Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day, Bill Whittle, The Assault On Civilizational Structures

What we have today did not come gift wrapped. It is ours at an absolutely horrific price and it is being eaten and destroyed in huge gulps by the amoral and blasphemously ignorant.

As Bill points out, the world has not seen America truly angry since 1945.

See the series The Pacific. Buy it, Period. Get a good look at the awesome price our forefathers paid for what we have today.

HBO The Pacific

Freedom is never more than a single generation away from extinction.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Loch Ness Socialism

Contrast it with this.

The Fall of Sweden: Multiculturalism, The Muslim Invasion And Sacking of Sweden

The unfortunate Swedes believed themselves into the oxymoron of a Benevolent Socialism. And now their Benevolent Socialist Govt is feeding them into a meat grinder and Ms Carlqvist, among others, can't understand why.

Proponents of Govt./Socialized Healthcare (or anything else) cite the European models. If those countries can provide it, why can't we?

1: Those countries are not providing it and never were. The Capitalist, U.S. Taxpayer was providing it, . . . Because,

2: The United States Military has been providing 'Those Countries' with their real defense at U.S. expense since the end of WWII.

Thank You Mr Whittle and Truth Revolt.

No Retreat From Hillary's Village

Mary Grabar
May 26, 2016

A campaign ad that Hillary Clinton used against Barack Obama in 2008 featured images of sleeping children, with a voice asking who would answer the phone ringing in the White House at 3 a.m., “someone who already knows the world leaders . . . the military,” someone “tested and ready to lead”—or (by implication) a first-term U.S. Senator/community organizer?

Hillary Clinton is running for president again, and of course is ignoring her failure as secretary of state to answer the late-night phone call coming from Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Instead, she is advertising how she wants to send federal emissaries into the homes of parents with newborn infants to teach them how to handle 3 a.m. feedings and baby talk. It’s an extension of her agenda as first lady in the Arkansas governor’s mansion and in the White House. Her political career, after graduating and having written a thesis on friend Saul Alinsky, was launched with the Children’s Defense Fund under the direction of Marian Wright Edelman, agitator for increased welfare “for the children,” including federally funded childcare workers.

As president, Hillary Clinton would implement the Edelman/Alinsky domestic vision she put forward, in more palatable terms, in her 1996 book, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child. Of course, it takes someone like Clinton to see the federal government as a “village.”

In that book Clinton wrote, “government is not something outside us—something irrelevant or even alien to us—but is us. To acknowledge this is to acknowledge that government has a responsibility not only to provide essential services but to bring individuals and communities together.” This is the backwards notion of the community organizer.

Recently, in a May 21, 2016, Washington Post op-ed, Clinton revealed her totalizing domestic plans by reiterating her commitment to paid family leave legislation and to the “big idea” of “increasing federal investments and incentivizing states so that no family ever has to pay more than 10 percent of its income for child care.”

She also proposed doubling the investment in programs that she helped develop as first lady: Early Head Start and the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership program. Parroting bureaucrats, Clinton claimed, “These programs bring an evidenced-based curriculum to child care and make sure kids get the best possible start in life. . . . .”

She, however, ignores the studies, including one by the agency administering the program, that show that when Head Start does have a positive impact, it is slight and disappears by third grade.

Even so, Clinton wants to expand federal daycare, and also to send government agents into homes, following her efforts as first lady of Arkansas when she introduced the “Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters,” or “HIPPY.” Her campaign website boasts of a more recent feat, “As a leader at the Clinton Foundation,” when she “started a national public awareness campaign called ‘Too Small to Fail’ or ‘Pequeños y Valiosos’ aimed at closing the ‘word gap.’”

The Clinton Foundation, a purported charity (in reality a campaign slush fund with contributions helping friends’ business pursuits), is using the latest “gap” as the basis for the programs she hopes to enact as president. The campaign site explains: “This gap refers to the 30 million fewer words heard by lower-income children by the time they are 4 years old, which leads to disparities in language development and school readiness.” Low-income students already receive free breakfasts and lunches, even in the summer. Under the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act they can look forward to attending “community schools,” where they will receive homework help, family dinners, and health and dental services.

Under Clinton’s plan, the federal government would provide childcare subsidies to families, raise the wages of childcare workers, and provide “home visiting services”—the latter to teach parents to talk to their children. In It Takes a Village,Clinton celebrated England’s tradition of providing home visits through its national health service. (She also bragged about her work on Goals 2000, the precursor to Common Core.)

Initiatives, like the one to end the “word gap” may sound head-scratching-ly bizarre to people who have been around babies, and made idiots of themselves by cooing and lapsing into inane talk.

But the studies that show that many low-income (i.e., single and government-dependent) parents do not speak to their young children are borne out by observation.

It is an uncomfortable subject for many leftists. Anyone who has taken public transportation in cities like Atlanta, where it is mostly used by those who cannot afford cars, knows this--including one of my leftist friends. In traffic-choked Atlanta it made sense for her to commute to her job downtown via the rail line, a straight shot from her apartment. She would save on time, car wear-and-tear, gas, and parking—not to mention “The Environment.”

But she stopped, explaining in an agonized voice that she couldn’t bear to watch how young mothers treated their children, with slaps and pulls, screaming abuses at them, at the train station.

Of course, no one would dare reprimand such parents.

So my friend retreated. Leftist parents retreat by sending their children to private schools, while arguing for more funding for public schools.

The reaction is to retreat, to one’s car, and to vote for and advocate more government social programs so that “experts” can deal with such parents. Leftists refuse to acknowledge that government programs that incentivize family breakdown and interfere with natural communities are the problem.

Conservatives, frustrated by the inability of political representatives to cut back on detrimental government programs and despairing at the takeover of education by radicals, retreat to far-flung suburbs, where they undertake the dual tasks of parenting and teaching. No one can or should blame them. In fact, they are to be commended. When I taught college I could count on homeschooled students to be better educated and more motivated than students from public schools.

But with the retreat of such parents, public schools suffer. It’s a vicious cycle, but the progressive’s solution (or opportunity) is to use the deterioration as an entrée to more government meddling.

Now, especially in Obama’s final year, we are witnessing the Washington overlords hounding the middle-class citizens into their retreats. They are forcing “individuals and communities together” under Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation of 2015. The suburbs are being forced to build housing for the poor, who will bring their dysfunction to everything from the playground to the shopping mall. As the feds impose their diktats on public spaces and private businesses, the homeschooling family will find fewer and fewer places where they are comfortable. Under Obama’s Department of Education, they have found themselves forced to adhere to crazy Common Core standards if they want to pass GED tests, college entrance exams, and AP exams. They find that many colleges now use Common Core test scores for placement in classes. This overreach inspired many conservatives into activism and made Common Core part of the presidential campaign.

But as the presidential election approaches, many of the same conservatives are retreating--from the voting booth. Morally repulsed by the profligate past, rhetoric, and impure ideology of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, they vow to back a third-party candidate, write in a name, or just stay home and pray. They are impervious to arguments that their retreat makes a Hillary Clinton (Obama.2) presidency likely.

Surprisingly, the anti-Trump super PAC, Our Principles, as part of their attacks on Trump’s sexism, has been using statements about fatherhood that he made on the Howard Stern show in 2005. Like the leftists, these Republicans take umbrage at Trump’s comments about husbands who relent to pressures and “act like the wife.”

Trump expressed traditional sentiments and said he believed in supplying “funds,” but not changing diapers or pushing a stroller through Central Park. In contrast, I am reminded of one of many absurd helpful hints about fatherhood coming from the Obama administration. Early on, a Father’s Day campaign that encouraged fathers’ involvement showed a picture of a burly father with his young daughter. They were both painting their fingernails.

Voters should be asking themselves if they want the Big-Nanny-in-Chief sending government agents into homes. Or do they want to become breadwinners again? 

Thank You Ms Grabar and FPM.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

VA Admits To Wrongly Declaring Over 4000 Veterans Dead

VA crazy train continues…

Via Free Beacon:

The Department of Veterans Affairs admitted it wrongly declared more than 4,000 veterans dead over the past five years, cutting off benefits for them and their dependents.

The agency disclosed that it wrongly terminated benefits for 4,201 veterans between 2011 and 2015 in a letter to Rep. David Jolly (R., Fla.) this month. The admission came more than six months after Jolly initially requested information on veterans whose VA benefits had been erroneously cut off following a series of mistaken death cases by the VA in the Tampa Bay area.

More than 1,000 veterans had their benefits disrupted in 2015 alone when the VA erroneously declared them deceased.

“During calendar years 2011 through 2015, VA terminated 2,057,790 awards due to the death of the beneficiary. During the same period, VA resumed awards for 4,201 of these beneficiaries after receiving information indicating the beneficiary was not deceased,” Danny Pummill, the VA undersecretary for benefits, wrote in the May 6 letter.

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Thank You Free Beacon and Nick.

DOJ Documents Reveal Widespread Use of Fast And Furious Weapons By Major Mexican Drug Cartels

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today released Justice Department documents showing that weapons sent from the U.S. into Mexico as part of the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning program have been widely used by major Mexican drug cartels. According to the new records, over the past three years, a total of 94 Fast and Furious firearms have been recovered in Mexico City and 12 Mexican states, with the majority being seized in Sonora, Chihuahua and Sinaloa. Of the weapons recovered, 82 were rifles and 12 were pistols identified as having been part of the Fast and Furious program. Reports suggest the Fast and Furious guns are tied to at least 69 killings.

Fast and Furious was a Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) “gunrunning” operation in which the Obama administration allowed guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels in the hope the weapons would be recovered at crime scenes. Fast and Furious weapons have been implicated in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of other innocents in Mexico. Prior reports tie Fast and Furious weapons to at least 200 deaths in Mexico alone.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents last month in response to a March 17, 2016, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seeking the following:

All records identifying the locations (including, but not limited to, crime scenes and the locations of seizures) at which firearms – that were identified during the course of or due to Operation Fast and Furious – have been recovered by law enforcement personnel.

The documents show 94 Fast and Furious firearms were seized, 20 were identified as being involved in “violent recoveries.” The “violent recoveries” involved several mass killings:

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Thanks Zip. If you missed it, scroll down to the UC President Janet vids at the end of this previous post.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what she's doing there?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gun Grabbers Set Their Sights On Lego 'Weaponry'

Where were these '"Save The Children" types when Lego was whoring JNJ's Risperdal?

It was fine to use Lego toys to sell lobotomies to very young children, but not toy guns and light sabers?


It’s come to this.

Via HuffPo:

In what may be a sad reflection of society as a whole, a new study has found Legos have become increasingly more violent in the last 30 years.

The study, conducted by the University of Canterbury, looked at the numberweapons included in Lego kits produced since 1978 (the first year weapons were available) and the perceived violence in imagery created by the company. It found an “exponential increases of violence over time” in both categories.

While the iconic, brightly colored toy blocks have existed since 1949, the first weapons weren’t introduced until 1978, when a castle kit included “a sword, a halberd, and a lance.”

The number of Lego weapons overall has increased greatly since then. Researchers found that nearly 30 percent of all Lego sets sold today now include at least one weapon. In 1978, that figure was under 5 percent.

The researchers only looked at smaller, pre-manufactured weapons that are one brick large (guns, cannons, swords, etc.) and excluded larger weapons that have to be assembled.

That means the Death Star — which by conventional standards is “certainly a weapon,” the study concedes — isn’t included in the total weapons count. The light saber introduced in the “Star Wars” kit, however, is considered a weapon.

The study also looked at imagery produced by Lego that accompanies the sets, and found it has become more violent as well.

Today, close to 40 percent of all the images in the Lego catalog contain some sort of violence, the study found, with the fastest growth occurring in cases of shooting.

HT: Michelle Malkin

Thank You HuffPo, Ms Malkin, and Zip.

As for the psychological linkers, take your asinine, humanist, collectivist theories up with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Roger Rabbit.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Anti Israel Group Chases, Intimidates Jewish Students At UC. Irvine & Pres Janet Napolitano Talks Gun Running

Cortney O'Brien|
Posted: May 22, 2016 8:00 PM
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Unfortunately, we have another example of anti-Semitism on an American college campus. This past Wednesday at University of California-Irvine, a Jewish sophomore named Eliana Kopley was on her way to an event to watch a documentary about the Israeli Defense Forces, but an angry anti-Israel mob had other plans.

As she arrived at the event hosted by Students Supporting Israel, Ms. Kopley was met by an angry crowd pounding on the doors and windows—engaged in violent chants targeting the Jewish state.

They weren’t done. Soon, the group started chanting anti-Semitic messages.

With the crowd physically forbidding Ms. Kopley from attending the event and chants inciting violence against Jews and Israel such as “Intifada, Intifada—Long live the Intifada!” and “F**k Israel!” Ms. Kopley walked away from the scene.

Kopley was “terrified” during the episode, she said.

Kopley is just one of many pro-Israel students who have had to fear for their safety on their respective campuses. A group called Students for Justice in Palestine is often the common denominator for these incidents of threats and intimidation. At Northeastern University in 2011, they interrupted a Holocaust remembrance event. At Temple University, one SJP member punched a Jewish student in the face. At Loyola University, they verbally assaulted their Jewish peers.

Other students have been joining the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, an effort to place economic pressure on Israel, at an alarming rate.

Where is this anti-Israel hatred coming from? Some would argue the media is to blame for stoking the fire. For far too long, the press has defined Israel as an aggressor who has treated her Palestinian neighbors unfairly. The Obama administration has helped to bolster this narrative. In October, the White House accused Israel of using “excessive force” in its response to Palestinian violence.

The more we hear rhetoric like this from our national leaders, the more ammunition anti-Israel groups will have to try to justify their intimidating acts on campus.

College campuses are supposed to be “safe spaces?” Tell that to the Jewish students who are routinely bullied and ostracized.

Thank You Ms O'Brien and Townhall.

But don't worry, UC President Janet DHS Napolitano is in the President's office. 

With her track record? It'll get straightened out in no time. 

VA Secretary Compares Wait Times For Hospitals To Wait Times At Disney

The party you wish to speak with is not available at this time. Please hang up and call back later.

Christine Rousselle
Posted: May 23, 2016 12:30 PM
It's no secret that wait times at the VA's hospitals have been out of control, to the point where people have died as a result of the delays. To VA Secretary Robert McDonald, however, this is no big deal. After all, Disney doesn't judge its success by wait times at its parks, so why should lifesaving hospitals?

From the Washington Examiner:

"When you got to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what's important? What's important is, what's your satisfaction with the experience?" McDonald said Monday during a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters. "And what I would like to move to, eventually, is that kind of measure."

First off, this is absolutely insane. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has died from waiting in line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or to get Anna or Elsa's autograph. Those things aren't necessities--healthcare is. A person can deal with a long wait to see Mickey Mouse. For a lifesaving surgery or mental health care? Not so much.

Further, Disney absolutely cares about how long its guests wait in line for attractions--that's why programs like FastPass+ exist--to help people combat wait times. There's also an app that will display waits in real time. (The VA, to the best of my knowledge, has neither of these things.) If guests aren't satisfied with their park experience, they won't return--so Disney has a vested interest in keeping waits short at its parks. Unlike the VA, however, a theme park attendee has several choices about where to go: SeaWorld, Knott's Berry Farm, and Universal Studios exist, for instance. The VA is the only option for veterans.

This is disturbing and out-of-touch rhetoric from someone who should know better. The VA isn't Disney. There's no comparing the two.

Thank You Ms Rousselle and Townhall.