Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Atypical Trials Rigged: Haldol, Risperdal, Tardive Dyskinesia & SFDPH, Again

Piet P. Oosthuizien, M.B,; Robin A. Emsley, M.D.; J. Stephanus Maritz, D.Sc.; Jadri A. Turner, M.B.; and N. Keyter, R.N.
"Background: previous studies suggest that the risk of tardive dyskenisia is increased with higher doses of conventional antipsychotics. This study evaluates the 12 month incidence of tardive dyskinesia in subjects with first episode psychosis who were treated with very low doses of haloperidol.
Method: Fifty-seven subjects with first-episode psychosis and a DSM-IV diagnosis of schizophreniform disorder, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorder were treated according to a fixed protocol with a mean dose of haloperidol of 1.68 mg/day and prospectively studied for 12 months. Subjects were assessed for extrapyramidal symptoms at 3-month intervals. Data were gathered from 1999-2001.
Results: Twelve month incidence of probable or persistent tardive dyskinesia according to Schooler and Kane criteria was 12.3% (N=7).”

On jpg #1 Note the Cost of 1 month of the Atypical Antipsychotics versus 1 month of Haldol
1: aripiprazole (Abilify): $580
2: olanzapine (Zyprexa): $580
3: quetiapine (Seroquel): $465
4: risperidone (Risperdal): $475
5: ziprasidone (Geodon): $440
6: haloperidol (Haldol): $15

b) In the World Health Organization studies, 63% of patients in the poor countries (who can’t afford these expensive drugs) had good outcomes, and only one-third became chronically ill. In the U.S. countries and other developed countries, only 37% of patients had good outcomes, and the remaining patients did not fare so well. In the undeveloped countries, only 16% of patients were regularly maintained on antipsychotics, versus 61% of patients in the developed countries.

pg 11: The letter quoted is pre approval, from 1993.
17. Risperdal, which is manufactured by Janssen, was approved in 1994. Although it was hailed in the press as a "breakthrough" medication, the FDA, in its review of the clinical trial data, concluded that there was no evidence that this drug was better or safer than Haldol (haloperidol.) The FDA told Janssen:

"We would consider any advertisement or promotion labeling for RISPERDAL false, misleading, or lacking fair balance under section 501 (a) and 502 (n) of the ACT if there is presentation of data that conveys the impression that risperidone is superior to haloperidol or any other marketed antipsychotic drug product with regard to safety or effectiveness.”

17 years ago, and, those Drug Companies – who, unlike their blameless, gullible Behavioral $igh-entists, can afford to out lawyer even State Attorneys General –
Bloomberg has;
those Drug Companies Told those gullible, rosy cheeked little Behaviorists that their drugs were Safe and Effective.
In California, Risperdal’s Integrated ‘nonjudgmental caregiving’ carries State Police Registration for its ‘Safe and Effective’. Let’s Make Police Registration Mandatory in Every State, and see how long Antipsychotics remain on the market as our Courts Clog Shut prosecuting ‘Nonjudgmental’ reimbursement OCD sufferers.
DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 300.3 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
The Whitaker Affidavit. pg 12:

a) In 2000, a team of English researchers led by John Geddes at the University of Oxford reviewed results from 52 studies, involving 12,649 patients. They concluded: "There is no clear evidence that atypicals are more effective or are better tolerated than conventional antipsychotics." The English researchers noted that Janssen, Eli Lilly and other manufacturers of atypicals had used various ruses in their clinical trials to make their new drugs look better than the old ones. In particular, the drug companies had used "excessive doses of the comparator drug.,,46

b) In 2005, a National Institute of Mental Health study found that that were "no significant differences" between the old drugs and the atypicals in terms of their efficacy or how well patients tolerated them. Seventy-five percent of the 1432 patients in the study were unable to stay on antipsychotics owing to the drugs' "inefficacy or intolerable side effects," or for other reasons.
pg.13: on Zyprexa

“In a 2003 study of Irish patients, 25 of 72 patients (35%) died over a period of 7.5 years, …“

Shrinks and GPs inflict these drugs on anyone for Any reason they can Bill for. One doesn’t need to be Ideated into any Mystic Illness to be rendered Safe and Effective by them, and they wouldn’t Be the blockbuster Drugs they Are, …. without Govt. Health Insurance picking up the tab. In Texas TMAP pointed 85% of that tab at Public Sector payers.
And lest anyone Forget what these drugs Are, See:

Brain Damage, Dementia and Persistent Cognitive Dysfunction Associated With Neuroleptic Drugs: Evidence, Etiology, Implications. Dr. Peter R. Breggin

Refer back to jpg 1 and note the SFDPH Dosage of haloperidol/Haldol: 30 mg/day
1.68mg/day resulted in 12.3% Tardive Dyskinesia & SFDPH is OK with 30 mg/day. Haldol is Worth $15 per month, as opposed to $475 for Risperdal.

The SFDPH Formulary docs are dated Dec. 2007 & Jan 2009
The Low Dose Haldol/TD study is dated 6 years earlier, 1999-2001.
None of these people owned - and as of Dec 07 STILL couldn't Afford - any qualms about Intentionally Inflicting massive TD on people with the $15 Haldol to make the $580-$440 Atypicals like Risperdal look better.
But "Hope Remains For A Cure", because, ..... "Research Must Continue".
And Pfizer makes:

At the lower left of the SFDPH Formulary for Psychiatric Medications (jpg 3) is the statement;
"Most antipsychotics carved out to Medi-Cal"
Is it any wonder? Drug Companies buy 'Medication Compliance' studies to figure out how to Defraud/Force people into ingesting antipsychotics. Nobody would buy them if they Knew what they actually were, so Government Forces everybody Else to pay for them, .... until, ..... .


Mark p.s.2 said...

"schizophreniform disorder, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorder"
The psych label is the excuse to drug people. Don`t get diagnosed and you don`t get the drug.

D Bunker said...

Sorry to keep beating the same old drum here Mark, .... but in All the time these Quacks have been labeling, drugging, & electrocuting people, .... they have actually Cured How many of their own money grubbing opinions of, ..... ?

Come on, ..... Who the Hell goes to a Doctor, ..... to be Made Sick, ..... for Life?

Mark p.s.2 said...

re "Who the Hell goes to a Doctor,to be Made Sick".
People trust the medical science of a real doctors that treat real diseases.

You would think regular doctors might get upset with psychiatrists calling themselves doctors, when psychiatrists don`t cure anyone.

I`m just saying in another way the quote "Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined" Samuel Goldwyn

D Bunker said...

Mark, the Only thing on these characters minds is getting paid, & that extends throughout medicine.

786,000 unnecessary deaths a year?

Q: Who goes into medicine today?

A: People looking for a Recession Proof Paycheck. At 17% of America's GDP, they will Always be able to find another Paycheck no matter How badly they screw up.

Medicine does Not attract the best or the brightest. It attracts the incompetent.

Physician Diversion for Drunks & Dopers in the Operating Room? As long as the AMA continues to extend Protective Cover to the APA, .... the AMA itself has no credibility.