Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Ebola Czar Resume: Medical Experience? No. Hanging Chads & Solyndra Funding? Yes: YOU'RE HIRED!

No medical experience, lots of ‘fixer’ experience…

Bridget Johnson reported earlier that President Obama has appointed Ron Klain to become Ebola czar.
Klain’s career is not in medicine, epidemiology, or any field related to disease control or prevention.
Klain is a laywer, a K Street lobbyist, and a career Democrat party operative. Klain is not a doctor. He is a Democrat loyalist.
Not only was he involved in Al Gore’s 2000 election recount as Bridget reported, Klain was involved in the Obama administration’s Solyndra debacle.
In January 2012, ABC News reported that Klain, then Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, was right in the middle of the administration’s poor and controversial handling of Solyndra’s bankruptcy.
Senior White House officials knew in late October 2010 that government-backed Solyndra was planning to lay off nearly 20 percent of its workforce just prior to the congressional elections the next month, recently released e-mails show.
E-mails released by the White House last week showed that Heather Zichal, an energy aide to President Barack Obama, relayed the news about the Fremont-based solar firm’s planned layoffs to top White House officials, including Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

Thank You PJM and Nickarama. 

So, Who would be a Better pick for Ebola CZAR?

#Better Ebola Czar

[Ed; use the link. Hint, the contestants include Dr. Ruth, Dr. Strangelove, and Dr. Pepper.]

Today, the Obama administration appointed Ron Klain to be “Ebola Czar”. Nothing like holding the people who are supposed to be responsible, such as the CDC, accountable. If they aren’t capable, and it’s clear that CDC Chief Freiden isn’t, then replace him with a competent human being, rather than creating another level of administration.
But as usual, more government, not more efficient government. Klain’s qualifications for the job? Working as a political hack for Joe Biden. We should all feel reassured.
Here are some folks that people on Twitter believe would be better than Ron Klain as Ebola Czar:

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