Thursday, October 9, 2014

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield Suggests Racism Behind Death of Dallas Ebola Patient

Originality continues to elude the left.

Via Breitbart:
Minutes after news broke of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield suggested racism might have contributed to the Ebola patient’s death.
While talking with her guest about the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital, Banfield said, “You cannot rule out the notion that he had no Social Security number when he went to the hospital, and had a strong, thick West African accent. And his partner even said he’s from Liberia.”
Banfield is referring to reports that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital sent Duncan home on September 20 with antibiotics.
Later in the segment, Banfield said that she didn’t believe “malice” had anything to with the hospital’s actions, which completely contradicted what she suggested just a few minutes earlier.
Without a hint of evidence, CNN seems to have decided that the tragic death of Mr. Duncan and this unspeakably awful West African Ebola outbreak is gist for racial-hatred mill. While Texans and Americans worry about the possibility of an outbreak on our own shores, CNN doesn’t seem to think that’s a sexy enough story; so let’s throw some unfounded racial speculation on the fire.

Thank You Zip. 

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