Thursday, August 30, 2012

FREE STUFF For San Francisco's "Change Agents"

It's not as though we expect them to use it, since they probably don't have the time, what with Trying to Disable & Drug Lobotomize EVERY Child In San Francisco.

And they probably wouldn't want it Anyway, since it really Is FREE, and the rest of the country isn't getting Screwed to Pay for it.
(and if we got the percentages wrong on Medicare/Medi-cal/State Realignment Funds, TS, America's Still getting screwed)

And they can't use it to fill in that $1.527 BILLION Hole in the front yard of their C&C Hospital, which former Mayor & now Ca. Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom told them:

"SF has;
And according to SF’s Mayor Gavin Newsom, with No additional hikes in CITY tax rates to SF residents. It does Not have Mayor Newsom addressing the portion of that Statewide $220 Billion targeted at State & Federal Healthcare Programs.
"You don't pay any more and you get a world-class hospital," Newsom said.
Newsom also Didn’t say that their Children, and the Other 49 States Children, will be paying for it until 2032.
As of May 1st, 2008, we find, at:
Total: -$887,400,000
Interest: -$639,827,100 (projected to 6/15/2032)
Debt Service: -$1,527,227,100
But then what’s a measley $1.5 Billion, to just One of California’s Cities, when the Other 49 States have to fork over 60% to 75% of it through Medicare and Medi-Cal (California’s version of Medicaid), ….. Without ever seeing a Nickle’s worth of Return on it, ….. ever.
"Jeffrey Critchfield, chief of the hospital's (SFGH) medical staff, said the existing 252-bed structure would likely stand in the aftermath of a significant earthquake. "But we're not positive it can deliver services at an acute level - it has to be rebuilt," he said. 
The old hospital would be used to house a cafeteria, psychiatric beds, clinical laboratories and outpatient facilities.”
To SF Govt. “Upgrading” means BUYING an additional NEW Hospital, and in an Earthquake Hospital collapse, Still letting the Nutz get crushed in the Old Hospital under the ‘Culturally Competent’ stewardship of the City’s Movie Reviewer in Chief: Dr FG Lu.

Come to think of it, our offering this piece of FREE STUFF to San Francisco's "Change Agents" 
is almost certainly a Waste of Time because they're probably still too busy "Gratefulnessing" movies about Che Guevara to read it.

Yeah, they're not going to read it because they already know that Every Child in town needs a Chemical Lobotomy so they can continue with, as Dr. Bob Cabaj says, "The Important Work We're Doing." 

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