Friday, September 14, 2012

Lundbeck/Otsuka Seeks FDA OK For Depot Version of Aripiprazole

Lundbeck/Otsuka is going to resubmit an FDA NDA for a depot formulation of aripiprazole. (Abilify) Looks like there were problems with the initial submission.
And the FDA submission isn't the Only problem Lundbeck/Otsuka and the Consumers are going to have with aripiprazole either.
Notice the Ad speaks of Antidepressants, when Abilify is Not an Antidepressant. It's an Antipsychotic.
But the Lundbeck/Otsuka depot formulation won’t have those nasty side effects like the BMS version of aripiprazole. We’ll Know those side effects aren’t a problem because all the Lundbeck/Otsuka, ahhhm, …..  prescribing Ladies of the Night will choke and turn blue rather than Admit that there are such side effects.
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And we simply Can't have anyone being "non-compliant" with Doctor's Orders. So if those nutters Refuse to voluntarily swallow the Shite Daily, now Lundbeck/Otsuka will have a Depot formulation to handle the problem.  

Those scary, nasty, ooo-ky, nutters, ..... Hey, You might even be one, .... have to be Controlled. We can't just go around allowing undiagnosed and un-drugged Mood Disorders to, well, ..... happen. 

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