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J&J Picks Bayer AG Exec To Solve Its Consumer Product Mess

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J&J Picks Bayer AG Exec To Solve Its Consumer Product Mess

Sandra Peterson will be the highest ranking woman in the company

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) has turned to an outsider to take over its troubled consumer products division and its attendant manufacturing mess.

The company today announced Sandra Peterson, who has been running the Bayer AG CropScience operations, will join J&J on Dec. 1, The Wall Street Journal reports. She will report directly to CEO Alex Gorsky.

Her duties will include managing information technology as well as the company's consumer drug business and manufacturing. Last year J&J's McNeil Consumer Healthcare signed a consent decree with the FDA after it had to recall and destroy tens of millions of consumer products that were manufactured at three plants for a laundry list of problems. The recalls and lost market share have reportedly cost the company $1.6 billion and, further, it has to invest more than $100 million to retool a plant in Fort Washington, PA. Another plant this year received an FDA warning letter and the company has had to recall more products as well.

Sources tell the Journal that while J&J traditionally hires from within, having the perspective of someone who has worked elsewhere is seen as a benefit in this case. She also will be the highest ranking woman at the company, after Sherilyn McCoy left to run Avon Products when she was passed over for the CEO job that Gorsky got.

When Gorsky took over as CEO in April he said his priorities included fixing its consumer-drug manufacturing problems, rebuilding consumer confidence and revamping the company's R&D process.

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Thank You Fierce Pharma and Mr Palmer

So, Since Sandra Peterson is from outside of J&J, and she's reporting to new CEO Gorsky, does that mean that Ms Peterson may be handling any potential Depositions re: J&J's whatever Law Enforcement or Private Litigants want Deposed?

"I Know Nothing, I didn't Work at Johnson and Johnson then, Colonel Hogan."

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