Friday, August 27, 2010

Healing The Collective: Imagining The Feminine Part II

“The one-sided patriarchally masculine value-canon of occidental consciousness and the fundamental ignorance regarding the essentially different female and feminine psychology have contributed in a major way to the crisis of our time. Hence, understanding the Feminine is an urgent necessity not only in order to understand the single individual but also to heal the collective.“

-Erich Neumann (1952)

Imagining The Feminine In Film

Ok; We’ve got 30 of these Luke Life Walkers hanging in a TV Rec Room, and even 30 of them Still can’t Diagnose Feminine from Falsies in a Cocktail Dress. The giveaway that this crowd is up to No Good lies in Erich Neumann’s last four words:

“To Heal The Collective.”

Who will Fine Tune that Collective from on high?

“Useful Idiots.”

Vladimir Lenin

How the Hell is an Erich going to ‘Understand’ the One single Mystery which No Man has ever Understood? And of course it’s a ‘Crisis of Our Time’ and an ‘Urgent Necessity’ as if the difference between men and women is something exclusively new to ‘Our Time’ for His New Age Blowhard to patronize us through.

Masculine and feminine will Never completely understand each other, and Vive le Difference! What a boring world it would be if these jokers were even Remotely capable to Heal Both into a Single ‘Collective’.

Dear Gratefulness;

There Does exist today a Non-“occidental consciousness and fundamental ignorance” which is a Far more Major Crisis than the one Neumann yanked out of his ass, and it does Not Understand any ‘Urgent Necessity’ of Healing the Unisexual Collective. It does not Want to understand the Feminine but to treat it like a Door Mat for sexual gratification and baby production. That Non Occidental consciousness doesn’t Need to defeat Your "one-sided patriarchally masculine value-canon of occidental consciousness" through Military means, but only to out reproduce it in order to supplant it with Militant Sharia, which is happening all over Europe. And Indelicate or Not, there is Real, Biological Behavioral Disaster bearing down on us in this next observation.

“Feminism is a Darwinian blind alley. In biological terms there is nothing that identifies a maladaptive pattern so quickly as a below replacement rate of reproduction; an immediate consequence of feminism is what appears to be an irreversible decline in the birth rate, Nations pursue feminist policies at their peril.

Katarina Runske’s book: Empty Hearts, Empty Homes: 1990

We can either Celebrate the only true Bio Difference between Human Beings worth celebrating along With Ms. Runske, or PC our progeny into Sharia because Western Civ. can’t survive a Psycho Unisexed Collective micro-managing of our Diversity of Ethnic Mosaic. however, Needs to Plunge us into Crisis through Neumann needing us at Fever pitch Worrying that men don’t know, “What is it a woman really wants?”

Neumann is the Only thing Psychiatry offers: “The Sky Is Falling”, because even after an Eternity of men wondering and Still not Knowing, we All have to go into Crisis Mode and Decades of Medicare & Medicaid grubbing Therapy over it.

The one-sided patriarchally masculine value-canon of occidental consciousness,”

What cabbage did this Halfwitted Sanctimony crawl out from under? Women are automatically Better understood and therefore Better Respected in the Non Western World?

Utopians like Neumann exist only to downgrade Everyone of Both sexes into Slavery. And his Blinkered Hair Shirt is Proudly there on display Top Dead Center, Exemplifying Perfectly the ‘Imagining The Drag Queen’ exuding from Esalen’s,

”Dood, Don’t Bogart that Remote! It’s My turn to On Site Fine Tune the Order of the DVD’s in our Film Viewing Seminar.”

Doc Francis and 'Brother David' peddle Gratefulness on the One hand, while on the Other peddling ‘Major Crisis’ Guilt Trip over how Sexually Imperiled Western Civ. is and how only They can save us ….. with their Own heads planted Firmly up their Erich Neumann over what Women are subjected to in the Non Western World: & Doc Francis had the Profound Epiphany in 1978 of it being His Purpose to Bring Together East and West, ….. because the East has SO Much to Teach the West, …… such as;

The murder of baby girls in China. Sexual tourist junkets to child brothels in South East Asia. Should we maybe toss a couple of Hindu wives onto their dead husband’s funeral pyres too, ….. just for old times sake? And by All means let’s not leave out those Spiritually Superior Non Occidental Castrations of young girls in North Africa, ….. to Equal out the Multi Cultural Inequalities that these Deep Thinkers are so obsessed with ‘Mental Healthing’ the West into.

“To Heal The Collective?”

These Drag Queen "Imagining The Feminizers" are, ….. ‘The’ SO Beautifully Well Ordered COLLECTIVE which we allow to Drug Murder other Sovereign & Autonomous INDIVIDUALS, ..... Solely and Expressly on their own Beautifully Ordered Say So, ….. because Their Disorders in other people’s minds are a Disease. (APA Pres Stotland)

If Hypocrisy were a crime, …..

How’s about we toss a Multi Cultural twist into the DVD player. Do you think that with this ‘Bonus Film’ these Spiritual 'Illness' Healers might be able to Actually Cure one of their own Opinions?

“Hope Remains For a Cure” Because, ..... “(RWJF's $12 Million worth of Seed Money) Research Must Continue.”

And these Towering Intellects, Selling Erich Neumann's CRISIS that Western Men don't know what Western Women want, are Hot on the Trail Hoping for a Cure, ..... in Dustin Hoffman’s bra.

Medical Publishing Company Calls Bullshit


betasheep said...

When I imagine the feminine, I think of Mother Nature. She seems to be quite the b*tch. Eking out an existence on this planet was a terrible struggle up until a couple hundred years ago. And that's for us lucky enough to live in the West. It's still a nasty, brutish pursuit for those who are not so lucky and who live in the less developed world. I think I'll continue to worship the masculine and leave the Goddess for the archaeologists, thank you very much.

D Bunker said...

Indeed. Archaeologists Do at least gather Physical, statuary evidence of Goddesses et al, unlike today’s myth interpreters who’ve ‘Imagined The Feminine’ into Eli Lilly’s APA Imagining Sarafem for PMDD, ….. which just happened to coincide with Lilly losing its Prozac patent.

The Goddess Alone knows how many Masculines have Already met her Flashing Eyed Athena face to face, Wishing that they’d Imagined Earlier how Carl Jung’s Jackass Cure All of Extra Marital Affairs were Guaranteed to summon her.

susan said...


I could not comment on your other blog but thank you for the list of Seroquel reactions/withdrawals.

I shall give you a hat tip in an upcoming article.

As for Godesses, I will stick with Bast..... and the goddess who allows me to open a can of tuna.

D Bunker said...

We can't say it often enough.

None of these Chemicals belong in Anyone, for Any Reason.

muzuzuzus said...

the problem goes even deeper than the patriarchy --it begins with the enslavement of animals!