Friday, September 28, 2012

The Government Supported Music Playlist

Just when you thought Government had explored Every Possible avenue of Public Funded, Social Engineering Waste, Fraud and Abuse:

The Government Supported Music Playlist

You can assume that when government gets involved in music, it’s just got to be good.
Thanks in part to over a million dollars of Recovery Act money given to the Sesame Workshop the kids get to sing and dance along with Elmo.  The music video “Elmo’s Got The Moves” was produced as part of a stimulus funded move to promote physical activity.  I can see why kids love Elmo, but I can get them to run without government funds simply by playing a track from Mrs. Miller.  I suggest trying this move as it proves to be cost effective.

[Ed; To view the accompanying video of the actual music Your money is buying, please go to the CNS article itself, because we don't want you to Have to listen to it start up again on autoplay the next time you visit us. Nobody should be bamboozled into listening to it even Once, much less Robbed by Government to Pay for it at All.]

Government involvement has thankfully brought an end to the long-standing dispute of  ‘East Coast’ versus ‘West Coast’ rap.  The “Take AIM at Climate Change” video assisted by National Science Foundation grants appears on aNASA website. The song launches both coasts to doom as rising oceans from climate change flood and destroy major coastal states to a darn catchy beat. Recommended.
If you want to hear something a little more familiar, the Veterans Affairs Department produced some stunning videos from their 2011 human resources conference that reportedly cost taxpayers roughly $5 million. Among the creative items generated with that money was a karaoke themed ‘Beat It’ video. Michael Jackson would be jealous of the incredible dance moves these government workers put on tape.
Just when you thought the singing of government employees could get no better, you are hit with the soulful sounds of the General Services Administration. GSA workers sing about ‘going green’ in this video from it’s award conference in 2010.
The EPA continues to offer it’s awesome rap song ‘Click it - Flip it’ as a free download on it’s website. What better way to get that energy conservation message to the kids than through rap music.
With all these musical choices generated with help from taxpayers, there’s no need to pay to download music from any record company. The government is here to party and they have brought the tunes.

Thank You CNS and Mr Scheiner
Since Poisoning, Electrocuting, Crippling and Killing you for having a Billable Mood or Thought isn't enough, 
Does anyone remember how uninspiring, dull, and non-politically relevant music Used to be, before Government got it hands on the stuff?
Do we really have to say it?
Under a 24/7 barrage of This Intensity of Publicly Funded Programmatic Interventionist Propagandizing, is it any wonder people are developing a Deficit of Attention not only From it, but To it?

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