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Majority Rule Equals Tyranny: Professor Walter Williams on The Electoral College and One Man One Vote Mobocracy


Communist Fail! Food In Cuba Now Going To Tourists As Locals Starve


Posted: Dec 08, 2016 4:15 PM

According to the White House, one of President Obama's crowning achievements during his tenure has been "normalizing" relations between the United States and Cuba.

For the first time in 50 years, tourists from the United States are free to travel to the communist state. Flights are landing daily and cruise ships are regularly docking in port. 

There's just one major problem. Because the communist state is incapable of providing basic necessities to its citizens, it certainly can't provide to locals and tourists. From the New York Times:
For Lisset Felipe, privation is a standard facet of Cuban life, a struggle shared by nearly all, whether they’re enduring blackouts or hunting for toilet paper.

But this year has been different, in an even more fundamental way, she said. She has not bought a single onion this year, nor a green pepper, both staples of the Cuban diet. Garlic, she said, is a rarity, while avocado, a treat she enjoyed once in a while, is all but absent from her table.

“It’s a disaster,” said Ms. Felipe, 42, who sells air-conditioners for the government. “We never lived luxuriously, but the comfort we once had doesn’t exist anymore.”

But the record arrival of nearly 3.5 million visitors to Cuba last year has caused a surging demand for food, causing ripple effects that are upsetting the very promise of Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

  Without supplies to match the increased appetite, some foods have become so expensive that even basic staples are becoming unaffordable for regular Cubans.

“The private tourism industry is in direct competition for good supplies with the general population,” said Richard Feinberg, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, and specialist on the Cuban economy. “There are a lot of unanticipated consequences and distortions.”

Rising prices for staples like onions and peppers, or for modest luxuries like pineapples and limes, have left many unable to afford them. Beer and soda can be hard to find, often snapped up in bulk by restaurants.

It is a startling evolution in Cuba, where a shared future has been a pillar of the revolution’s promise. While the influx of new money from tourists and other visitors has been a boon for the island’s growing private sector, most Cubans still work within the state-run economy and struggle to make ends meet.
In other words Cuba's communist system in which citizens, not tourists, are trapped, is still failing. Starvation and a lack of basic resources like food and toilet paper isn't "normalization," it's misery. The same can be seen further south in Venezuela, where citizens are in the streets hunting cats and dogs for food.
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As He Says Farewell, Ten Lowlights of Harry Reid's Poisonous Career

Guy Benson
Posted: Dec 08, 2016 1:06 PM
Use the link. Too many priceless video clips for us to get involved reformatting.
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Researchers Identify Which of Trump's SCOTUS Candidates Is Most Similar To Scalia

Posted: Dec 08, 2016 9:20 AM

In a recently published research paper, legal scholars identified what it meant when President-elect Trump said he’d fill the vacant Supreme Court seat with a justice like Antonin Scalia. 

In “Searching for Justice Scalia: Measuring The ‘Scalia-ness’ of the Next Potential Member of the U.S. Supreme Court,” the researchers determined which among Trump’s stated candidates for the job would exhibit Scalia’s jurisprudence and style. 

“This study proposes three empirical measures of what made Justice Scalia Justice Scalia,” the authors wrote. “First, how often does a judge promote or practice originalism? Second, how often do they cite to Justice Scalia's non-judicial writings, writings that were not about the substance of the law but about how to think about interpreting the law. And third, how often does a judge write separately, something Justice Scalia did 25.9% of the time when he was not writing the majority opinion over his last 20 years on the court.”

Based on these measures the researchers developed the “Scalia Index Score,” which they say gives an objective way to measure potential SCOTUS picks against Scalia. 

Based on this index, the candidate with the highest score, and thus most similar to Scalia, is Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee.
After Lee came Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and Judge William Pryor of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lee, whose brother is Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee, is a graduate of University of Chicago Law School and clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas at the Supreme Court. He was briefly in private practice before joining the faculty at J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University. He held several posts at the Department of Justice during the Bush administration before his appointment to the Utah Supreme Court in 2010.

Others have also noted the similarities between Lee and Scalia.

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Good. Reinstitute the Rule of Law, special agendas and snowflakes notwithstanding.

From Justice Antonin Scalia: which explains Why we don't need an Obama activist replacing him on the Court.

The Washington Post
Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Ban On Racial Preferences In University Admissions

And the SCOTUS release:

pg 27:

JUSTICE SCALIA, with whom JUSTICE THOMAS joins, concurring in the judgment. 

"It has come to this. Called upon to explore the jurisprudential twilight zone between two errant lines of precedent, we confront a frighteningly bizarre question: Does the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment forbid what its text plainly requires? Needless to say (except that this case obliges us to say it), the question answers itself." 

California Diversion Programs (7)

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U.S Govt. Will Soon Be Spending More on Debt Interest Payments Than National Defense


Thanks, Barack!
Via Daily Signal:
How do you begin addressing the U.S. government’s nearly $20 trillion debt? For one senator, the answer begins with wasteful spending.

In an interview with The Daily Signal on Monday, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., announced he would release the second edition of his “Federal Fumbles” report on Nov. 28. The first report, which exposed 100 wasteful government spending examples, was released in 2015.

Lankford is offering solutions for stopping the growing national debt, which has exploded under nearly eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency. […]

In creating a new “Federal Fumbles” report, Lankford said he and his colleagues gathered material for it during their day-to-day activities. Lankford said that as issues come to lawmakers’ attention throughout the legislative process, they are added to the government waste report.

“We’re identifying this as we go through our normal oversight process, our normal readings, as we go through GAO [Government Accountability Office] reports, as we look at different agencies, as I’m conducting hearings,” Lankford said.
The national debt is not only important to address because of its ramifications on the economy, Lankford said, but also national security.

“It should be a top priority because if we are going to look at our national defense and being able to have a strong military and a good [Veterans Affairs] program … we cannot have a burdening debt and we cannot have a rising amount of interest,” he said. “It pulls out what we should do day to day in our national defense.”

By the beginning of the next decade, Lankford said, the U.S. government will be spending more on debt interest payments than national defense.

“Last year, our federal government spent $223 billion, or 6 percent of all discretionary spending, on debt interest payments alone,” Lankford noted in a press release.

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Georgia Sec State: Dept of Homeland Security IP Tried To Breach Our Firewall


Why is the Department of Homeland Security trying to break into the Georgia Secretary of State’s computer system?
ATLANTA – The Georgia Secretary of State is asking the Department of Homeland Security for some answers after an unsuccessful breach to the department’s firewall.
In a letter from Secretary of State Brian Kemp to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, Kemp asks if “DHS was aware of this attempt and, if so, why DHS was attempting to breach our firewall.”

Kemp goes on to say that the department’s security provider detected a “large unblocked scan event” on Nov. 15 coming from an IP address associated with DHS, attempting to scan “certain aspects of the Georgia Secretary of State’s infrastructure.” The breach was unsuccessful, according to Kemp’s letter.

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CEO Hardees/Carl's Junior Andy Puzder Named For Labor Sec, Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt For EPA


Via NY Post:

President-elect Donald Trump will name restaurant CEO Andrew Puzder to be the next labor secretary, a source said Thursday.

Puzder, who runs the parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, supported Trump during his campaign, praising him as a “pragmatic centrist” and “negotiator.”

Puzder also served as one of the candidate’s economic advisers.

He was seen at Trump Tower on Wednesday.
Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, has been a vocal opponent of raising the minimum wage and of ObamaCare, arguing that both are job-killers.

There was no immediate comment from the Trump transition team.

(CNN)Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for Environmental Protection Agency administrator, his former campaign manager told reporters Wednesday.

“Attorney General Pruitt has great qualifications and a good record as the AG of Oklahoma, and there were a number of qualified candidates for that particular position that the President-elect interviewed and he settled on Attorney General Pruitt and we’ll look forward to the confirmation hearing,” Kellyanne Conway told reporters Wednesday.

The move elevates a fierce EPA critic — Pruitt had sued the agency over its regulations of power plants — to the position of EPA administrator.

It’s a signal the Trump administration is intent on reversing President Barack Obama’s moves to curb climate change. In a statement Thursday morning from the Trump transition team making the nomination official, Pruitt was quoted as saying,

“The American people are tired of seeing billions of dollars drained from our economy due to unnecessary EPA regulations, and I intend to run this agency in a way that fosters both responsible protection of the environment and freedom for American businesses.”

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"opponent of raising the minimum wage"

Aside from being a job killer, raising the minimum wage is perhaps the most insidious Tax Increase on Everyone with 2 cents to rub together imaginable. 

Economics 101:

The more you have of any given commodity the Less each individual unit of that commodity is worth. In the minimum wage case the commodity is Dollars. Contrary to Govt. Spendocrat opinions, Dollars have to be backed up with something beyond slogans like "Investing In The Future".

Raising the wage by Government mandate also raises the Price of whatever the workers are producing. 

This results in people who've worked for years and Saved their dollars having the Purchasing Power of their dollars lowered. This means Every dollar in Every savings account in America and around the world will buy Less.

It's not making us richer. It's a Tax.

 As for the current EPA's obsession with Climate Change: 

Court Blocks NYC From Discarding Illegal Aliens' Data


Head em up, move em out.
Via Reuters:
A New York state court on Tuesday temporarily stopped New York City from destroying the personal records of hundreds of thousands of municipal I.D. card holders after Republicans argued the records might be needed to track criminals.

Seeking to protect illegal immigrants who fear deportation under a President-elect Donald Trump administration, city officials had been considering destroying the information and said on Tuesday they would stop collecting it starting next month.

Two Republican state lawmakers sued the city on Monday to block any plans to discard the records collected so far, saying they could be needed to investigate individuals who obtained the cards under false pretenses.

A state judge will decide whether to extend the stay after both sides file additional court papers by Dec. 21.
The city’s IDNYC program, the largest of its kind in the United States, is aimed in part at helping New Yorkers without legal status secure IDs in order to open bank accounts, visit medical facilities and cash a check.

The city has kept copies of documents such as foreign birth certificates and passports that were submitted by more than 800,000 cardholders since the program’s launch in 2014.
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