, you’re pissing on the graves of the 60,000 Americans who died - in only 3 days - at Gettysburg to bring you the 14th Amendment, which America's Medical Racket coast to coast is Already pissing on Wholesale, because that conflict in the 1860s supposedly settled Forever the Garbage of Anyone being only 3/5th of a human being.
Oh well, ….. it’s BAAAAAAACK.
The State examines your Thoughts to Ideate their suitability to dovetail You into their Boutique Construction Projects, and then Drugs/Electrocutes you, to Death, to Fund their Unfunded Mandates which were Designed from the start, to sponge off of All of America.
$3 Billion in Damages was mandated into $220 Billion in projected Expenditures. And the Juiciest part of it is that the Politicians who Cooked this witches brew and are Serving it out won’t Eat the under funded and overextended DOJ HEAT for it, as they All, damn well Deserve to.
So, Alaska, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia, how do you like what Your Medicare & Medicaid are doing for You?
By Psychiatric lights, the California State Legislature has an Incurable ‘Mental Illness’ and Only an Army of ‘Mental Health’ Addiction-ologists can Chemically Lobotomize them out of their Incurably Insane Addiction to Appropriating All of America’s Money, ….. and returning the Other 49 States Absolutely Nothing but the Bill.
DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 312.32: Kleptomania

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