Monday, September 17, 2012

J&J CEO Alex Gorsky Talks Risperdal, Via Deposition, With Lawyers Nearby has;
J&J CEO Alex Gorsky Talks Risperdal, Via Deposition, With Lawyers Nearby
Sept 17, 2012 by David Sell

"Johnson & Johnson Chief Executive Office Alex Gorsky was proud enough of helping to boost Risperdal sales to include the numbers on his resume at one point, according to court filings, but he is trying to hard to avoid talking about the antipsychotic drug on the witness stand in front of a jury in a trials scheduled for the next several weeks in Philadelphia.

On Sept. 10, with a jury waiting in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, J&J settled a case with a man who claimed he grew breasts after being prescribed Risperdal as a child, rather than risk having a judge rule that Gorsky must testify.
The 60-page transcript of Gorsky's deposition in the individual suit filed by Aron Banks in Philadelphia was a publicly-available exhibit in the case.

Gorsky was ordered to give a deposition in that case, just as he was in the Texas whistle-blower lawsuit brought by former Pennsylvania investigator Allen Jones, which ended after six days of trial with J&J paying $158 million to settle.

which also links to CEO Gorsky's, ahhhm, take/Deposition, on the issues under consideration.

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Daniel Haszard said...

Risperdal reproached!
What you need to know about,atypical antipsychotics or SGA (second generation antipsychotic).

The side effects of Zyprexa can include death. Over 3,000 died, as of statistics from 2008. Seroquel is killing soldiers with PTSD (sudden cardiac arrest). The atypicals are approved for manic depression, when everyone who knows anything is aware that the drug that helps with this condition is lithium (yes, cheap and generic).
Then there are all the children being given these drugs for bogus reasons – many children in foster care, or with the fake diagnosis of “pediatric bipolar”, and etc.,etc.Serious risk of them becoming life-long diabetic.

Pick up any magazine (especially women’s magazines) and there are ads for “if your antidepressant isn't working, just add Abilify”. No mention of why a person would continue to take a non-working anti-depressant, let alone add one of the atypicals, a drug class that should really never have been.

*Tell the truth don't be afraid*- Daniel Haszard

D Bunker said...

When it comes to handing out Awards, ......

If Anyone out there wants a quick and Easy tally of the Avalanche of Bad Press/Reporting J&J's Risperdal has garnered, and it Is voluminous, just google

("risperdal reproached")

because Mr Haszard has done us All a near ceaseless and near Herculean job of staying on top of it, by Commenting on/Tagging as much of it as he can find.

("risperdal reproached")

Well Done and Thank You Mr Haszard!