Tuesday, September 11, 2012

J&J CEO Gorsky Dodges Deposition In Gynecomastia Case: J&J Settles on Day One

Philly.com has;
Johnson and Johnson Settles Risperdal Side Effect Lawsuit

With a Philadelphia jury waiting - and the company wanting to avoid having the judge order chief executive officer Alex Gorsky to testify - health care giant Johnson & Johnson Monday settled a lawsuit brought by a man who said its antipsychotic drug Risperdal had caused him to grow breasts.

The trial, one of hundreds involving allegations of inappropriate marketing of the drug, was set to begin in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court before Judge George W. Overton.

The only remaining pretrial motion was a defense request to quash a subpoena to compel testimony from Gorsky, who led Janssen, the J&J subsidiary that made Risperdal during the period when the man was taking the drug.

And according to Fox Busines news;

J&J Settles Lawsuit Alleging Injury From Use of Risperdal Antipsychotic

J&J disclosed in its annual report in February that it was facing about 420 product-liability claims and lawsuits related to use of Risperdal. 

Thanks to Philly.com, Mr Sell, and Fox/Dow Jones.

420 lawsuits, undisclosed amount. 

Protect the Team. 1 day.


Daniel Haszard said...

Risperdal reproached!

The 'atypical' antipsychotics-Risperdal,Zyprexa,Seroquel... are essentially reformulated 50 year old Thorazine at 10-20 x's the price.Zyprexa was hailed as, 'the most successful drug in the history of neuroscience'.
How can that be legitimate as the conditions the drugs are approved for are only 1% of the population?
Zyprexa especially was 'pushed' off-label and made Eli Lilly $67 billion to date.
--Daniel Haszard FMI zyprexa-victims(dot)com

D Bunker said...

It's always such a thrill to hit the mailbox and find shit like this clogging it up.

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These lowlifes belong in handcuffs.