Monday, October 1, 2012

20 Major Pharma-Alliances in 2012

Ready for a round of Healthcare Corruption Whack a Mole?

Fierce-Biotech has;
20 Major Pharma-Alliances in 2012
By Skye Toor and Ryan McBride

Go, Click, Discover, They've actually provided you a Road Map, to Where it's Breeding.

What more could you ask for?

Do You live near any of these Glow in the Dark, Academic Hot Spots? 'Cause If you Do, ...... . Remember that the Prime Directive at these Centers of Higher Earning is SELL THE DAMN PRODUCT. 

We don't care How you do it. We don't give a Flying F**k how many Felonies you commit to Do It. Just SELL It!

We have Lawyers out the Wazoo able to leap entire Hospitals and Staffs which disappear at a single Conspiracy from the Illuminati WE put in charge of entire Departments of our Seance Science.

Let's recap. This is the Endemic, County Wide Corruption that UCSF's partnering with RWJF/Pfizer inundated the local countryside under. 

FREE STUFF For San Francisco's "Change Agents"

Communism: How Stupid Do You Have To Be?

US 18C95 Sec 1958: Murder For Hire

San Francisco & Ba'hai: Agenda 21, World Govt. and Global Eugenics

Psychiatry's Raid on America's SSI & SSDI

Horse Ranch Or Horse Shit? UCSF Citywide Case Management


In San Francisco They're After EVERY Child

False Statements Relating To Healthcare Matters

'Mental Health' Pole Vaulter Nancy Pelosi

Faces Of 'Mental Health' A Pictorial Essay

Depression Screening, Electronic Records And The IV Amendment

Atypical Trials Rigged: Haldol, Risperdal, Tardive Dyskinesia & SFDPH, Again

RAMS: Cultural Crapulence In San Francisco

Dr FG Lu & The SF Mental Health Board, June 13, 2007, Pt III

Dr FG Lu & The SF Mental Health Board, June 13, 2007

DR FG Lu & The SF Mental Health Board, June 13, 2007, Pt II

DR FG Lu Is An Illuminati, And Yes, He's Serious

I AM The Law! A Paramedic Has Them Locked Up

Healing The Collective, Imagining The Feminine Pt II

Che Speaks, Dr Lu Hears, & $12.9 Million Per Year For Social Justice Joy Rides

Thumb Screwed English & Drag Queen Movies

Watching The Wizard Of OZ, Today's Bio-Psychiatric Science

Japanese Moon Rabbits Pound Mochi: Psych Sigh-ence

SB1953: California's $220 Billion Hospital Heist

NAMI=UCSF/RWJF $ San Francisco #1 Psychiatric Borg Cube

Change Agents: The California Un-Convention

Medi-Cal Recertification In San Francisco

Ca. Incompetent, The Auditors Report

If you live near ANY of 2012's 20, corrupted, Academic Holes, Move, or seek Healthcare only when visiting your inlaws who live At Least 500 miles away.

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