Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tax Payer Leeching SF State University Holds Special Graduation Party For Illegal Immigrants Only

I believe the official PC-approved term here is “undocumented fiesta.”
Undocumented students graduating from San Francisco State University (SFSU) received an extra treat this week—a special celebration at the university in their honor.
Hosted by the student organization Improving Dreams, Equity, Access and Success (IDEAS), 25 students who are residing in the country illegally gathered on campus for the public university’s first annual Beyond Borders Graduation. According to the Golden Gate Express, SFSU’s student newspaper, around 300 friends and family members also attended the ceremony.
SFSU’s official commencement ceremony isn’t until May 22, but Nancy Jodaitis, advisor to IDEAS, said the special ceremony on May 17 was more “intimate.”
“It’s more intimate, so people tell their personal stories,” Jodaitis told the Golden Gate Express. “The stories are all different, but the challenges and struggles are very similar and this is a safe space for them to share.”
According to the student newspaper, the ceremony was held at the Annex, an on-campus facility.
Ana Morales, president of IDEAS and soon-to-be SFSU graduate, told the student newspaper that she was proud to partake in the first Beyond Borders Graduation.
However, Niike Andino, a minority student at SFSU, told Campus Reform in an interview that the ceremony could only perpetuate “illegal activity.”
“People complain and protest all the time [about the rising cost of tuition], but then you have situations like this where undocumented students have their own ceremonies,” Andino said.
“The student government needs to wake up,” Andino said, calling the celebration a “total waste of money.”
Thank You Campus Reform and Zip. 

From Mental Health Ground Zero:

UCSF Is #1 Top Grossing Public Hospital In U.S. 

And in the related rubbing of salt into the bloody wound they've inflicted on America:

SF Govt. Hides Psych Gulags Then Buys SF Gay Men (& no, we're not making it up) 'Penis Shaped Stress Toys & Penis Dollars' to make them 'Mentally Healthy'.

 Where the hell is Larry Klayman when you need him?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Iowa Dems Can't Name An Accomplishment By Hillary Clinton As Secretary of State

What HRC accomplished as Sec State?

She/The Clinton Foundation, took the money.

And afterwards, Her Emails went missing, on Her end.

Her Emails are most certainly Not missing on the recipients end, not after they forked over hundreds of millions to buy them.

Do the math.

Obama Admin Issues 184 Rules Costing At Least $80 Billion Annually

By Ali Meyer | May 19, 2015 | 3:14 PM EDT

( - During the six years that President Obama has held office, the number and cost of regulations has continued to climb, with the issuance of 184 major rules estimated to cost $80 billion annually, according to the Heritage Foundation’s Red Tape Rising report.
A major rule is “generally defined as having an expected economic impact of at least $100 million per year.”
“The number and cost of government regulations continued to climb in 2014, intensifying Washington’s control over the economy and Americans’ lives,” the report stated. “The addition of 27 new major rules last year pushed the tally for the Obama Administration’s first six years to 184, with scores of other rules in the pipeline.
“The cost of just these 184 rules is estimated by regulators to be nearly $80 billion annually, although the actual cost of this massive expansion of the administrative state is obscured by the large number of rules for which costs have not been fully quantified,” it added.
In addition, the number of major new regulations in Obama’s first six years is twice as many as in Bush’s first six years. From 2001 to 2006, the Bush administration issued 75 major regulations. From 2009 to 2014, the Obama Administration issued 184 major rules, which is145 percent more than Bush.
“This is not just a Democrat, Republican issue. This is a bureaucracy issue,” said Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) at the Heritage Foundation event to release the report on Tuesday. “And it’s been a growing problem for a long time and continues to accelerate. I remind people often that the regulatory scheme is ground zero of the fight that we’ll have with government for the coming days.
“Originally we were a government by the people, for the people, of the people,” said the senator. “When the people have to come to someone else to seek permission for everything they do, it’s shifted, and we’ve seen that shift.”
“Many more regulations are on the way, with another 126 economically significant rules on the Administration’s agenda, such as directives to farmers for growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables; strict limits on credit access for service members; and, yet another redesign of light bulbs,” stated the report.
“In many respects, the need for reform of the regulatory system has never been greater. The White House, Congress, and federal agencies routinely ignore regulatory costs, exaggerate benefits, and breach legislative and constitutional boundaries. They also increasingly dictate lifestyle choices rather than focusing on public health and safety,” it added.
“Immediate reforms should include requiring legislation to undergo an analysis of regulatory impacts before a floor vote in Congress, and requiring every major regulation to obtain congressional approval before taking effect,” stated the Heritage Foundation. “Sunset deadlines should be set in law for all major rules, and independent agencies should be subject—as are executive branch agencies—to the White House regulatory review process.”

Thank You Ms Meyer and CNS.

But, but, . . we'll all die horrible deaths if we don't keep funding these essential regulators.

And besides, we're rolling in money.

War On America: ObamaCare: 3 Reports for 5/20/2015

Maybe not, but it sure's hell won't stop the left from trying.


Thank you nachumlist

Monday, May 11, 2015

Former NYPD Commish: Eric Holder's To Blame For The "War On Police"

Yup. Although I think we all know there’s several more that can be equally blamed…
Howard Safir, former NYPD Police Commissioner ripped into former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for starting a war against police officers and law enforcement agents.
“Speaking on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970, the commish for four years under Rudy Giuliani expressed hope for a federal inquiry into the Baltimore Police Department, which will be led by new Attorney General Loretta Lynch.”
“Unfortunately, Eric Holder, the previous attorney general, had a war on police. He spent more time investigating police departments than he did investigating criminals,” Safir told host John Catsimatidis.
Holder played a visible role in situations that have turned into anti-police movements, especially in Ferguson, Missouri with the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson shooting.
Thank You Mr Stone and Truth Revolt 

FBI: Cop Killings Have Nearly Doubled In Past Year.

Obama Foundation: First "Eight Years Is Only The Beginning".

Obama DOJ Invokes Mike Brown, Freddie Gray To Slam America's Police For Being Racist At U.N. Human Rights Council Meeting

Armed Citizen Saves Officer Under Attack In Oklahoma

From Real America, or, The Way It's Supposed To Be.
Another vote for the 2nd Amendment.
A rookie Oklahoma City police officer became separated from his partner during a foot pursuit and managed to close in on the robbery suspect they were chasing. The suspect managed to get control of the officer’s baton and started striking him in the head repeatedly, and the incident might have become another murder of an officer in the line of duty if it wasn’t for an armed citizen stepping in to save the day:
It happened just after 2 p.m. Tuesday in the 2800 block of W. Park Pl. Rookie Officer Adam Eller and field training officer Sgt. Michael Lambert were responding to the burglary call.
The two suspects in the burglary, Tremaine and Jermaine Williams, are twin brothers. Police say Tremaine was already gone when they arrived, but Jermaine was there and when he saw the officers he took off on foot.
Thank You Bearing Arms and Nick. 

California Attorney General Writes Letter To Biden Urging Him To Bring State's Gun Confiscation Policy Nationwide

California Gun Rights Group Dares Politicians To Pass Bills.

The 'Mental Health' crowd can't cure any of their specious diseases, but the California Legislature can and has, California Diversion Programs (7) (despite the 5th and 14th Amendments). 

This is the same Legislature which has put the State of California over $1.1 Trillion in debt, and yet they're still brighter, and more competent/S than the 'Mental Health' set. 

California's Mental Gun Law

Appeals Court Declines To Hear Kamala Harris (Ca State Attorney General) Appeal To Overturn "Shall Issue" Ruling