Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hazmat Teams FINALLY SHOW UP 5 DAYS After Ebola Victim Was Taken To Hospital

How many people have walked through the area and the apartment unprotected in the meantime?
A hazmat team finally arrived on scene today to sanitize the contaminated apartment where the Ebola victim’s family have been quarantined under police guard as it was revealed ten people are being considered ‘high risk’ for the deadly virus.
Louise Troh, her son Timothy Wayne, 13, nephew Oliver Smallwood, 21, and his friend Jeffrey Cole, have been legally ordered to stay inside the Dallas apartment where Ebola patient Thomas Duncan became contagious last weekend.
The Dallas Fire Department’s hazmat crew and a private cleaning company were both at the apartment complex on Friday afternoon – close to 24 hours after Texas authorities promised to deal with the shocking oversight. The clean-up was expected to take around three hours.
Workers, wearing yellow protective suits, gloves and breathing apparatus, covered a car in black plastic, rolled out a walkway and taped a thick, plastic sheet over the front door and windows.
Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who is coordinating the Ebola response, said today he was ‘not happy’ that family members were still quarantined at the home. Jenkins said Mr Duncan’s sweat-soaked bedsheets remained inside but were bagged and in the bedroom with the door closed.
There are currently no plans to move the family to another location, he added, but said it was safe for them to remain the apartment while the sanitization process took place.

Thank You Daily Mail and Nickarama.

Central Planning. American Medicine. And On and On.

But they Do have time and money to protect us from Real Threats to the health of our Nation.

God Alone knows how many horrible deaths those French Cheeses could have caused which our Heroic, Ever Vigilant, People's FDA found time to save us from.


America's 'Mental Health' is still safe and secure.

So Call your Congress Critters and drop them a polite Thank You note for keeping their noses out of cleaning these drugs out of Margaret Hamburg's/Obama's FDA. 

They deserve at Least that.