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Communism: How Stupid Do You Have To Be?

IF, you read the CPUSA Constitution, there's One issue that, ...... you'll see what we mean.

How Stupid do you have to Be, to be a Communist?

On the side of their CPUSA Constitution page is a link to an article called "FBI Raids: An Attack On First Amendment Rights."

In which the US Supreme Court is characterized as "ultra right dominated".

Oh, so That's how we got a 5 to 4 decision on ObamaCare which created a heretofore unheard of and 100% Unconstitutional Congressional Power to Tax Citizens for Not doing/buying something. Thanks for clearing that up.

But of FAR more importance is This Stunner.

"It does have everything to do with chilling the long cherished tradition of the right to dissent."

The RIGHT TO DISSENT, for Communists, can only be preserved by smashing capitalism and instituting Communism, as laid out in the Constitution of the CPUSA.

SECTION 1. The system of organization of the Communist Party is based upon the principle of democratic centralism, which means that decisions and policies are made through democratic procedures, and that once a final decision is made, all members are obligated to carry it out. Democratic centralism combines the maximum involvement of the membership in determining policy and in the democratic election of leading committees with responsible direction from one national center coordinating the activity of the entire Party along commonly agreed-upon lines of policy.
Unity is the strongest weapon working people have in the struggle to advance their interests. By making a commitment to unite around a program of action, members strengthen the Party and help unify the working class and peoples’ movements.
Collectivity is the basic style of work of the Party. Through group discussion and action, we seek to develop and apply the best possible plans to advance the interests of working people.
SECTION 2. Each Party body is subordinate to the next higher body, with central authority vested in the National Convention, the highest body of the Party, which not only has the authority to act on all aspects of Party policy and activity, but elects the national leadership to carry through its will and decisions between conventions.
SECTION 3. After a thorough discussion in any club, committee or convention, decisions are arrived at by majority vote. All members, including those who disagree, are duty bound to explain, fight for and carry out such decisions, as long as they do not conflict with national policies and decisions.
Decisions of leading committees on major questions shall be reported to all other Party bodies. Any member, club or committee, disagreeing with a decision, has the right to appeal the decision to the next higher body and request that the decision be reopened. While the appeal is pending, the decision must nevertheless be carried out by all members of the Party.
All appeals of decisions made to the next leading committee shall be heard by the respective body with 90 days or at the next regular meeting of the committee. Appeals may be made to successive leading committees up to and including the National Convention, provided that the appeals are made at least 30 days before the National Convention. Decisions of the National Convention are final. Once a final decision is made, no member, club, committee or leader has the right to violate the decision or to combine with others to conduct an organized struggle against the decision.
So, what happened to all that First Amendment jazz? 
"chilling the long cherished tradition of the right to dissent.
They're about Organizing and Unionizing to support the rights of the oppressed, the downtrodden, the under represented and on infinitum, UNTIL, They have made a decision at the National Level, from which NO DISSENT IS ALLOWED.

You Have to wonder How many of the rank and file members of the CPUSA have ever even Read their own Party Constitution.

"We Demand our Right to Vote away our Right to Vote."
"We Demand our Right to Dissent to our own Right to Dissent."

 Back to CHANGE AGENTS: from:

 Speech To Chautauqua: The Communist Party, A Work In Progress by Sam Webb
"President Obama and progressive Congress people cant be the only change agents and will be change agents only up to a point. Our responsibility is to support them, prod them, and constructively take issue with them when we have differing views. 

But more importantly and this is the heart of the matter we have to reach, activate, unite, educate, and turn millions of Americans into change agents who can make the political difference in upcoming struggles. 
Our parents and grandparents were such bottom-up change agents in the Depression years and the sixties. The American people today would do well to follow their example." 
"The American People would do well today to follow their example."

They not only Would do well, they Have done well. 53% of the popular Vote went for Obama in the last election, and we have a much Larger version of the same Disaster FDR created in return for that Vote. $6 Trillion worth of additional "Example".

Now, does anyone have a problem understanding the term "Change Agent" and its Who its Parents are?

Pg 1: Paragraph 1: 
"Bob Cabaj and Barbara Garcia welcomed Executive Directors and Change Agents to the meeting and spoke about Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration. Local Providers detailed their change agent and partnership experiences.
How do you like it, America? Hope you're enjoying it, because You're Paying for it.

We keep telling you, It's not medical. It's Political. 

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