Thursday, October 2, 2014

Health Officials Monitoring "About 80 People In Dallas For Ebola - Update: Search Widens To 100 People Possibly Infected

"Hi! We're From the Government and We're Here To Help." : The most singularly terrifying phrase in the English Language.

Why Obama is refusing to issue travel restrictions on countries where Ebola is rampant is beyond me.
Via BBC:
Texas health officials are monitoring as many as 80 people for Ebola after a man was diagnosed with the disease in Dallas, officials have told US media.
About 12-18 people, including five children, had contact with Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan, who is in a serious condition in hospital.
The larger number includes individuals who had contact with those people.
Four of Mr Duncan’s relatives have been ordered to stay home and not receive visitors until 19 October.
In a statement, Texas health officials said a “strict public health control order is needed to ensure compliance”.
“This order gives us the ability to monitor the situation in the most meticulous way,” Dr David Lakey, Texas health commissioner, said.
Dallas County Health and Human Services spokeswoman Erikka Neroes told CNN that about 80 people in the area – the patient’s contacts and people with whom they had contact – were being monitored for signs of the illness.
Update: Wonderful.
(Fox News) – Public health officials in Texas acknowledged the possibility that someone else could contract Ebola, widening their search Thursday for 100 individuals possibly exposed to the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S.
According to the Dallas County Health and Human Services, this group of 100 potential contacts were identified by the group of 12-18 people who first came into contact with the infected man, identified as Thomas Eric Duncan.
“It’s constantly evolving, people are going to get added, people are going to get dropped off,” Dallas County Health and Human Services spokeswoman Erikka Neroes told “How many people will contract Ebola, we don’t know that. [There’s a] possibility someone may. We’re out there working to make sure [it’s] under control.”
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