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Dr FG Lu & The SF Mental Health Board June 13, 2007: Part III

Taking up where we left off, from;
"California Pacific Medical Center, and St. Francis Hospital. These are facilities that physically do not have a psychiatric emergency capability, nor the staff.”
And, just moments Earlier:
"Sutter Health announced in April closure of another 28 locked inpatient beds at CPMC"
Dr. Francis G. Lu, June 13, 2007 San Francisco City Hall
Mental Health Board
June 13, 2007
Mental Health Board
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
City Hall, Room 278
San Francisco, CA 94102
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Rebecca Turner, Ph.D. (Chair); James L. McGhee
(Vice-Chair); James Shaye Keys (Secretary); Bridgett Brown; LaVaughn Kellum King; Dr. Toye Moses, Ph.D., M.P.H; Tom Purvis; Jagruti Shukla, M.D, M.P.H; Lisa Williams; Virginia Wright.
BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Jeanna Eichenbaum, L.C.S.W; John Kevin Hines; Claudia Lebish.
OTHERS PRESENT: Helynna Brooke (MHB Executive Director); Ayana Baltrip-Balagas (MHB Administrator); Francis Lu, MD, SFGH; Emeric Kalman, Member of the Public; Julio Montes De Oca, Conard House; Frank Vallecillo, Sunset Mental Health-MHA-SF; Alex Kutik, Member of the Public; Joyce Rich, Member of the Public; Laura Barber, Member of the Public; Mary R. Higgins, M.R. Higgins & Associates; Kathleen Connolly, Citywide Case Management Forensics; Marven Lightner, Member of the Public; David Keck, CBHS, Member of the Public.

These people Should know better than to swallow this Neither California Pacific Medical Center nor St. Francis Hospital owning Psychiatric Emergency Facilities or Staff BS, so, ….. Why the Silence, …… from ALL of them, ….. unless, ….. .
Were they ALL in the Bathroom when Dr. Lu Tendered his Revelation?
Were they ALL too busy ‘Gratefulnessing’ The Wizard of Oz & Tootsie on their ipods to speak up?
Were they ALL too busy consulting their Zialogic (who, BTW, Are operating Across State Lines) COMPASS & CODECAT manuals to make Dually Diagnosed Certain that Uncle Sam got Paperwork-$cienced for all of those Dual Diagnosed Crazies, so that Uncle Sam wouldn’t Refuse to Reimburse them?
Or were they ALL just too busy concentrating on converting that 1, Particular evening’s $2.368 Million Dollars to their own SFGH ‘ONLY 24 hr PES’ consumption, to speak up?
Let’s give them the Benefit of the Doubt and assume that 1 whole Year isn’t enough time for ANY of them due to the Gravity of all that Pseudo-$cientific Diagnostic acumen they’re all wrestling so mightily with . . . . except of course for Deputy Director Dr. Bob Cabaj who must have just Forgotten his Own Authorization of those Facilities/Staff (which don’t exist) on May 6, 2003.
This Environmental Evaluation Application is dated June 10, 2005: 2 years before this Gathering of ‘Mentally Healthy’ Thought Police at this SF City Govt. MHB meeting.

And ALL of These people got left out of the Loop too, Right? NONE of These people ever heard Squat about that check for $17,686 that went to the SF Planning Department, Right?

This is 'Mental Health' in San Francisco, and This, is Dr. Mitch Katz, who is the Director of Public Health, ...... who Also apparently didn't have ANY PROBLEM AT ALL with Dr. FG Lu's:

"California Pacific Medical Center, and St. Francis Hospital. These are facilities that physically do not have a psychiatric emergency capability, nor the staff

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