Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Faces Of 'Mental Health' A Pictorial Essay

Here's just a Few faces of 'Mental Health' which come from 'Mental Health' drugs, brought to you by the Super Geniuses in San Francisco who, ..... , well, ..... , are Indeed Super Geniuses. They Must be, because the State of California Certified that they are by Licensing them as Super Geniuses, ....

A is for Abasia (which puts people on Mentally Healthy Crutches and into Mentally Healthy Wheelchairs)

B is for Blindness

C is for Child Psychiatrist (see the letter R)

D is for Dialysis, ..... Which, ..... if you have this Next, Particular Skin Color, you are 4 Times more likely to Need because You are 4 times More likely to be Quacked, than White Folks are.

We're having a lot of trouble understanding this Black folks 4X thing, ..... especially since the Eugenic Garbage of Psychiatric Genetics is Still holding a Completely Empty Bag, and God help us All if they ever Do gin up anything.

E is for Educational Problem (as in Edu-crats allowing 'Wellness Centers' into Public Schools to Peddle all of these Other 'Mental Health' Effects)

F is for Foaming At The Mouth

G is for Gangrene (also see the Letter L)

G is for Gynecomastia (males growing breasts and producing milk)

Parker Waichman Alonso LLP has;

Risperdal Said To Be Responsible For Breast Growth In Boys

DEPOSED: Risperdal, Prolactin & Gynecomastia: The Gorsky Transcript Pt III

H is for Heart Attack

I is for Impaired Driving

J is for Jaundice

K is for Ketoacidosis

New-Onset Diabetes And Keto-Acidosis In A Patient Treated With Olazapine

Leg is for Leg Amputation, from Gangrene, from Diabetes.

This is called "SYSTEM INTEGRATION". Everyone Else's Money is INTEGRATED, the Psychiatric 100% Incompetence to Cure anything is Completely INTEGRATED, and the Diabetes, Gangrene & subsequent Amputation, is completely INTEGRATED too.

M is for Murder

'Mental Health' Comes With FREE Homicide

US 18C95 Sec 1958: Murder For Hire

N is for Nuclear MRI Abnormal

O is for Obesity

Q is Self-Explanatory

R is for Rebecca Riley, as in murdered children

S is for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

S is also for Suicide

T is for Tardive Dyskinesia

If it appears we're Overdoing the TD pics, that's because TD is Much more Common than Psychiatry is willing to Tell the people they're poisoning it into.

This T is also, ..... self explanatory.

'Mental Heath' Comes With FREE Sudden Death

U is for Ulcer

V is for Vomiting

W is for Weight Loss

X is for Xanthopsia (a yellowing of the vision)

Y is for Yawning (as we All sit on Pins and Needles awaiting the Exciting news of Exactly How Many 'Mental Illnesses' Psychiatry has actually Cured.

Z is for Zero: The Number of 'Mental Illnesses' Psychiatry has Actually Cured, ..... ever, ..... and Will Ever Cure, ..... ever, ..... because, ..... you cannot 'Cure' ..... differences of Opinion.

If you Could cure differences of Opinion through Poisonings & Electrocutions: you wouldn't have a 'Mental Health' Industry which is a Picture Book definition of;

Black's Law Dictionary on Fraud:
"All multifarious means which human ingenuity can devise, and which are resorted to by one individual to get an advantage over another by false suggestions or suppression of the truth. It includes all surprises, tricks, cunning or dissembling, and any unfair way which another is cheated."
Here's that 2006-2007 SFCBHS Organizational Provider Manual again, ..... to tell us about the SF DPH CBHS's 'Philosophy' of Harm Reduction.

They 'Reduce Harm' through Philosophizing all of the above Direct Effects from antipsychotic Drugs like Risperdal into people who have a, ..... well, ..... let's be Frank, ..... shall we? They Defraud their poisons into Everyone they can BILL a DSM Label out of, ...... because there Isn't a SHRED of Biological Science lurking Anywhere, no matter How many rocks you turn over, to prove that their Political Illnesses even exist.

All of the above and More can be Yours in San Francisco & and everywhere Else Pharma's Seed Money digs its claws into the Rest of America's pockets.

And How much did SF actually Spend, to spread around all these manifestations of ' Mental Health'?

$200 Million in just 1 year. At those rates that’s a Billion in 5 years. And you can bet your sweet everlovin’ that it didn’t all come out of San Francisco Parking Meters. A Lot of it came from the Other 49 States and it Needs to be Returned to those other 49 States, just like every dime each of those other 49 States blew selling these Direct Effects Needs to be Returned to DC to pay down our $14 Trillion of Mortgaging Our Future to Communist China.
And SF's Diagnostic Prodigies of Supra-Natural, to say nothing of Supra-Moral and Deaf as a Fence Post at City Hall when Other People's Money is On the Line, ...... also deserve Their Proper Recognition, for their Stellar, Academy Award winning, Text Book Exposition of State Empowered Psychiatric 'Substituted Judgment', ..... Proving to the World that they are Indeed, Super Geniuses.

Dr Francis Gordon Lu: formerly San Francisco's Chief Psychiatrist (who left SF after we started reporting on Psychiatry)

Dr Mitch Katz: Former San Francisco Director of Public Health (who Also left SF after we started reporting on SF)

""Our survival depends on it," said Mitchell Katz, director of the county Department of Health Services. Unless the healthcare system improves, he said, "if people have choice, they won't choose us and the system will implode.""

Dr Robert P. 'Bob' Cabaj: Deputy Director of San Francisco Community Behavioral Health Services

Dr Rebecca Turner: 2007 Chairperson, San Francisco Mental Health Board

Dr James McGee: 2007 Vice Chairperson San Francisco Mental Health Board

And; You'll also find Dr. Bob Cabaj here at CSAM, whining for Hands Off Status, ..... because 'Medicos' are special people who are All Above The Law, and They shouldn't have to wear their own Tarot Science Stench, the way they expect everyone Else to wear it, ..... while grasping at Millions of Dollars of other Everyone Else's money. See here, & here, & here.

And Since these Incurably Mentally Ill, Shared Delusion Suffering Amnesiacs are the Top of the Psychic Food Chain in SF, ..... You, ..... are expected to be as Psychic as They themselves are, ...... should you have any Questions about the Other 49 States MEDICARE MONIES, or filing a GRIEVANCE, ..... though Lord knows why or how Anyone could have a Complaint, ...... because the Damn Near Bankrupt State of California Knows Best: that's why it Empowered these Brainiacs to 'Substitute, ...... Their, ...... Unimpeachable Judgment' in the 1st place.

Here's what we got by clicking on their Links for Medicare & The Grievance Process

Since our Federal Government has been so generous in Awarding these Super Geniuses Exactly what they have gone Begging for up to Now, ..... it remains our cherished hope that our Federal Government will Award them Exactly what they've gone Begging for in the Future, ..... the Very Near Future, ..... Every, Last, Single, One of them.

And that Same, San Franciscan 'Unimpeachable, Substituted Judgment' knows EXACTLY, Who, is Incurably 'Sick In The Head' ....... (besides of course, Themselves), ......

California Rehabilitates 'Mental Illness' in Physical Therapists
California Rehabilitates 'Mental Illness' In Attorneys
California Seals Records Of 'Mental Illness' In Physician Assistants
California Purges Records Of 'Mental Illness' In Dentists
California Purges Records Of 'Mental Illness' In Veterinarians
California Purges Records Of 'Mental Illness' In Osteopaths
California Purges Records Of 'Mental Illness' In Nurses
(and we haven't even Gotten to the Ca. Code dealing with purchasers of the coveted M.D. yet.)

because Everybody EXCEPT themselves and their clique is 'Incurably 'Sick In The Head'.

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