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J&J/Risperdal/Feds Wrangle Over Possible $2.2 Billion Settlement

Risperdal doesn't just come in Pill Form for the Compliant Consumer. It's Also available as an Injectable, ...... for those Low on Gratefulness Refuseniks who need to be made the victim of Government Inflicted, Felony Aggravated Battery.

FDA Grants Approval For Use Of Risperdal(R) Consta(C) 2009

Put Risperdal in the search box.

And remember this drug is peddled/inflicted/defrauded into people as a Suicide Preventative, and these numbers are only from Jan 2004-Nov 2009, a Third of the time Risperdal's been on the open market.

RisperidoneReported By
Adverse ReactionCasesMDCNOTPHLWNR
Suicidal Ideations1428663513210
Attempted Suicides248248255317611
Completed Suicides107841237944
Deaths Not From Suicide900788135357754833
Homicidal Ideations1616214000
Heart Disease318262379044818
Movement Disorders9645352263551323776
Birth Defects5037324603
Premature Births11906000
Prenatal/Neonatal Deaths45341222400

Top 20 Adverse Drug Reactions reported for Risperidone and its Brand Names
Adverse ReactionCases
Diabetes Mellitus377
Weight Increased332
Drug Interaction264
Suicide Attempt248
Psychotic Disorder192
Extrapyramidal Disorder190
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome188
Tardive Dyskinesia158
Blood Prolactin Increased157
Drug Ineffective139

Now go to Pharmalot for the Post Heading/Story/latest on J&J's possible Federal Settlement of $2.2 Billion Risper-Dollars under new J&J CEO Alex Gorsky.

J&J May Pay $2.2 Billion Dollars To Settle Risperdal Probes

It Ought to be $90 Billion

And since CEO Gorsky was so intimately involved in Making the Risper-Dollars J&J's haggling with the Feds over, let's go to for their take on Mr Gorsky, shall we?

Facts About J&J Bill Weldon Successor Alex Gorsky 
Alex Gorsky has his illegal little paws in a whole lot of J&J issues, from Omnicare kickbacks, Medicaid fraud, defective hips and the latest addition, the Mesh Mess.

BusinessWeek provides a very detailed profile of Alex Gorsky. He was Worldwide Chairman of Medical Devices & Diagnostics Group at Johnson & Johnson since September 2009, Chief Operating Officer and Head of General Medicines at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) from May 2004 to February 2008. During the time that Alex was the Worldwide Chairman of Medical Devices & Diagnostics, 93,000 faulty hips were implanted in people around the world. The hips continued to be distributed for almost two years after the FDA notified Johnson & Johnson's DePuy that there was an unaccceptibly high failure rate and risk of heavy metal blood poisoning. Metal-on-metal hip lawsuitsare starting to flood in from two countries, the United States and Australia.

According to BusinessWeek, his landmark achievements at Janssen include the commercialization of blockbusters Risperdal(R), an atypical anti-psychotic medicine. Risperdal(R) is the subject of numerous state, federal and consumer lawsuits involving off-label prescriptions which harmed and increased deaths in children and the elderly. In addition, kickbacks were paid to Omnicare - as proven in at least two state courts - to increase the sales, provide preferential treatment and to increase off-label prescribing of the drug to increase profits from the drug.

The Wall Street Journal and Bloomgberg Business Week did an excellent job covering the fact that the Department of Justice would like to talk to Alex about his knowledge of theRisperdal(R)/Ominicare marketing scam. As of the upload of this article, Alex was still hiding behind the pantlegs of J&J's lawyers.

These are the facts on Alex Gorsky: a history of fraud, kick-backs, patent infringement, choosing to introduce a product based on a recalled and harmful product from another company and evading questioning regarding his knowledge of the illegal activities in a project that was under his direct control. His choices have already cost the company billions of dollars - and the lawsuits, such as Risperdal, mesh and hip lawsuits in three countries so far, have not stopped coming in yet.

Alex Gorsky continues to refuse to talk to the Department of Justice and hide behind the trouser legs of J&J lawyers with regard to his knowledge of his involvement with the Risperdal scandal. While Bill Weldon had plenty of faults, I never saw anything that showed him to be a coward.

And this is the new CEO of Johnson & Johnson... 

Thank You Pharmalot,, and Lamplighter software. 
Risperdal Consta:

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Daniel Haszard said...

Risperdal reproached.
Schizophrenia affects 1 percent of the world population yet I found that Zyprexa sales far exceeded that range. The saga of the schizophrenia drugs is one of incredible profit.Eli Lilly made $65 BILLION on Zyprexa franchise.
Described as *the most successful drug in the history of neuroscience* the drugs at $12 pill are used by states to medicate deinstitutionalized mental patients to keep them out of the $500-$1000 day hospitals (*Viva Zyprexa* Lilly sales rep slogan).There is a whole underclass block of our society,including children in foster care that are the market for these drugs,but have little voice of protest if harmed by them.I am an exception,I got diabetes from Zyprexa as an off-label treatment for PTSD and I am not a mentally challenged victim so I post.
--Daniel Haszard