Thursday, October 2, 2014

British Medical Association: Deaths From Ebola "Pale" In Comparison To Those By "Climate Change"

For a Prestigious Medical Association they seem to be singularly Blind to all the Deaths that Junk, Political Medicine is Directly responsible for. 

If Anything good at all comes from this it Might cause the world to re-examine its suicidal reliance on taking the word of Doctors as the Oracle of Delphi.

Caveat Emptor Folks!

Fun fact: Bigfoot has killed the same number of people as “climate change.”
’ll take my chances with “climate change.”
(Bloomberg) – Climate change may kill many more people than the Ebola virus, a group of U.K. doctors said in a call for the World Health Organization to declare the issue a public emergency.
Burning fossil fuels causes about 7 million premature deaths from indoor and outdoor air pollution, according to the BMJ, a medical journal owned by the British Medical Association. While the WHO has shown leadership on climate change, it has stopped short of declaring a public health emergency, said Editor-in-Chief Fiona Godlee.
“This may be understandable with Ebola raging, but it is what WHO should now do,” she said in an editorial. “Deaths from Ebola infection, tragic and frightening though they are, will pale into insignificance when compared with the mayhem we can expect for our children and grandchildren if the world does nothing to check its carbon emissions.”

Thank You Bloomberg and Zip.

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