Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ebola Lobbying Soars Amid Crisis

"When something doesn't make sense there's a dollar involved."
Old Saying.

"In confusion there is profit."
Even Older Saying.

Never let a crisis go to waste.
And if you don't have one handy, manufacture one.
Many health-related companies have kicked their lobbying efforts into high gear after Ebola fears have spread amid the current crisis.
The boost in lobbying by pharmaceutical companies, health professionals, and associations shouldn’t come as a surprise as drug companies have seen their stocks rise significantly after the Ebola virus hit the United States.
The Center for Responsive Politics reviewed the health-related industries lobbying disclosures and found that many companies have jumped all over the issue, with some nearly double their lobbying expenditures.
One such company who doubled the amount they spent on lobbying is Sarepta Therapeutics. Sarepta Therapeutics has been pushing its experimental Ebola treatment AVI-7537 for some time now. In the past, the group has never spent more than $40,000 annually on their lobbying tab. Now,in the third quarter alone, the company has poured $80,000 into lobbying efforts.
Thank You Capitol City Project and Mr Stone.

J&J/PhRMA Parented ObamaCare 

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