Friday, September 7, 2012

San Francisco RAMS Mental Health: 28 Served Costing $ 333,000.00 Each

Yes, you read it right. It's on page 3 this time. And RAMS is not a Hospital with overnight rooms or any actual medical equipment. It's a drop in center which could probably be recycled into a Dim Sum Restaurant in a month or two for well under $100 Grand.

Page 1: G Gross receipts $ 9,884,793

The unduplicated Client Count has RAMS (Richmond Area Multi Services) serving a "Wellness" to 30 unduplicated Clients for the first quarter of 2008, with 2 of them 'disenrolling' or in non-Ideated english, telling RAMS to go take a flying leap at themselves.

RAMS also Outreached to 1,000. How did they arrive at exactly 1,000? Did they hand out tickets like a rock concert and quit Outreaching at exactly 1,000? Oh Well(ness).

Since it's reasonable to assume that the remaining 3 quarters of 2008 didn't see 999 of those 1,000 rushing the front door to get 'Wellnessed' we'll assume the Quarterly figure extends to the whole almost $10,000,000.00 year of Waste, Fraud and Abuse this 'Wellness' center indulged itself in. 

And for which sum RAMS Provided? 

They Provided File Folders on each of those 28 to justify that $10 Million, except of course for those 'Incurably Mentally Ill' Pathological Gamblers belonging to the 64.3% Ethnic Minority of Asians and Pacific Islanders they Culturally Competently Cater to, who could be Mystically 'Cured', according to Dr. Eddie Chu.

Everybody Else got an Incurable Folder of Waste, Fraud and Illuminati 'Integrated' Incurable, Sick in the Mystic, Abuse. (and yes, the identifying Mark of Ownership on the jpg Was chosen intentionally by us, And that those folders are Empty of Cures)

$10 Million divided by 28 unduplicated Clients is $333,000.00 per Client

This, Dear Readers, is what America is getting from a National Training Center for Racially Preferential, Sick in the Diagnoser's Politics. 

About the Only thing we've been able to understand RAMS actually Does, aside from Feeding itself and Prescribing Very Profitable Junk, Killer, Brain Eating Drugs, is to function as an Official, SF City and County Door Stop for UCSF, & Dr FG Lu and the SF Mental Health Board.

Dr FG Lu & The SF Mental Health Board, June 13, 2007, Pt III

Dr FG Lu & The SF Mental Health Board, June 13, 2007

And here's one More piece of 'Illuminati' Arcana up for grabs. This, which Has to be the Brainchild of some unseen Communitarian Assholes at HHS, is a big part of How the Door Stop actually functions.

Because when Doctors who Don't Exist are selling Disability and Death out of Hospitals which Don't exist, you need Some method of keeping your FRAUD under wraps.

Um Hum.. Patient Records may be denied if there is a reasonable expectation of an Administrative Hearing being convened.

This particular piece of CFR deserves more than just another jpg of Bullshit. Far More.

You know, It would be Really Nice if there weren't 2 different sets of Laws in America.

1: The ones Congress and the Ca. State Legislature enacted, and the one's which Don't exist under which Psychiatry operates in SF.

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