Thursday, October 23, 2014

BREAKING: Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients Rushed To Hospital In NYC With Ebola Symptoms

This doesn’t sound good. Several of the Doctors Without Borders folks have already died from Ebola.

Via NY Post:
The Big Apple may have its first case of Ebola.
A 33-year-old Doctors Without Borders physician who treated Ebola patients in Guinea and returned to New York City 10 days ago was rushed in an ambulance with police escorts from his Harlem home to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday, sources said.
Craig Spencer was suffering from Ebola-like symptoms — a 103-degree fever and nausea, sources said.
Thank You NY Post and Nickarama. 

Obama On Dealing With A Crisis: This Shit Would Be Really Interesting If We Weren't Right In The Middle Of It, . . .

If he wasn't so busy erasing our borders to troll for new welfare voters rather than having his outgoing AG run guns across them to Mexican Drug Lords, . . . he wouldn't have put all of us 'Right In The Middle of this Shit' to begin with.

Typical: Obama Asserts Fast and Furious Executive Privilege Claim For AG Holder's Wife.

Every morning, Every single morning, . . .  we get up, grit our teeth, and tell ourselves:

It's ONLY 2 more years. Just 2 more years. 

Just wait until Ebola sufferers start showing up from Central America too.

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