Monday, August 9, 2010

Thumb Screwed English & Drag Queen Movies

Yes, We're Still experiencing a Dump Truck full of 'Gratefulness', ..... with Dr. Francis G. Lu and 'Brother David', ..... at the Movies, ..... because Drag Queen Flicks are for Really and for Truly, Scientific, Psychiatric Sigh-ence.

Imagining The Feminine in Film

And for even More of the Psychiatric ‘Science' of Let it All hang out so that we can Write it up to Bill it up One to One Gratefulness with your 6 figure, Professional Ideate, let's refer to our Desktop Dictionary.

Because within it the English Language itself has been made the victim of a Psychiatric hit and run: just like Francis and his Asinine gratefulness.


opposed to; against

Anti does not mean happy, buoyant or joyful. Anti means Against.


ORIGIN Old English hǣlth, of Germanic origin; related to whole.

How can your thoughts/emotions be Whole by clubbing them with an Anti?

Ill: as in Mentally Ill;

ORIGIN Middle English (in the senses [wicked,] [malevolent,] [harmful,] and [difficult] ): from Old Norse illr ‘evil, difficult,’ of unknown origin.

How is Anybody’s inlook/outlook supposed to be Improved, or at the post Billing Code least, De Stigmatized, through Selling them a Reputation as Wicked, Malevolent, Harmful, Difficult, and Evil?

And of course, NAMI and every other Pharma Pig are propping BS campaigns to hang a Va-Va-Va-Voom Rear View Mirror Air Freshener over their own Stench.

Stigma Busters


ORIGIN late 16th cent.(denoting a mark made by pricking or branding): via Latin from Greek stigma ‘a mark made by a pointed instrument, a dot’ ; related to stick 1 .

as in a Symptom Poisoner’s Pointed Instrument on a Chart/Prescription Pad.


Our Desktop Dictionary actually Does define ‘Wellness’ as having something to do with good health, but, We ain’t buying it as anything more than the ‘Progressive’ & Deliberate Dumbing Down of Western Civ. through Perverting the language.

So What IS a Wellness? And No, President Clinton is not doing His walk on to re-define the word IS for us either.

Wellness is a redundantly suffixed adjective, and if any one of you ever trips over one of these Mythological pieces of thumb-screwed English (off the printed page, that is) will you Please photograph it, or better yet Club the damn thing and send it to a Taxidermist, because Someday, being the Only person on earth to actually possess one (they don’t exist in anatomy texts) Sotheby’s will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Hospitals sell Wellness, Drug companies sell it, Doctors sell it. Just think of the Bidding frenzy for the One Real ‘Wellness’ these language manglers could get their hands on, to duplicate, ….. kind of like a Real Chemical Imbalance, or a Real Schizophrenia gene (or cigarette gene).

In hardware stores you can buy wooden, spring set traps. They’re made by Victor. We’ve tried baiting them with peanut butter, but it’s bacon that bags the rat. And if you’re looking to bag a Wellness, Medicare & Medicaid bucks are America’s sweetest & most irresistible bacon. And there’s a Lot of Wellness Needing bagging.

Grandma Gets Printed.

"In-home services for the elderly and infirm were reduced by several million dollars, and Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, achieved his goal of having caregivers and the recipients fingerprinted in the future with the goal of preventing fraud."
Because if those Rats had been bagged earlier, we All wouldn't have just been Baited, Switched, & had our Necks Broken for National Socialist:

Heck, a Real Wellness would fetch Hundreds of Millions, …. just like a for Really & Truly Safe Patient Population for Wellness that’s so FDA Safe and Effective it needs California State Police Registration for the Safe and Effective Murders that Wellness causes.

But don’t you worry about it. Pay no attention to those Wellness Murders behind the curtain, because they’re all Gratefulnessed in a ‘State of the Art Home Theater’ at Esalen by Doc Francis and ‘Brother David’ - reeling in their own ecstasies of Mood Swinging Bipolar Manias – probably while sharing a couch (or at least a bag of Doritos) between the sub woofers as Dustin Hoffman on a 64” TV spits out one liners that someone else scripted in between his Max Factored Transvestite smackers, because, ….. Zen Drag Queens are like, ‘Spiritual’, Dood.

A Cinematic Masterpiece like Tootsie could never descend into that tawdry escapist entertainment Doc Francis Ideates so hard to steer clear of. How could a Millionaire Drag Queen be anything But spiritual?

Hollywood has long been universally recognized as a Philosopher’s Stone of selfless moral rectitude and Spiritual/Religious Enlightenment, as long as a Psychiatrist watching somebody Else’s big screen TV culls the ‘Escapist Entertainment’ out from Hollywood’s ‘Spiritually Elevating’ Drag Queen, ….. because Non Psychiatric America doesn’t Have to make $12 Million dollars of RWJF Grant (1) look like its doing anything other than Billing the rest of America.

Oh, …… the Zen, the Buddhist and Hindu aesthetics of it all, the Jungian Casting of Horoscopes, the melding of Eastern 14th Century “What, Me Worry?” and Western Vote Whoring Handouts, the Peace, Love, Wool Gathering, & Navel Contemplating, the Onion & Bacon Dip, the George Carlin Hippie Dippie Weatherman, it’s All Right There, ….. and it’s just so indescribably, …… Bio-Scientifically Nutz to find these guys being dead serious about themselves, ….. in a TV Rec Room, ….. and that the Entire Psychiatric Racket is every bit as Scientific as their Siskel & Ebert.

Drag Queens on DVD are 100% APA Distinguished Fellow 'Gratefulness' certified for bagging your own, personal Wellness.

And since Dr. Lu has Mentored his own little Commando Corps of Gratefulness Investigators who are riding their Billing Sticks down to the nubs for His RWJF pimp too, he probably knows better than to poison himself or ‘Brother David’ with any of his filthy Wellness, although considering what his Gratefulness is actually comprised of;

All 23 of the Psychiatric Poisons in our FDA Adverse Reaction section feature Psychotic Disorder as an FDA reported Adverse Reaction with each Drug Individually identified as 'The Primary Suspect Drug' responsible for that Adverse Reaction

Abilify: Psychotic Disorder

Adderall: Psychotic Disorder

Celexa: Psychotic Disorder

Clozapine: Psychotic Disorder

Cymbalta: Psychotic Disorder

Depakote: Psychotic Disorder

Effexor: Psychotic Disorder

Geodon: Psychotic Disorder

Klonopin: Psychotic Disorder

Lamactil: Psychotic Disorder

Lexapro: Psychotic Disorder

Neurontin: Psychotic Disorder

Paxil/Seroxat: Psychotic Disorder

Prozac: Psychotic Disorder

Risperdal: Psychotic Disorder

Ritalin/Concerta: Psychotic Disorder

Seroquel: Psychotic Disorder

Strattera: Psychotic Disorder

Tegretol: Psychotic Disorder

Wellbutrin: Psychotic Disorder

Xanax: Psychotic Disorder

Zoloft: Psychotic Disorder

Zyprexa: Psychotic Disorder

“Someone Else’s TV Room”, ….. is how “The” top Psychiatrist in “The” most thickly polluted Psychiatric, ..... ahhhm, ..... City in America, defines:

“Medical Research Laboratory”


susan said...

Where is Haldol on that list, Bunker that almost killed me?

Where is lithium which is killing me now?

And why do drag queens look better than most girls?

Good piece.
And yes, when I lived in LA I was invited to attend the grand opening of Pricilla Queen of the Desert. Fun movie. Fun sound track.

D Bunker said...

Haldol. we were saving it for another post, ..... BUT;

“Incidence of Tardive Dyskinesia in First-Episode Psychosis Patients Treated With Low-Dose Haloperidol” (Oosthuizen et al):

has That disgusting horror producing measurable Tardive Dyskinesias in 12.3% of the people poisoned with it, ...... at ONLY 1.68 mg per day.

And Dr. Lu's San Francisco DPH Psych Med formulary recommending up to 40 mg per day.

But since we Already know that the Atypical Trials were Rigged with Excessive Doses of the Comparator Drug, & that 75% of the people being Battered with Any of that Crap had to Discontinue it for various reasons, and that the Haldol cost between $15-$70 per month as opposed to Risperdal at $335-$875 per month, .....

Don't That just sum up the 'ETHICS' of Psychic Disease Mongering?

$1.5 Billion Dollars for a New C&C of SF Hospital.

susan said...

Please write about Haldol. Keep writing about it.

Tardive Dykinesia caused every muscle in my body to stop functioning and I almost died.

I spent 2 months in a rehab hospital and 2 months doing rehab outside once I was discharged.

Someone has to keep writing about this drug, because like you just said, it was prescribed to me because of the cost on my insurance.

Thank you Bunker.

betasheep said...

For a truly great drag queen movie, I recommend John Waters' Female Trouble. Drag queens have nothing to do with the feminine. They're simply a very vicious, very mocking parody of the feminine. The fine folks at the Esalen are missing the point entirely. Imagine that.