Monday, October 6, 2014

Thomas Duncan, Ebola Patient In Critical Condition

"Don't Panic! Remain Calm. Remain In Place. Bring in the next 50 More patients from the heart of the outbreak rather than treating them In Place At the heart of the Outbreak. We've Got It Under Control!"

The above picture is the moment that Thomas Duncan got off the plane in Dallas, from the Daily Mail, who appear to have a link into the family.
The gamble to get here, hang who else might be infected, might not be working…
DALLAS, Texas — Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has been downgraded to critical condition. Duncan has been listed as “serious but stable” for the past few days.
Breitbart Texas learned from Candace White, the Senior Public Relations Specialist for Texas Health Resources, the news that Duncan’s condition had worsened and the status of his condition had been changed to critical.
On Sunday morning, CDC Director Thomas Frieden said on CNN’s State of the Union that Duncan is “fighting for his life.”

Thank You Breitbart and Nickarama. 

Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants From Ebola Outbreak Nations Caught Along Our Border

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