Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ca. Incompetent: The Auditors Report


Here are some numbers: from an Independent Auditors Report.

This San Francisco community mental health center wasted almost $9 Million Dollars in 2006.

It's on pages 4, 5, 9, & 10: especially the last paragraph on page 5.

This outfit (RAMS) passed 1, out of its 92 stated Performance Objectives.

Do you remember the 1st Aliens movie, with Sigourney Weaver: the scene where the Alien popped out of that guy’s chest at dinner? Well, hang on to your lunch. Here it comes again.

RAMS then met with Ca. State Officials, and Together, they LOWERED the standards even further.

If Ca. at the STATE Govt. level Lowered the numbers beneath 50% in San Francisco, are those STATE Govt. Officials Also Lowering the numbers for All of California’s Community, come on in and buy a Disability and Drug Addiction, Community Bio-$cience Shacks?

MORE of these REPORTS are lurking in City & County Govt. computers all across America. Find them, and send us those reports and their URL: anonymously if you wish, at:


People are being crippled and killed all across America by ‘Mental Health’ drugs, electrical transformers, and lock down snake pits calling themselves Health Care facilities.

Psych education has 1 in every 5 Americans targeted for Disability, Drug Addiction, Real Diseases, and Death, without ever producing a single cure for any of its 374 different DSM-IV-TR Insurance Carrier Billable, Non-Bio-Scientific, Gravy Train, Incurable, Opinions.

California used to be the world’s 7th largest economy, until decades of Vote Whores buying Trojan Horses herded the State itself, to the precipice of $69 Billion Dollars in Debt, bankruptcy.

1 out of 92?


Ana said...

Hi D Bunker!
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D Bunker said...

Hi Ana;

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