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Healthcare Grants To Lobbyists Appear To Be A Violation Of Federal Law

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Investigations Begin: Healthcare Grants Provided To Lobbyists Appear To Be A Violation Of Federal Law

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Investigations begin: Healthcare grants provided to lobbyists appear to be a violation of federal law

and that the CDC (grant provider) might have led recipients to believe lobbying was appropriate, despite a federal ban on using grant money for political activism.

Some materials the CDC provided to grant recipients “appear to authorize, or even encourage, grantees to use grant funds for impermissible lobbying,” Levinson wrote.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) raised concerns in May about the grant program, which was designed to promote wellness and prevention. Collins questioned whether the grants had funded political activism, possibly in violation of federal law. 

The HHS inspector general looked into the grants at the request of congressional staff and found the same red flags.

Now let's look at just one of the thousands of grants RWJF provided to lobbyists:

Two features about the program are significant: (1) the Foundation encouraged its grantees to be activists; (2) advocacy was emphasized to bring about policy change. The program relied heavily on three major health voluntary organizations: the American Cancer Society; the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association. They provided financial support and, in particular, funds to help lobbying efforts which the Foundation could not support directly. In addition to insight on the effects of advocacy, this chapter offers a window into the role of coalitions in bringing about social change.
So RWJF, a tax-exempt non-profit, provided $99,000,000.00 to the three aforementioned non-governmental organizations and instructed them to "be activists" to "bring about policy change" in other words lobby for legislative action. In the grant verbiage RWJF offers an explanation as to the reason for the grant, RWJF could not directly lobby (support directly) for change, but they felt they could funnel money to surrogate lobbyists and be in compliance. According to the HHS inspector that does not appear to be the case, and investigations / penalties could soon begin.......what say you RWJF?

Thank You CTA

THIS, from the RWJF pdf/booklet:

Through the SmokeLess States® Program, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has supported the work of the state tobacco-control coalitions across the Nation. The program ranks among the largest investments ever made by the Foundation, with $99 Million authorized since 1992 - more than a fifth of the Foundation's $420 Million portfolio of grants designed to reduce tobacco use in the United States. 

Quit Smoking? With RWJF's Grant Makers?


POOF! Presto Chango, You are Incurably, Psychiatrically, Legally Insane, forever.

And there go your Civil Rights, Forever, ALL OF THEM.


"The networking took place at the scenic Crystal Springs Golf Course and Event Center in Burlingame. More than 175 Change Agents attended. The 2 day event included presentations, story telling about Change Agent team development and experiences, as well as a discussion around shared vision for system change."

We'd suggest you get informed about What a Change Agent is.

There Is NO alternate construction which can be applied to a Change Agent, in light of this:

Change Agents are the cpusa, ....... They're about Destroying Your Civil Rights, ALL of Them. 

RWJF Grants. Quit Smoking. Get Professional Help. Let's try the document bag again, shall we?

pg 1: RAMS also provides training/consultation on cultural issues in clinical practice to other agencies, collaborates with mental health institutions and Universities in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia and hosts International Exchange Clinical Training Programs.

That would be Communist China and Russia. 

This is not McCarthyism. This is SFDPH/CBHS Documentation, and you, in All 50 States, got the Bill to produce SF's Ideology of what constitutes a state of Mental Health verses a Sick Mind.

We have More SFDPH CBHS Change Agent in our files. We'll get to it.

And BTW: That pesky little thing about Civil Rights?

Read the Law. But then what can you expect from Change Agents?

And you need This post too, since SF's RAMS is heavily involved in the CHANGE.

RAMS: Cultural Crapulence In San Francisco

Read the Performance Audit Memo at the end. $16.3 Million to institute System CHANGE.

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