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I AM The Law! A Paramedic Has Them Locked Up

In 2004-2005 the SFFD HOME Team repeatedly chased 225 repeat drunks at a cost of $12.9 Million Dollars.
The SFFD’s baseline budget was $191.9 Million. In the following 2 budget years the SFFD’s baseline income rose to $243.8 Million over their baseline expenses of $223.8 Million, and with the Lion’s share going for Salary Increases, ….. after Blowing $12.9 Million a year had them cutting it too thin to Ensure Fire Protection.
It looks like they actually Spent an additional $5 Million – most of it in Pay Raises - and were left with a $20 Million Reserve after chasing 225 Drunks: most of whom didn’t Need a ride to the Emergency Department after all.
‘Social Justice’ in SF is $25.8 Million SFFD/Public Dollars Shot to Hell, …… EXCEPT, ….. as an Excuse to Fill In ‘Behavioral Science’ Time Cards.
And what does that ‘Behavioral Science’ consist of?
Pg 9: a picture is worth a Thousand words.
Blow up the pdf to 200% & look carefully at the 3 addressing the guy in the red shirt. Do they look ‘Welcoming’ to you? There’s more smile in sucking on a lemon. Check the Body Language. Mr. Paramedic is squatting, but he’s still Above the guy in red looking Down on him. And those 2 gals must be some sort of Social Worker. Both are standing with their arms folded: stone “Keep your distance. Don’t contaminate me.”
The Justice dispenser in black doesn’t know whether to fall asleep or ask the camera man if they’re through yet. And her skinny companion’s cocked over to one side, waiting for Mr. Red Shirt to struggle to his feet and Finally understand that Her needs are more important than His.”
Does Mr. Red Shirt look like he Wants to be ‘Helped’? Or that he’s been promised a ‘remuneration voucher’ for his co-operation in this photo op, and there’s a Corner Liquor Store within 3 blocks of this scene?
If these three ‘Social Justice’ condescension dispensers truly Gave a shit about Mr. Red Shirt, they’d help him up and invite him home on their own dime. Not in This life. They’re behaving the way they’re Accustomed to behaving, which is making sure that he Knows that They are Better than he is.
Justice is the Province of our Courts of Law. Justice is Not any of the San Francisco “We need a Salary Increase & Public Relations op” Fire Department’s Business, Especially when the Fire Department's Business required a Civil Grand Jury to 'Investigate' its culture of Drinking & Drugging on the job, at a rough DAILY COST of $684,000.00 to run 48 Fire Stations in a town 49 Miles Square.
The Civil Grand Jury's Report is titled:
The Drinking & Drugging report starts on pg 21.

The horrifying part of this Paramedic stuff is that it’s Spreading as a Model to Other Cities who smell a Raise on Medicare/Medicaid’s dime, and SF's three can’t even manage a Staged, Photo Opportunity to Look Good while they’re posing for it, ….. Unless they’re ‘Sending A Message’ (a long time Staple of ‘Social Justice’ peddlers) to the Other Cities ‘Social Justicers’ that they Too, can continue to stand around with their arms folded looking Down at People and get a Salary Increase for it.
Blow it up to 600%. 3 Faces. That’s not compassion. It’s condescension.
Hit pg 12:
Worked with DPH to create first ever Locked dual-diagnosis programs.
‘Social Justice’ is Being Proud of being First to Lock people up without a Warrant, or Probable Cause by a Paramedic - NOT, a Police Officer - in order to Dual Diagnose them into their Ocean of 100% Incompetent to Cure Jack, Social Justice condescension peddlers. (who need their Hands Held by Program Supervisors at Medi-Cal Billing Recertification Inspections)

Hit page 9 of the EMS pdf
Find all frequent users (housed or homeless)
They All need to be Dug out, Locked Up & Set Up by being Brain Bashed.
Hit pg 13:
Goals: Identify System Barriers uncovered by the HOME Team.
If this were the private sector rather than Government amalgamating into One Gargantuan Medusa working Hundreds of Millions into each others pockets, they’d be busted under Racketeering Statutes.
Locking up drunks is the business of the Police Dept. under Public Intoxication Statutes, but San Francisco is too ‘Progressive’ for that, and it’s Much more Politically profitable to ‘Social Justice’ them. The people who go Into this line of paid condescension dispensing are the people who Keep Electing Nancy Pelosi and every Other redistributing Collectivist the Democrat machine hands down to them, …… because it Beats Working for a Living.
Their Political Gargantua gets to lock people up without having to charge them, ever, while handing out the Govt. goodies (everyone else’s money) to their Own Employees through playing the Pretend Game that these drunks have a Disease which only Psychic medicine can ‘Dual Diagnose’. Dual Diagnosis is a Con designed to insure that Medicare/Medicaid does Not refuse to Pay on claims submitted.
If you BILL it out of Medicare/Medicaid it doesn’t have to come out of the local General Fund. You put Your Bite on the Other 49 States.
The ‘Social Justice’ system itself is Designed to circumvent the Law in order to Pay itself while Immunizing Itself (no one’s Rights are being Violated, because it’s Compassionate) from the people it’s Feeding on. It can’t function without the Medical Doctrine of ‘Therapeutic Privilege’ which Doctors hide behind to withhold Any piece of information they wish to withhold.
Nobody who knew what these drugs actually are, would Ever willingly poison themselves with them, ….. until After, ….. the damage from them accumulates into the ‘Rebound Effect/Super Sensitivity Psychosis’ which will make it Impossible for them to function Without those drugs.
If the Police ran these inebriates in for Public Intoxication, they’d do their weekend, 30 days, 90 days, Sober Up and/or Move On. With Antipsychotics they will Not Sober Up, and will End up needing Permanent or Semi Permanent/Revolving Door Institutionalization, …… because Mr. Tangherlini and his Social Workers ‘Care’, ….. about ‘Social Justice’.
Put aside the Legal and Moral ramifications affecting the guy in the red shirt, and project the Ultimate Cost to Society of this model of ‘Social Justice’. It’s guaranteed to put an ever Increasing financial Need to provide More, Lock Down Facilities/Pseudo Medical Prisons, upon everyone. And how often have we all heard about how Expensive and Counter Productive our network of Real Prisons, & Prison Guard Unions Already are?
If the Compassion Frothing Voters of San Francisco want Mr. Red Shirt ‘Out of Sight & Out of Mind’ for being drunk in public, the Lawful response is to have him arrested & booked for Public Intoxication, and Get Rid of all the Other Govt. freebies such as Public Assisted Housing which Keep him in San Francisco, ….. drinking in public on everyone else’s dime as a means of providing Make Work for dispensers of ‘Social Justice’ who need Salary Increases.
And excuse Us for being so Non Compassionate as to notice, but do his clothes look like they came out of a dumpster and haven’t been washed in 6 months.
Who do you think Bought the beer for him to begin with if he’s unemployed?
‘Social Justice’ is the Rule of Law breaking down, and its inescapable Final Incarnation is ‘One Police State Under Poverty and Anarchy for All’, because at some point in the near future, there won’t Be any Compassion Money Left in Medicare & Medicaid to continue Feeding this ‘Social Justice’.
Our National Debt Ceiling has already hit $14.3 Trillion. The Cookie Jar is empty.
Mr. Tangherlini’s ‘Social Justice’ is a part of Why your Parents and Grandparents are getting Reamed Royally BY Medicare & Medicaid after being DEFRAUDED into paying Into those programs their Entire, Working Lives.
The money They forked over is paying an Ocean of ‘Social/Street Justice’ Condescension Dispensing, Deadweight.
Justice belongs to Courts, Period.

and these 'Social Justice' dispensers are fronting for Who?

CNNmoney.com has;

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D Bunker said...

Since Nobody Else has yet addressed the question, ....

WHY, ..... is Capt. Tangherlini dragging Public Drunks off to be Locked Up, ..... while his Own Fellow Fire Dept Employees are being Paid Very Handsomely, ..... to come to Work Drunk?

Oops, excuse us. The problem Solved itself because the Civil Grand Jury offered its recommendations.

It's perfectly OK, apparently, to BE a Drunk so long as you're a Public Employee, but if you're a Private Citizen, then Off You Go.

Might Mr Tangherlini's reluctance to "Bring It On Home" (Social Justice) to his own SFFD crib have anything to do with pg 17 of the Grand Jury Report?

We Quote:


5.5: "Firefighter/paramedics in some stations are routinely referred to as "f----in' medics" and "a--wipes".

You Also have to ask "What is a Public Drunk" & How do you even Define Public?

Because Who in the Hell actually OWNS those Firehouses where the Drinking & Drugging is going on? Is it the Fire Department, Their Union, or the Public?