Monday, October 6, 2014

CNN Reporters "Shocked And Horrified" At Nearly Complete Lack of Ebola Screening On Return From Liberia

Govt. medicine. Take the Govt. Ownership through Govt. Funding of it away from 'Mental Health' and almost all of it quietly goes away along with its own even Worse track record.


Two of the three returning journalists weren’t even questioned, the third was told to “watch yourself for signs of Ebola.”
Via PJM:
… Now for the bad news. Screening at airports has not improved. CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen went to Liberia in September to report on the outbreak there, and returned to the U.S. last week. What she says about her return should have everyone concerned.
Cohen says “I expected that they were going to take my temperature. They’re going to ask me lots of questions. They didn’t. I said ‘I’m a journalist. I was covering Ebola.
“The gentleman who was helping me, the officer, he started to hand my passport back. Instead, he said, ‘I got an e-mail about passengers like you. Hold on.’ He conferred with someone. In the end he said ‘You need to watch yourself for signs of Ebola.’”
“As if that western bad enough, Robin, I was traveling with two colleagues. They weren’t told anything. They said they were journalists. We were all shocked and horrified at the lack of screaming.”

Thank You PJM and Zip. 

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