Saturday, October 4, 2014

Islamic State Ripping People Off, Closing Hospitals

Heh, maybe it is a state after-all?
Via Daily Mail:
Civilians hospitals have also been closed down as doctors abandon their posts, or run out of medical supplies, leaving people to travel to Turkey for medical help, with many dying along the way.
Speaking to CBS, a source who used the fake name of Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi, said: ‘As soon as they arrived, they became the elite of the community.
‘They were given comfortable homes and cars — and they get a generous salary every month.
‘Recently, a bombing left many people, including fighters, badly hurt. ‘We ran to help and saw ISIS trucks arrive and remove their men for treatment, leaving the civilians just lying there.’
Thank You Daily Mail and Nickarama.

Sound like anyone you know in American Politics? 

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