Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Medi-Cal Recertification in San Francisco

"There were no outstanding issues, and no Plans of Correction. He actually clarified some of the past zealousness which we have been accustomed to from that office! He was actually apologetic when he heard of some of the excessive requirements which were enforced in previous visits."


"Mr. Griffith was very substantive and inquisitive during his reviews, but summarized his visit by saying these are the BEST county-run programs he has ever reviewed"

Considering the Independent Auditor's Report we had in our last post, on RAMS, if these facilities are the BEST Mr Griffith has reviewed, What the Hell does that say about the Other programs Mr Griffith has reviewed?

", ..... and all of the beleaguered Program Managers who directed and hand-held the program staff, especially those double-dutied as program directors."

Such a dramatic, City Wide Improvement in Re-Certifying for Medi-Cal reimbursement – in light of the Independent Auditors review of Richmond Area Multi Services Utter Inability to Diagnose Itself in a well lit room – invokes a credibility commensurate with the Virgin Mary intentionally revealing her image in a Chicken McNugget.

“managing an angry client while demonstrating the security of medical records”

Were those Medical Records needing security the records of that Angry Client?

What might have angered that Client involving the Security of those Medical Records?

If, the Program Staff were competent, Paid Adults engaged in the LAWFUL execution of their assigned functions, Why, did Staff need Hand Holding, when Medi-Cal reimbursement recertification had their work under inspection? Or was it just that Paid, Program Staff need Hand Holding all the time?

We gotta wonder what else those Program Staff might need to have held by their Program Managers and Directors if the next Medi-Cal Recertification inspection they receive is from the Office of the California State Attorney General?

Now we’re not implying that anybody DROVE OFF WITH A FREE TRUNKLOAD OF SINGLE MALT SCOTCH, here, but, it’s not as though, ahhem, ..... gratuities, are unheard of: by Greg Abbott, the State Attorney General of the State, excuse us, Republic, of Texas where the hustle known as TMAP took root.

Risperdal, The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You.

California, like Michigan, adopted TMAP and craftily improved upon the original by replacing the letter T, with the letters Cal, for its own pointy headed little pharmaceutical profit packer called CalMAP.

What a shame it would be if California had to declare Bankruptcy, just because the stones in Medi-Cal philodendron pots were left unturned, as tens of thousands of California’s children continue to be crippled and turned into burnt out speed freaks by State licensed, drug pushing billing clerks playing at being Doctors.

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