Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Second Health Care Worker Contracts Ebola In Texas

And like the first nurse, she also tended to Thomas Eric Duncan.
Via ABC  News:
A second health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who tended to Thomas Eric Duncan as he died of Ebola has tested positive for the lethal virus and a hospital official said this morning that additional cases among the hospital’s health care workers is a “very real possibility.”
The unidentified health care worker reported a fever Tuesday and was isolated at the hospital, authorities said.
The preliminary Ebola test was run late Tuesday at the state public health laboratory in Austin, and results were received at about midnight, authorities said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has begun confirmation testing.
The woman was put into isolation within 90 minutes, a Texas health official said.
The hospital held a news conference this morning and a spokesman said this may not be the last case to be found among the hospital’s staff.
“We are preparing contingencies for more and that is a very real possibility,” he said.

Thank You Zip and ABC.

State Dept. Won't Say If They Agree With Obama's Claim You Can't Get Ebola Sitting Near An Infected Person On A Bus
We'll Take That As A No.

HHS Secretary: "We Could Have Done Much Better" Containing Ebola
Well Maybe, if Damn Near the Entire U.S. Medical System under your supervision wasn't so damn busy selling Lobotomies to Everyone they can Catch at the behest of your Pharmaceutical Masters/Owners, . . . Christ, but you Far worse than useless, Corrupt Collectivists are getting old.

CDC Now Watching 125 People For Ebola Signs
Try watching 300 Million, in addition to all those people Obama Invited In from South of our Non-Existent Border.

Ebola Outbreak: UN Health Worker Dies In German Hospital

Should we wait another week to run this youtube clip, or is today "timely" enough?

It's not a soulless, T800 Android sent back from the future to hunt down and terminate 1 certain individual.

It wants Everyone.

And thanks to institutionalized Stupid at Every level of Govt. It's Here and They are responsible. Good luck trusting Them to deal with it.

Social Engineers.

Change Agents.

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