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U.S. With Highest Corporate Tax Rate & Comparing Energy Positions: 2008/2012

First up however, since you're presumably here for info on things Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Psychiatric, here's a great post from Healthcare Renewal by InformaticsMD:
New York Times: "The Ups and Downs of Electronic Medical Records

Just because Medical Records have gone computerized doesn't mean they've become error free, or even worth the proverbial damn. And IF, they compile people's moods and thoughts to be pawed through, accurate or not, they've become an Orwellian 4th Amendment Violation.

Now on to the picking of Your Pocket on Top of the Destruction of your Rights by Con Artists: including their 2008 Positions. has;
U.S. With Highest Corporate Tax Rate
 Daniel Horowitz (Diary)  |    |

Well, it’s official.  The socialist country of Sweden plans to cut its corporate tax rate from 26.3% to 22% to improve prospects for new jobs and investment.  So where does America – the beacon of freedom – stand in the rankings of corporate tax rates?  We’re dead last among industrialized nations, checking in at 35% with another 5% on average for state taxes.
Yes, we all know about General Electric and other Obama crony companies that don’t pay any taxes, but in the real world, most American businesses incur the highest tax rate in the world.  And that burden is passed down to the taxpayers.  This is yet another forgotten and hidden tax on the 47% who don’t pay personal income taxes.
Last month, the Cato Institute published a study analyzing corporate tax rates of 90 countries, including the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  Here are some of their key findings:
  • The marginal effective tax rate (METR) for U.S. corporations is 35.6%.  The METR includes corporate income taxes, sales taxes on capital purchases, and other capital-related taxes such as financial transaction taxes and asset-based taxes.  On the other hand, the calculation also takes into account deductions and credits, such as deductions for capital depreciation, inventory costs, and interest expenses.
  • The only counties that have slightly higher corporate tax rates are Argentina, Chad, and Uzbekistan.  The US has the highest rate among OECD nations.
  • The average rate for the 34 (OECD) nations is just 19.4%.
  • While the U.S. corporate tax rate has remained high, the global trend for both statutory and effective corporate tax rates has been downward.
  • Despite the high statutory rates, we don’t even collect much revenue from the corporate tax because the high rates induce businesses to shift their investments and profits abroad.
Obama has promised every year to lower the corporate tax, but he has not lifted a finger to get the ball rolling.  Romney must relentlessly assail Obama on his failure to deliver corporate tax relief.
Thank You Cato, Redstate and Mr Horowitz

4 years ago, Gasoline was $1.85 a gallon. 

NYT has;

Here's Obama's position in 2008

And is it Still "Bush's fault"?

How many More defective, killer Antidepressants, and Antipsychotics do you think Pharma could Sell, with another 4 years of This?

Remember, They told you up front what they were going to do, and 53% Still voted for, FREE STUFF.

See Also CNSnews for Craig Bannister's:

Biden Complains People Can Barely Pay To Fill Their Gas Tanks - Back In The '08 Debate.

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