Thursday, September 13, 2012

DNC Pays Tribute To Navy: Except It's The Russian Navy

Anxious to assure America of their deep rooted and abiding Patriotism, the DNC honored our men and women in the US Navy by showcasing video of, ..... the Russian Navy.

Yes indeed. They're on the Ball. No disputing that. has;

DNC Tribute To Veterans Showcased Russian Navy Ships

Via Navy Times:
On the last night of the Democratic National Convention, a retired Navy four-star took the stage to pay tribute to veterans. Behind him, on a giant screen, the image of four hulking warships reinforced his patriotic message.
But there was a big mistake in the stirring backdrop: those are Russian warships.
While retired Adm. John Nathman, a former commander of Fleet Forces Command, honored vets as America’s best, the ships from the Russian Federation Navy were arrayed like sentinels on the big screen above.
These were the very Soviet-era combatants that Nathman and Cold Warriors like him had once squared off against.
“The ships are definitely Russian,” said noted naval author Norman Polmar after reviewing hi-resolution photos from the event. “There’s no question of that in my mind.”
Naval experts concluded the background was a photo composite of Russian ships that were overflown by what appear to be U.S. trainer jets. It remains unclear how or why the Democratic Party used what’s believed to be images of the Russian Black Sea Fleet at their convention.
The veteran who spotted the error and notified Navy Times said he was immediately taken aback.
“I was kind of in shock,” said Rob Barker, 38, a former electronics warfare technician who left the Navy in 2006. Having learned to visually identify foreign ships by their radars, Barker recognized the closest ship as the Kara-class cruiser Kerch.
“An immediate apology [from the committee] would be very nice,” Barker said. “Maybe acknowledge the fact that yes, they screwed up.”

Thank You Weaselzippers and Navy Times.

They can't tell the difference between the United States Navy and the Russian Navy. Items as big as a Navy Cruiser dumbfound them, but their 2,000 pages of incomprehensible Healthcare Regulatory Minutia is Crystal Clear, No Problem.

Yeah. We're in good hands with This crowd. No doubt about it.

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