Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama's Attorney General Questioned By Congress

What's our DOJ actually Busy with as the American Quack Association/Pharma Axis continues their privateering, Public Funded, Federal Racketeering and Civil Rights Statutes Violating Blitzkreig against every aspect of the human condition they can Ideate a Billing Code onto?

Roll Video

Roll Congressional Video

And remember no matter what you may read elsewhere in the coming months that This isn't Nixon. Nobody Died at the Watergate Hotel and the Government of Mexico has every right to be in a Royal Taking with this Administration.

WorldNetDaily has;
Sen Coburn: "There's Fire, Not Just Smoke" At Heart Of Fast & Furious Cover Up.

Well, at least this Administration's supporters still have, ..... .

Weasel Zippers has;
Pelosi: Obama Should Unilaterally Eliminate The Debt Ceiling By Declaring It Unconstitutional has;
No Forkin' Way: Secret Service Bans Utensils At Obama Speech

Daily Intel has pics too;
President Obama Can't Be In The Same Room As Forks Anymore?

And if you thought That was weird,
Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forego Gifts, Asks Their Guests To Donate To His Campaign Instead

It's not as though they don't have anything better to Do with their time.

'Mental Health' In San Francisco: Link Fest

But like the man said: Follow The Ideology.

None of the people responsible for those hundreds of violent deaths are headed for a strait jacket in a rubber room with daily shots of chemical brain eaters because they are the model of 'Mental Health' San Francisco's Illuminati wants everyone else to emulate, ..... because They are the people who keep Feeding those Illuminati, ..... who would be out of business Without being Government fed. (If you don't get the Illuminati ref. hit the San Francisco Link Fest. It's in there)

This Administration is not just what FREE STUFF from Government looks like. 
This Administration is what free stuff from Government is.

"Whenever you see a man coming toward you with the obvious intent of doing you good, run like hell."

Henry David Thoreau

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