Saturday, June 9, 2012

'Mental Health' in San Francisco: Link Fest

America is getting Ripped off for at Least $90 Billion a year of every Citizen's money because Government doesn't Have any money of its own, ..... Healthcare FRAUD.

Federal DOJ Releases Court Documents In $452 Million Medicare Fraud Investigations

Great Work! Super! Fantastic!

Now where's the other $89.5 Billion?

29 Posts so far, and counting.

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Ca. Incompetent, The Auditors Report

Dr Mitch Katz was the then Director of San Francisco's DPH.

What's he been up to since then?

"Our survival depends on it," said Mitchell Katz, director of the county Department of Health Services. Unless the healthcare system improves, he said, "if people have choice, they won't choose us and the system will implode."

Excuse us, but that would be a Bad thing WHY?

Yeah, Right. 

There's an election coming in November America. Are you going to get it right this time?

Or are you going to allow this same, Stuff, called 'Mental Health', the same Stuff which killed 69 Million people 70 years ago, to continue?

Psychiatrists & The Holocaust

The Men Behind Hitler

Hitler's Unwanted Children

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