Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shocker! California's Poverty Rate WAY Above National Average.

Hmm, wonder why Cali’s poverty rate is way above the national average? Surely can’t be those amazing liberal policies…nope, not those…

A report by the Census Bureau released Thursday shows that over 48 million Americans, around 16%, now live below the poverty line, but the number’s even worse for California, which when cost of living is factored in has a stunning 23.4% in poverty.
The poverty line last year was $23,283 for a family of four. The Census special report, however, provides numbers for the “supplemental poverty measure,” which takes into account both living costs in an area as well as the specific government benefits people receive. With those two numbers factored in, California’s poverty rate leaps up to almost a quarter of the population. CNN Money reports:
The supplemental poverty line varies between urban and rural America. For example, the poverty level in major metropolitan levels is $30,000 or even higher in some locations because people have to pay more for food, shelter and transportation.
This more detailed look at poverty reveals an even uglier picture in some states.

Thank You Mr Stone and Truth Revolt.

Well Dag Nabbit! How could that be?

They 'CARE'. Just ask them.

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